The Sexiest Shot In Golf | And How To Play it!

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The Sexiest Shot In Golf | And How To Play it!

Hello everyone welcome now to the WEBSITE and we are gonna be talking about how to play this sexy shot in golf now I'm not talking about a 350 yard drive even though they all look I'm not talking about a wedge that spins back 30 yards from the back of the green even though that's also amazing I am talking about the low tragedy beauty of the sting and the first person I'm going to throw you over to is Zach Bradford over in the states to talk about that basics Tinga shot what is up hope you're having a great day thank you so much fee for having me on the WEBSITE here today to teach y'all how to hit a stinger I'm excited about this hopefully these tips can help you go out and hit a stinger with the best of them I'm out here at sweetens Cove just north of Chattanooga Tennessee so cheers from Tennessee we're just gonna jump right into it hopefully y'all can learn a few things to go sting on with the best of them alrighty first off you got a selected

Club I've got a 4-iron Titleist 712 you yes it's been a few times this is what I use to sting it with now it's the five five key steps up next after club selection the first key step in hitting a quality stinger is ball position I'm gonna place the ball about center of the stance kind of think about where you would hit a wedge shot from that's where I'm gonna place the ball position second key step is to have 60% of your weight on the front foot the third step is to lead hard with the hands you want to create a lot of lag in the swing you want those hands leading hard or key step is to make sure your upper body stays rotating because if you're leading hard with the hands you have no upper body rotation that clubface is gonna be open causing you to hit it out to the right and the fifth and final key is to have loosey-goosey noodle arms yes we don't want tension in the forearms one a lot of speed because you need speed to hit a quality sting so light forearm grip no tension in the forearms noodle arms just let him shake grip the club and then sting it all that's left now is to send it thanks again so much

Peter for having me on the WEBSITE today hope y'all are able to learn some things on how I hit a stinger hope some of these tips helped you get out there and send some saucy stingers hope y'all enjoyed coming along and y'all until next time we'll see you only see ya so that is the basics of hitting a stinger shot but how can you make it even sexier how can you really ramp it up now playing the shot is about creating good angles now what I mean by that is a normal stinger type of shop so the ball position is gonna be back the weight is gonna be that little bit further forward so a Ferrari now if you can find a little down slope this is even better because what that does is it tilts you towards the target so it tilts your sent it tilts your spine towards a target now if you think about this you're going to be playing most of your shots from a flat lie so if you think about your spine in relation to a flat lie now imagine it being tilted towards a target when you're on that little bit of a downslope you need to try and make sure that you continue striking down the slope and not try and lean back to help

The ball up in the air if you can continue to move down the slope and strike down the slope your angle of attack in relation to sea level is going to be moving even then the backspin that you impart there's not gonna be loads of backspin because of the amount of loft you're actually taking off the club but that a backspin will then help the ball rise up into the air and that's where you get the ball going downwards and upwards and then downwards now remember it's a normal stinger type of shot but then you adapt to the light don't let yourself try and go back uphill experiment with different clubs and remember the more you strike down generally the path will move a little bit right so you might need to be aiming a little bit further left down the slope as well but this is up to you to experiment with and play around with and try and see if you can the sexy shot in golf little pool of honey in the divot I personally think it's a good luck I'm not really turning the heating on yet anyway guys

I really really hope you enjoyed that article and the first thing that I want you to do is if you are new to Zack please upload to his TargetPo WEBSITE check him out and subscribe while you're over there really nice lab and a good sport for actually doing this cross-atlantic collaboration and is this something that you'd like to see a little bit more awful obviously with the distance between creators it's hard to get everyone in the same place would you like to see more of these articles where it's a cross collaboration but with them doing part article media part article all the people who pass the articles let me know what you think in the comments below and hopefully that has helped you hear that sexy shot in golf if you are new to this WEBSITE please subscribe in the lighting article if you haven't already and get into those comments and let us know your favorite shot and if you can attempt to play this one as well by the way how amazing was that course as that was playing out in

Hawaii that is on his WEBSITE to check out course log out as well right guys thanks for reading I'll see you soon.



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