Stephen F. Austin vs. Duke Condensed Game | (ACC Men's Basketball) 2019-11-20

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Stephen F. Austin vs. Duke Condensed Game | (ACC Men's Basketball) 2019-11-20

Play some basketball and the tap is 1/5 and Gary jr. and the Blue Devils this is Harris three-point shot como and it's cleared by Gary outlet to Jones results in a corner three Cassius three turnovers in two and a half minutes bounce pass inside easy bucket Nathan Bain one shot three minutes four turnovers in three minutes it's hard to shoot the ball if you're throwing it to the guys in the yellow shirts then out here for two burning Gary jr. nine to five Dook bleeding stephen f austin a lot of dribbling for Harris up and and evident to score he's not looking to pass him from the corner Oh Donald in this fire strong and a turnover that passed by DeLorean we'll just continued very sloppy on offense for Blue Devils when don't walk back into the game and is still in town the defense this is just a really nice play by Jack right steps right in front of Nathan vane and then you are an acrobatic move on the inside we're not this dis young thus far in the season is shoot three days done that's some strength to get the ball up on the door battle court it goes in get the basket

Tamara Johnson on the tip enough Felicia stricter line 68% as a club through six games Jones off the window Bellary name fathered by white Johnson and the guys competing you're passing about have to step to the ball Jordan Goldwire into the game for the first time for Duke off the window and in Johnson again Chuck lucked out of six first time you mentioned shot clock in the first half more 7ft crippling fights catari say they just spurred at you and you you're in the game with them and then all of a sudden they hit you with a ten on one and you're wondering what happened tens mil got five a fence Carrie lost track of it Jones Gary soft left-handed touch stephen f austin as a university has produced in NFL MVP and Bobby should know this not too far away from where you live the Washington Redskin Harris has now got six of the 17 points for the lumber Jets he's been as advertised Lumberjacks down ten Mohs pathway through our first and pocket pick up the other way one man to beat and eaten when took his time because

Cassius Stanley was there that came carry time to catch up great team defense bug do Jones Stanley Carrie and hurts this is Maki huh making a fast rate we have gotten gone to dupe to find that mismatch can I hurt your heart talking about that match inside do please set the screen records with black shots tonight carrots ran into a wall and still scored Stanley averages 19 and I'll Harris ahead of the pack what he got young fella Harrison six six 216 pounds something you rarely seen tape on Harris just told his folks connect them up for just a second and his coaches answer is No you can't commit a foul to get two scoops in the one and one / 5 min events talk about his three-point shooting and he's a very good three-point shooter but remember he's 6 feet 9 he playing solid how about that bomba the senior from Beaumont Texas Lumberjacks have 12 field goals Harris has six of them Cameron Johnson is another guy who can attack off the dribble that's a beautiful attack right there Dook all year long they play a lot of guys Stanley hands and then was hammered back added

Duke leads by 10 john como looking for help finds Harris Kevon harris into a thicket of blue devil defenders and stick in his it was amazing people he's been a real Vernon County back in and scoring on top here comes Harris Kevon herons somehow going a hundred balls our scores the goal it's been four four minutes since Duke last scored Jones after three-pointer don't tell me how many tell me when airs on the post up spins on the freshman mower and scores on top of Terry by the end of the night almost to steal paris ahead of the pack what do you got young fella cloud is absolutely stunning now we're forcing the issue Daniels the post up against the smaller man open look inside KOMO stays in the game playing with three fouls bounded by Jones inside Ken's mill one possession game even if Austin is doing a nice job defensively making it difficult right so far for Duke they do not have their leading scorer Harris on the floor right now where's the office gonna come from maybe from gaben test Ville picked up by part Johnson offensive rebound Lumberjacks and it is born hurt should be a bucket damn

Shuksan brietta test that's a couple of run outs we've seen now for stephen f austin scores hurt getting run out Lumberjacks have a man ahead of the pack dangerous pass almost going away Johnson hangs and hits never Johnson makes it a few score despite pressure Oh tackle Rhys inside this and should have been super Daniel is looking for stream dump down Ken's mill that's a great great pass everybody that sort of scared and they're reading McKenzie oh that's great position inside perfect pass Jones left alone to make health dump down again Ken's middle bein good catch Nathan Bay where pulses at tents middle they're gonna press some heart the fact that he cannot pick up his fourth foul ripped away by Harrison do class lost here non-conference team here at devran in 2000 was sick John Stanley up until my hurt is six-nine he's got long arms it was a tough tough shot what hat his pocket pick numbers two-on-one to the Lumberjacks tackle Reese he didn't pick up the charge and then make the dump-off pass to calories amazing how many times these teams even if Austin on the Blake against Judah hence mills back in the game as well as gain for stephen f austin playing with four fouls carry offensively that's check back but 10 mil now

Kerry since the screen rolls to the basket Jones didn't fight him instead it's more Garrus little push-off nothing called drop to throw title bane Pumas shot bang satellite Carrie draws a crowd 2:22 play tackle Rhys both I beat a shot of his turn don't hang your head you'll make a play and after trade Jones did 60 seconds remain Parrish gains intense bail yeah and that has been a Bugaboo for them as well don't ask we've only made one to three-point baskets stephen f austin they've got sixty points to paint naked 62 basket by Johnson shut pots hit one please tense Bill's got it they've got it set off they don't use it yeah but this is bane he's looking up at the clock is the ball out of his hand when that clock goes to zero - it is Nathan Wow.



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