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Rag golf mates welcome to a tip Friday we've got our resident fraud Dave McKinnon let me tell you last week's article went down or bomb it's an or pressure Dave okay what we got for us this week so we get asked a lot about people with the iron striking the irons compressing the ball collecting the shot better and you get a lot of people that flip at the shop so we're going to give you a little drill this is a drill that's pretty current with obviously the golfers are at the top of the minute Tommy Fleetwood is that these are big crap through this and you might seen it last week it Dubai in practice in it the drill I'm gonna show you John ROM I mean all them boys can press it lovely and if we can just help it you know obviously we may not compress it as good as them but if we can help it a little bit it's gonna it's gonna benefit the golfer okay

So what we're talking about is the golfer that flex the shot okay so the completely flipping it up helping the ball up in the air now with this can create numerous outcomes you can you can thin it you can fat it miss strike it and you can also hit a good shot well the good show tends to be a little bit more floaty not as much distance lose a bit of distance but feel a good shot think I'm not heating my irons as far as are used to or as far as I should be doing and that's created because of the flipping to the ball so everything looks great they release it early flip the hands in ball goes up and doesn't go as far so I'm going to give you a little drill that you could do again as we always do keep it as simple as we can do do it in the house the cost of it is absolutely minimal and it's going to benefit you've got winter now so you can get out there and do these little drills and do these swings and use it as a bit of a winter project to help you come out next season strike

The ball butter with striking the ball butter will increase distance distance is what everyone's looking for so the more we do this drill again it's more of a feel drill it's going to then sort of soak and bleed into your swing and improve your shot okay so I've talked you through it the golfer comes in tries to I could say tries to help the ball or flick the wrists okay and we're going to try and prevent them we want it to be a bit more compressed through impact that's what we mean by compressing it he's almost squeezing the ball and compressing it down he'll get much more of a faster strike so you'll create more ball speed off the clubface so there's also little training aids out there that can help you so this is a callaway chip stick and you stick it on the end you grip like this okay and all you're trying to do is take a few swings and obviously if you flip it this thing is going to hit you in the side you're going to feel that so you're going to create that feel okay so what you're wanting to do is not flip it not hit get that hitting the side of your view here of your body

You want to try and create the space okay so it's an exaggerated feel swing it try and create the space okay don't let the stick at your side from that you will let the hands lead you won't flick and it feels really funny at first and first you think I can't do this okay this is this is keep doing it give yourself 10 20 swings and see if you can do three or four of them to start with the aim is to do be able to do 20 swings without it touching the side great little warm-up drill as well before you go out you don't have to go and get one of these okay anything alignment stick see I've not got me to me me training aid and alignment stick a lot of people got these just stick it down the bucking shaft like that same thing okay and again with this with it being a bit longer you'll get a bit more of a sensation because it'll sort of pull in your hands so I really feel that you're turning it through and exaggerating that turn through the shot again you have got one of these a knitting needle a chopstick stuck in the end of your grip through

The hole he's gonna give you that feeling and what you're going to do then he starts to compress the shot once she's comfortable with that he can advance that drill and hit a few sort of wedgies don't go mental with three I'm four I just hit some wedges setting yourself alt and then hitting the shot and create this feeling of extension through the ball but also not flipping the shop it's great for chipping pitching all this this drill is it is as multiple uses for you to help your game so the more you get the feeling of it not flipping the more that's going to feed into your game on the course the better the shots the longer the shops and the better strikes try that check out onto the course check it into the range and you'll see that your improvements all old pickle pretty quick Ryan golf mates great tip I think I need to put a bit of this into practice personally myself dear Frank thanks and a problem we keep saying golf online lessons have gone across if you fancy it's a few trickling in no digs got and the feedback

I think I'm at banger though on Twitter about some feedback if you're interested that's Dave's email very easy doing it to for once or twenty-pound is getting your two online lessons which is crazy so golf makes us buy from me it's bad for me you.



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