Unai Emery Sacked! Arsenal Sack Unai Emery LIVE | (Arsenal News)

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Unai Emery Sacked! Arsenal Sack Unai Emery LIVE | (Arsenal News)

Welcome back to the football Terrace una Emery has been sacked it is official he is no longer no longer the Arsenal manager is lost his job he has been dismissed this is 110 percent happened done finished gunas how are you feeling it felt like an inevitability especially after last night's defeat at the hands of Frankfort we were speaking only what 45 minutes ago saying that it was an imminent decision it has now happened una Emery has been sacked as the Arsenal manager there can't be a single gunner that's unhappy with the decision to sack him of course Arsenal fans didn't want him to fail of course Arsenal fans didn't want him - didn't want a situation to become like this right I think it's very important to not conflate the two things Arsenal fans are not happy you know AF TV are not happy with this situation they'll be happy that you know Emery has lost his job there and they have to be because it was an absolutely the hindsight tells us it was a poor appointment the season is going terribly wrong

Austin we're falling further and further behind the top four they can't string passes together string performances together and they're losing their key players they cannot risk Arsenal cannot risk tore era a Bama yang lacquers dead these players going they need to bring somebody into rejuven eyes them rejuvenizer you juvenile need something to come in and rejuvenate them you know maybe even get the best maybe even get the best out someone like Ozel maybe but the news is in a sort of followed that their new london arrivals in Tottenham into sacking their manager moving him on and he's got now they're looking for a new coach and that's one of the big points now who do gunas won by the way if you haven't done so already please hit the like button please hit the share button as well on this article two of the very best ways that you can support was it really truly is love up a lot Man United fans saying all these next maybe he will be maybe only out will happen soon but this sticks it to mention this stick to Aston will not talk United right now this is sunny from the sunny from sunny TV unfiltered an AF TV go check out and follow Sunny's Arsenal WEBSITE and TargetPo please ladies and gentlemen he says here she'd sack the defense the midfield and the milkman who's the milkman I'm I'm sorry if I don't understand that phrase that is that like an internal Arsenal thing the milkman I don't know who that is but listen you've got some good players at Arsenal I think that for the next you know you can get

I think there's some can hold in I think there's something in Leno I think there's something in Tierney I think tour air is a good football player I know Sonny disagrees with that but I think he's a decent bowler when doozies got a little sank about him but he's gone off the he's gone off the boil a little bit of course you've got a bomber young lacquer I even look at Pepe and Pepe is a great example here get a manager in that the players buy into who creates a system where opportunities are made he may not go on to be worth seventy two million pounds but you will be able to get more out of him if Brendan Lester right when you look at Lester's team who in their team are really intrude top-quality players cheer well Madison Tillerman Xindi d VAR d the way you look at and you go yeah those guys could go and play for City for Liverpool for bar surf around Madrid maybe a few maybe a couple of others but there are lots of players in that team and Pereira I think he's pretty good but there are lots of players in that team Johnny Evans Johnny Evans ain't no top sick like in terms of traditional top six player but our coats can make a system work and you get the best out of individuals lows of names Paris let Joseph pepper pair is he's a decent player you know will be our he's not Terry got a nice trim now our same haircut a week I'm just you know just doing what I can to make the hairline look a bit better brother that's all new no coming in this afternoon all this sees new no

Donny's Prescott for wolves yet so obviously wolves at a game yesterday as well so be interesting if there's like radio silence from Wolverhampton Wanderers today you might game if there is what could happen is it official yes arsenal have Sachs who night Emery it's done it's absolutely done it's over he will not be managing your team this weekend I have been reliably informed reliably informed you can take that to the bank do me a favor let's get these two over 500 lights please ladies and gentlemen's get this content out there hit that like and share button for us this is from Lokesh who says he thinks that a Legree will be a perfect fit how about that I don't know about any of that I I look at a Legree I look at Simeone I think about these pragmatic managers and the only thing that stands out in my mind is by the way you got allegra or Simeone you will attack the small teams it's how our Arsenal fans gonna cope when playing Man United Man City Tottenham if they're sitting back and not attacking these managers tend to be pragmatic in the big games we had the superjet just come through here this is from SRM who says he was a decent manager but I think he wasn't a good fit for us hopefully the appointment we will now appoint the right manager can I get a shout out to my new subscribers yes the new subscribe of course you can my friend look one appreciate the super chat especially the brand new subscriber thank you very very much big shout out to you really appreciate you coming on board here with the football terror to really do and

