The Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players 2019 edition

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players 2019 edition

Nice thanks bud what were you doing there oh just a little bit of work yeah I didn't get you anything this is awesome thanks what it is gloves their hands hands you don't have any this is the worst hockey player gift ever but if you're looking for the best gifts for hockey players well just read this article there's nothing worse than spending more time collecting clocks than actually shooting them if you just need a few pucks you can get them in stores but if you want to go all out you can get as many as you want on hockey shot seconded sent just hit up the boys they're gonna come over we're gonna work on the one timers yeah yeah hit me with the one

T yep come on hey we can't always have a friend passes the puck but if you want to work on your one timers anytime you want we got past three banners from hockey shots this is extreme pastor pro rebounds on two sides or the new 4-way pastor it can rebound the puck on all four sides great for the pun or if you got a bunch of people working on their shot stick handling or passing all at once check them out at hockey shot calm and let go work on a few dangles pass the puck around a little well after last game you sure could use some more what was that maybe next time try opening your eyes it's not me it's the puck sure it is there buddy all right well why don't you show me some of those dangles you've been talking about then coming right up yep definitely the puck if you're not lucky enough to have a smooth surface at home to work on your skills the green biscuit is what you were looking for this thing slides ridiculously well so if you want to work on your stick handling your passing anything like that pretty much take your skills practice anywhere you want grab the green biscuit you can find it at a lot of your local hockey shops but if you want to get it online you can find out a hockey monkey or hockey shot calm the dagger puck 2.0 is the newest training puck on the market hockey

I just came in with it it has a ball bearing on both sides and then put a rubber corner which makes it a lot better than the previous version doesn't matter if this thing flips over you can keep on sticking with it and they glide on this it is the closest you can get to having a regular puck on the ice because when you tap it it just keeps on going there's a lot less friction and I really like that feel so right now this is my favorite puck to stick handle with but only if you have a nice smooth surface if you have training tiles you have a shoot pad they'll definitely want the dangle puck 2.0 and you can grab it at hockey shot calm does it have an extra seat I remember those days yeah before we got the Pacific rink bags the Pacific rink bag is the ultimate hockey player's bag with a space for everything they have thoroughly thought this bag through Hayden and I have been using it for a couple years and we both love it it is our go-to bag they also have merch and a pawn pack which is great for carrying their gear to the pond or for coaches check them out Pacific rink calm and while Hayden and I both love our Pacific rink bags it's been my go-to player bag for at least two years now

I've also been testing this beauty is from bone dry supplies and has an interesting feature inside it has a fan so you plug that in when you get home your gears dry in the morning if you got stinky gear it might be something you can try out you can check it out at bowling dry supplies calm if your hockey equipment looks like it belongs in your Museum maybe it's time for an upgrade but hockey players are pretty particular about their gear so instead of buying them something that they don't like just get him a gift card your best bet my change Oh buddy how long has it been since you sharpen those jets did you get my speed sharpener why don't you just get the spark sharpener if you're the type of hockey player that only remembers you need to get your skates sharpen while you're lacing them up before the game you could definitely use the spark sharpener because I used to be that guy five six seven games in a row oh I forgot again but it doesn't happen anymore because I sharpen my skates at home on the sparks this thing is solid I've been using it for about two years now super simple you get it you can figure it after that you just put your skates in you hit the

Go button and it sharpens them have never had an issue with it if you want to pick one up head over sparks hockey comm and check the link in the article description and there's a coupon code you can save a little bit of money alright hey we're gonna do with these skits for like every single product or I don't know how many more do we have left hmm Ted welcome to the price is right hockey edition on today's show we'll be playing match that price but first we need to select a random participant from the audience over to you Bob this man drove more than five kilometres to be here today all the way from moonstone Ontario Hayden Hiles come on down you're the next contestant on the pro this is my dream coach thanks for having me welcome to the show let's explain the high-low game first on these cards I've written the cost of all of these products I made a confusing summer in US summer in Canadian so that'll be interesting what we're gonna do here is I'm gonna give this stack of cards to Hayden and he is going to match the price to the products and there's something on the line for you prizes if you get one or more correct that's it just one you get to keep your job so gracious if you get five or more correct

I'm gonna pay you back for the men's league hockey that you paid for that article yes don't get too excited and if you get seven or more correct I'm gonna give you some how to hockey merch oh yeah just real big prizes on the line here for yours I know I know just please contain your excitement for the end of the show if you wait huh that being said let's get stared you're ready to earn your job yeah I better get at least one write serious here's a quick look at the products and will tell you more about each one throughout the article but I think we should make it interesting for the fans reading Hayden for each one you gets correct we're gonna do a giveaway on our Instagram make sure you follow at how to hockey and our first product is the comet puck tired of losing your pucks and snowbanks well worry no more with the comment puck it lights up so you can keep on playing long after the Sun is gone down available at hockey shot comm $349 so the comment puck people that's this right how do I know if they're Canadian or us what is this it's rigged so you think the common puck is $349 no no no

