The Challenge the Devils Face with Re-Signing Taylor Hall

The Challenge the Devils Face with Re-Signing Taylor Hall taylor hall capfriendly taylor hall hockeydb taylor hall twitter taylor hall elite taylor hall trade taylor hall selena gomez taylor hall instagram taylor hall mvp

The Challenge the Devils Face with Re-Signing Taylor Hall

Right I wanted to talk about something else today which is Taylor Hall so Taylor Hall reportedly his agent will be meeting with race euro and they'll be trying to figure out how do we make this work long term this is tricky it's tricky because Taylor Hall despite being a pretty darn good player right now on the 14th of this month in nine days he turns 28 and I was talking in the Jamie Ben article I did today about how once play reaches his 30s the production is probably gonna go down now when you look over Hall's career people are going to point out well you know he played in Edmonton and you know I've been Tim was a bad team fine sure but there was a lot of blame to go around and I seem to remember that one blame is going around some of it got thrown at Hall whether it was right or wasn't some of the guts wrong at Hall he came in as a rookie 2010 2011 65 games played 22 goals 20 assists

42 points very good rookie season for him pretty solid forward 2011 2012 play 61 games so his only problem was staying healthy those first couple years 27 goals 26 assists 53 points again when he was drafted he was expected to be a pretty good goal scorer and a dynamic player and I don't know that he ever quite got to that in Edmonton but he got close 2012 2013 48 45 games played lockout-shortened season 16 goals 34 says 50 points he was eighth and assists in the NHL that year in ninth and points not bad 2013 2014 75 games played 27 goals 53 assists 80 points and again the high number of assists and relatively low number of goals were not what was expected with him he seemed to be a pass first guy and that seemed to be kind of unusual and we've gotten used to that now but at the beginning there was an expectation to be a 40 or maybe a 50 goal scorer he was eighth and assist and sixth in points that year in the National Hockey League so when we all talked about how well he's played new jersey he had a couple of really good seasons with the island or with the

Oilers as well 2014 2015 plays 53 games for the Oilers again there's injury issues 14 goals 24 says 38 points his last year in Edmonton 82 games 26 goals 39 65 points he wasn't a point per game guy he was taking a lot of criticism from fans from media and apparently from management as well because they traded him for Adam Larson when they traded him for adalah Adam Larson everybody lost their minds and how how could Evanson think that trading hall was worth Larson now that first year in new jersey gets glossed over first year new jersey played 72 games 20 goals 33 assists 53 points Larson meanwhile went to Edmonton helped solidify the blue line the Edmonton Oilers made the playoffs that first year without Taylor Hall and they actually went somewhere in the playoffs and Larson played a positive role along the way most of the time now where the narrative flip back again so as people were sort of like maybe the hall for Larson deal made some sense well 2017-2018 turned it all on its ear he played 76 games does Taylor all 39 goals by far career-high 54 cysts 93 points first team all-star

Hart Trophy winner and without him the Devils don't get to the playoffs that year yeah that's the playoffs he played five games those are the only five games he's played in the playoffs in his career he finished sixth in points in the National Hockey League in ninth and goals but again this is as high as his totals ever got and this past season he played 33 games 11 goals 26 assists 37 points and REE shortened season if he played the whole game odds are all whole season odds are he finishes with probably about 25 to 30 goals and maybe 85 to 90 points this season so far 12 games played two goals 10 assists 12 points and after a slow start he's picked it up the danger for race 0 as we take this whole picture into account because you have to you can't just look at this year and you can't just look at the 2017 2018 season and the Hart Trophy and go that's our guy I mentioned the article I did a bow Jamie been this morning that if you get caught up in that Trophy winning season and you fixate on that you might overestimate you might overpay so with

500 23 points and 574 games the question because this at 28 he's turning 28 on the 14th have we seen the best of him are we in the midst of seeing the best of him is it yet to come and in this new age with contracts would it be wise to give him my ears because that 8 years would take him till he's 36 or would it be wiser to offer him 4 and if you offer him 4 does Taylor Hall look at that and go that's a slap in the face I can get 8 somewhere else I'll get Panera money somewhere else because right now if you look over the last three seasons including this one he can argue I'm worth panarin money he can argue I'm worth at least 10 million a year and there's not very many people that could argue he wasn't based on right now but are we in the midst of a change in economics in hockey they just gave he sure 7 million a year for what he's going to do and again I think that's dangerous but I will also say it's risky if you pay him based on this season and based on what he could have done that season the year after where he's injured and based on where you think he's gonna go this year that's where the risk comes in