I just just actually what I think I'm shooting into London I've got meetings this afternoon in London but I would just chatting to the people that are doing the the final touches oh God thank God nicely yes the studio's looking banging it's looking banging so I can't wait for that as well so yeah welcome to the WEBSITE and I can't wait for you to see the next stages tell you what do you think about Big Sam no you ain't getting a job like a Arsenal but there we go this is from Ben he says pragmatic football isn't bad at all it's just Emery wasn't good at it yet no I understand that but listen man United in the first 18 months to two years under Joe so were fairly successful and it was pragmatic and many knighted fans didn't like that what you've also got a temper in as low as context though when it comes to criticizing managers context is important I said this at the time and I stand by it United fans would not have been as unhappy with Joe say second season coming second if Man City weren't so good it's the fact that sometimes when you see an arrival punching above you performing above you competing above you even if you're doing ok and you're in those transitional phases it makes you angrier than normal and I think the one thing that really compounded Venga and what's really got the nose of Arsenal fans under Oona Emery it's something that may even be something might be subconscious but that other they might be well aware of it reading

Tottenham do so well it's gonna be frustrating for a lot of Arsenal fans because it's just like it's just another bash over the head it truly truly is we had another super chat that just came through there I'm gonna go back and find it that's from Jay bully he says I thought he was doing splendidly good evening there there we go there we go it's do some more of these live comments coming through this is from Mark who says for an unbiased opinion who do you think would be a good fit for Arsenal fan from Sydney thank you very much for reading the WEBSITE away from Sydney geez what time is that over there right now it might be nighttime it's for you or evening anyway we digress I would say anyhow break he's a manager's I think awesome should break the bank and try and get I think Eddie Howe will be brilliant for them I also if they got Nuno I would be worried as in Man United fan I've met Nuno I listened know him would be an overstatement I've met him about a number of conversations he's a really good guy he understands football he could get asked on a play very very well nan Guzman is a manager I am personally very excited to see his growth with in football you've also got area to hang at I acts I think those those four are like real primary primary targets but I also think and now there may be a cause that stops it from happening but I tell you this now if I'm if I'm Arsenal right now look at read look at Moritz Airport CT no I think

I know he's come out with the whole while I respect top let me done all that he's done all the platitudes and he's done all the niceties and he's done the PR stuff but I have this deep feeling that he's hurt he's hurt by Daniel Levy is hurt by the bald the people that did not they wouldn't let him in still cameras at the football club to make the team better right they really done him dirty in the end and I had this little feeling that he might look Arsenal and can you imagine can you imagine if he takes over Arsenal and with slots winning trophies with you and Joe say doesn't at Tottenham Arsenal win the banner war forever you're talking hunger game proportions here Arsenal are going to be able to put on the Hunger Games once a year and take like 20 for Tottenham fans and put them in an arena and let them let them slow himself they're done forever every 25 years it's gonna be a quarter quell Arsenal will win the banner war and they will rule new flat North London forever now this is me speaking as a fan this is me speaking with romance isn't isn't Lee speaking with great logic I will admit but as a football romanticists pots to Arsenal within two years pots wins Arsenal the Premier League within two years Joe say wins nothing can get sacked that could happen can you imagine can you imagine the banks are forever I mean I wouldn't even mean but I have to sit back and just enjoy it and laugh with with your popcorn but that is what could happen with the appointment of

Potch also though he could make you play better football and you never win a trophy for five six years that could also happen but there we go let's do a couple more comments here why did Gunners want pot when they called him a bottle of for years there's two things here one don't take Banerjee I'll give you example last night we had young Ethan lured who was making he's debut for Man United done very well or I put out a tweet banter pure sarcasm pure satire pure mockery stating that he's better than Trent Alexander Arnold now anyone who reades my WEBSITE with any regularity now drifting like was a point of saying that now drift ease read my WEBSITE drift he's been on my WEBSITE he knows that I think Trent Alexander Arnold is the best right back in the Premier League and one of the best in the world so of course I don't think luck Laird is better than him but it's banter so my point is don't confuse Arsenal fans bantering Potts for five years as seriousness they're bantering the Toronto wine Spurs fans up equally you have to apply context there is no pressure at Tottenham to win trophies none the fans get to semifinals and finals and it's a day out for him they're happy to lose to say oh well you know we were there that counts little trophy for us all self esteem loads of self esteem that's what I want us all gonna demand demand demand demand demand and that demand from Arsenal at the man from Arsenal is what will lead to push winning trophies the same as

I think he would get that man United but he would get back round the dream there won't be the OS okay to lose because that's a min testament that becomes a mentality for players if a player goes into a final knowing I'm still gonna be told I'm brilliant if I lose it doesn't matter becomes second effect it's like schools so I love kids that graduate from schools and colleges now I mean they struggle in the real world everyone gets the gold medal of sports they wrong the real world don't work like that that's it for me listen everyone who's tuned in thank you very very much as always do me a big big favor hit the like and share button una Emery has been sacked he's no longer the Arsenal manager take care goodbye god bless and I'll see you all again soon purse.



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