I'm just establishing a baseline card the eight is a card play trying to find all the high ones all the low ones it's not a bad idea $29.99 and 29.95 how are you supposed to know the difference yes you have to be tuned to the current retail prices in both US and Canadian Hayden what if once Canadian ones you ask what if I don't know I'm gonna say that the most expensive is probably this super deep 349 for this super Dieker gots don't hands with the super Dieker you can work on your dangles and keep your cat entertained for hours at a time with two rebounding bands you can work on your passes you'll never have to skate to the bench and tell your teammates you're sorry for missing that pass available in stores and online at Sport Jack I think that the rush defender is worthy of of the two 7995 the rush defender is the newest authorized product from hockey shot designed to get players to move the puck and their feet it's perfect for coaches that want to run intensive practices but you can use it on the pond as well it comes with two steel defenders with sturdy rubber bases and blades so it will last a very long time get it at hockey shot comm we're gonna go with

2995 for the comet puck oh and now one thing not on the table is my merch yeah how to hockey hat and shirt so you gotta guess one of those as well $34.99 that's got to be you oh okay that's your merch right there that's my value right there I really wish you marked these with Canadian or us just makes it impossible yeah I'm really trying to not pay you back for that immensely pick-up hockey God all right Chael that's us that's what I'm going for us I don't know I feel like that's wrong the sOccket is you get two of those and it's like the full package the original hockey saskia comes with two shooting pads to sauce nets and a variety of pucks and accessories including a floating device and floating puck so you can work on your sauce anywhere yes I mean anywhere with the sauce kit you can work on your saucer passes or if you want to get crazy with trick shots you can work on those alone baabs know about hockey sOccket calm heydon't has placed his bet so I kicked him out into the cold he's standing outside right now while I tally his score see how many he got right I think I'm gonna sip of coffee and some emails and then

I invite him back in I'm gonna give him one chance to rearrange and try to better his score hey no peeking get outta here hmm okay I'm sorry tally the scores answered my emails little coffee break app on the couch I think he needs me outside long enough let's go get him tell me I did welcome back to the price is right how many didn't get right you got five zero you're fired I'm gonna switch these two you know toss to my fingers the reward cents difference well this one's done yeah for cents now that I think about it yeah that's definitely not right yeah yeah it's good the comment pucks should be four cents more than so the super Dieker the rush defender locked in gel I want to say is locked in but I'm not a hundred percent sure I saw you were on your phone when I opened the door we google searching prices no no I was just on Instagram okay I swear I can tell you didn't go astray yeah I don't know just because it's cool let me get two of those blessed it yeah so there's a shooting pad yeah that's two nets I guess there's a lot of materials yeah that's I feel like I might have made a little bit of an improvement I might I'm thinking I might have eight okay

I'm pretty hopeful we'll start over here the super Dieker available at sports check where you can work on your hands at home turn your stickhandling into a game the actual retail price 340 $9.99 no rush defender from hockey shot with its heavy-duty rubber base it's on ice durability and quality the rubber blade so it doesn't break nice steel construction for working on your Deeks on the ice great for coaches actual retail price hey congratulations you're still an employee here at how to hockey really great to have you on board still hockey sOccket great for working on your sauce at home you can take your skills practice anywhere bring it to the beach to camping to the park for the the full kit actual retail price 157 dollars and 97 cents moving on to NHL twenty u.s. price according to this price it is we US according to Best Buy calm 59.99 the newest product from hotshot calm the reactive sniper it has indicator lights you can use it for shooting stickhandling determining what drill what move to do where to shoot makes your training a little bit more dynamic get your head up follow the cues and you can use it to kind of create your own like real pretty

Suites a lot of fun once you start using it and thinking up new ways to use it actual retail price u.s. $79.99 that is the Canadian price so I do believe you really fooled I really got you moving on to the battle mode sticks starting at 99 actually I think the smaller ones 75 bucks on sale so I just put 99 I can in the middle middle of the road that was a tough one that's that's a tough cut the game's rigged the comet puck the price he had on there was twenty nine ninety five you were certain it was worth at least for more sense yes squished into $29.99 the actual retail price right now in hockey shot calm 2995 I had it right you did Oh the retail price of the summer skates 3495 I'm $29.99 comic fuck is 29.95 and these summer skates are 34 yes yeah I was giving you too much credit yeah hey my merch is even cheaper than you thought yeah great deal guys great deal great deal the speedy gives you limitless options for creating your own stick handling course use your imagination to create your own stick counting drills you can use it on the ice in the garage or on the lake if you're crazy like me do your friends tell you that it must be hard to eat with no hands well they've seen better hands in a clock get the speed beat at hockey calm

Canadian price of the speedy is 129 95 you had it right you switched it off okay put your fine score at five out of five five out of five all right I've got it done already thanks for playing and we will leave the link in the article description for all of these products if you want to go pick them up not a bad performance Hayden you got five right that means we're doing five giveaways on Instagram I feel I feel you should've done a little better yeah we gotta sweeten the deal if the subscribers how about if this article gets her likes 5,000 5,000 all right really believes in you guys 5,000 likes we'll do a bonus giveaway right here on

TargetPo they'll be through the communities tab if you don't know what that is just turn your notifications on you'll see it when it comes through but make sure you like this article thanks a lot for reading we'll see you guys the next one.



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