These Are Your Quarter-Season NHL Award Winners

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These Are Your Quarter-Season NHL Award Winners

What's up everybody we have reached the NHL's unofficial quarter mark of the NHL season we figured that would be a good time to look at the quarter season that was and maybe that will help us forecast the rest of the way Anthony I thought the the most obvious place to start here is to start with the Hart Trophy and look at who so far the season ends today who's got your heart O Connor McDavid no big surprise a lot of people thought that there's no way that the Edmonton Oilers would be anywhere near a playoff spot but he's carried them to the playoffs so far he's got 40 points through 22 games he's definitely playing lights-out hockey we know he's got a lights-out line mate in Leon draisaitl but Connor McDavid is taking over games they've been down in second periods and he's taken over had a four point night a five point night and even a six point night for me

Connor McDavid BarNone how about you yeah that's a that's a you know the pick I mean I a would be dishonest to stand here and try to make a case for anyone else I actually I do have a vote he's my guy right now you know looking around the league Nathan MacKinnon he's been fantastic John Carlson on the back ends been really good and then just want to throw a little love to Brad Marchand and in Boston I don't know if you'd say Pasternak or Bergeron one of those guys but he'd be in the conversation by the way neither of us mentioned Leon draisaitl Kenny Kenya does he have a chance to ever win a heart Trophy given me not playing with Connor McDavid and Jeff Merrick and I were talking about it earlier on in the season seeing the line would be probably 133 points if the over/under what he'd get I think you might get 150 points the way that he's playing so far in the season yeah he's actually he's on pace for 160

I saw that early sorry for Leo it's just insanity yeah 160 points not even in the Hart Trophy conversation looking around to the backend now let's go to the Vezina Trophy as anyone standing up for you for that award Thomas Christ 8 1 and old record he's got a 938 save percentage and he's first in the league and he also has a 1.98 GAA second the league so what amazes me about him this season he's only led in two goals more than two goals twice in this whole entire season thomas grace top end goalie Besner pick for me yeah that's a good one so I'm a bit of a New York Islanders apologist give him the family background and then I didn't like the move I'm moving on from lava Rob Lehner he went to Chicago obviously Corey Crawford's there and it's not an easy situation for him but he's been he's been fantastic too and he's near the top of the league and you know goals saved I think against expected it is the fancy staff but he's been fantastic for them and a big reason why they've turned around

Chicago so laners in there but I'm actually gonna give my vote right now would go to Connor hello buck who's you know what Winnipeg has obviously been decimated on the back end he's a guy who has really sort of fortified that back into made a difference he's got a 927 I think right now and he's been an important part of what they're doing so we've talked about for a while at the heart and then the goaltender so let's move along to the the Norris Trophy who who he leaning towards their top defenseman John Carlson he's leading all defenseman in 34 points he's third overall in NHL scoring he's got 26 assists ranking second in the NHL plus 15 he had a really good October look for him to carry it out and win the Norris Nourse yeah it's I think he's my pick - obviously the points have just been ridiculous and he's such a big part of what makes Ovechkin effective I feel like that he's such a threat that keeps Alex Ovechkin is such a big threat so he's my guy I have headsman

I have a Miro high skin and Dallas is playing over 25 minutes and I think a big part of what's turn to turn things around there in Dallas for the Calder Trophy do you have anyone other than kale in the car I do not and then we're not really disagreeing on too much here but they'll makar 22 points and 20 games is an amazing feat for a rookie first-year defenseman and the REC work rookie work record for NHL defenseman is 76 points for Larry Murphy in 1981 I believe he has a chance to shatter that I believe he can get 85 90 points season with that offense that they have in Colorado yeah that's that's my vote - there's a lot of names you know we expected kakko and Jack Hughes to be in the conversation they're not there yet they're working their way towards it but you know some other defenseman Quinn Hughes Kerby doc you know even Olsen and Buffalo has been very good how about just going the big pitcher in the

NHL season as anyone disappointed you so far for me it has to be the Calgary Flames especially after last year losing in five games to Colorado after finishing first in the Pacific Division in Western Conference I thought that they would come out and have a stronger showing and right now offensively they're struggling Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan only have ten goals between the two of them - two of them sorry and their power play is 20 or sorry 19 in the NHL 17.3% not good enough there 23:28 in the NHL with two point five two goals for against so I expected there to be a lot more offense in Calgary so far we're not seeing that yeah and for me it's Tampa Bay I expected the lightning after 126 points season to come out and do the same thing their rosters virtually unchanged and obviously they're having some struggles there they've been better of late but still disappointing the other end for positive surprises my votes going to be the the

New York Islanders who've won a ton of games very surprising I didn't expect them to be this good berry trots gets a lot of credit there how about yourself any surprises Arizona coyotes Rick talked and had them playing an amazing defense when he looked at the beginning of the season you thought that to be playing running gun hockey but their first in the NHL with 2.2 3 goals against and they got guys that weren't really expected to be having big season Conner Garland's got 10 goals this season Nick schmaltz got 18 points we expect it to be the Phil Kessel show but they have younger guys stepping up playing a big role in Arizona well that's it for us so far thank you very much for joining us you.



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