I don't think there's been a riskier time for general managers financially where where your money goes and the term you're giving it out for could decide whether you still have a job tomorrow ratio was watched as what he put together kind of fell apart early it looks like it might be coming apart coming together now and Taylor Hall is one of the positive reasons that could be coming together for them but term term could very well decide whether he stays in New Jersey or he leaves let's just say that Taylor Hall is completely willing to stay in New Jersey and he says hey I like it here I want eight years and Ray goes I can't do eight years I can't do eight years because I'm gonna have to renew Jack Hughes I'm gonna have to renew a lot of young guys and if I tie up ten million dollars with you it could cripple the franchise at a later date or let's say he says all right I'll give you eight years no signing bonuses and Taylor goes I want signing bonuses of course signing bonuses our bio proof so this is where things get really interesting I honestly think the smart move for

New Jersey might be sit down with this agent and if you figure out that you are this far apart there's nowhere near an agreement you start putting feelers out now you start letting teams know Taylor Hall might be available you could do a Simon trade where that team works out on long term extension with them and and you may take a PR bath on this you might you might trade him off here assigns a long-term deal somewhere else let's say I don't know Minnesota let's just say Minnesota and desperation picks him up and and they signed him to a long-term extension I know they don't have the calf space let's say they did that Minnesota is this big press conference he's running Minnesota jersey race hero gets back prospects and draft picks it would look bad for him on the surface of it and there might be some Devils fans and Sam sick of supporting this team they just let Taylor Hall go and not seeing the cap savings part of what we don't necessarily look at with trades and maybe we need to start looking at it is the cap savings for instance when

PK Subban was traded by the Predators and everybody went what's Nashville doing was clear to me they were saving nine million dollars they were trading out a top defenseman a really good defenseman to save nine million dollars and they did and they then went out got Matt Duchene and if you look at their team so far this year they kind of look better and Dante fabro was ready that's why that deal ended up getting made we might be in an era where we start seeing a bigger name like this get moved and we say what are they thinking and what the GM's thinking is I need to save money because I need to look at where this team's gonna be four or five years from now and whether or not that calf hit is gonna be cumbersome and whether or not it's gonna be worth it it's it's going to be difficult because again with all these kids getting paid with all these guys coming out of entry-level contracts getting paid well that money has to come from some we aren't seeing the salary cap just explode all the time and I know we're expecting it to when the new

US TV deal gets signed what if it doesn't what if the new US TV deal isn't very good what if American sports networks go well why should we cover hockey it's just more of a regional thing isn't it yeah it's big here big there this is not really big everywhere so we're not gonna pay you the kind of money you think we're gonna pay you so what if that happens and it could there's no guarantee that all of a sudden hockey gets this huge contract and everybody gets a raise so you have to think ahead as a GM and sorry what is all gonna be worth four years from now five years from now if it's all bonus money and I can't buy it out I also can't trade it and where am I putting myself later Who am I not going to be able to afford so when we get mad at at general managers for for painting themselves into a corner very often the contracts we get mad at are the ones that the day they sign those contracts we say awesome they are they're making sure that those guys we keep this team together this is great

I look at Chicago everybody's going to stay together this is great we lost everybody after that first cup but they're just gonna keep this whole team together now you've got a very expensive veteran squad in Chicago and there are players here and there that might have been better to get rid of them or let them go to save that cap space and maybe refresh the roster it is why I think being a general manager in the NHL is so difficult now and you have to have a cap ologist and have to figure this out and I don't envy ratios potential fall on this like if he signs Taylor Hall to an eight-year extension there will be people who come out and go this is great for the franchise it's discrete for him this is great for everybody and there will be those who look at the cap head and go where is that going to be in four years and again rightfully so people take issue with that were they like well who cares where it is in five years right now it looks great and then five years down the road and we say wow that was a bad idea this is the big one he could be the big one on

July 1st and we'll see where things end up I'd be interested to know what you guys think what halls worth for his camp it and for how long and then the question becomes what is he going to want and odds are he's gonna want big money he's also gonna want a chance to win cuz luck he's made the playoffs once in ten years to which people might answer he's part of the reason why he didn't make the playoffs it is not that easy it's not a black and white issue there are many shades of gray I can understand that he played on some bad teams and I don't throw it on him but there may very well be an angle that ratio can look at this from and go you know it doesn't make financial sense to put everything on

Taylor because we've got all these other young guys coming up and we don't want to end up not being able to pay any of them because we've got these veteran contracts that then we can't move either let me know what you guys think in the comment section below as always don't forget to hit like and subscribe if your browser waits for you just happen upon this article thank you guys so much for watching for all your support I'll talk to you again soon.



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