Ups And Downs From WWE SmackDown Nov.29.2019

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Ups And Downs From WWE SmackDown Nov.29.2019

All right look just to catch you up to speed because I don't just want to appear here as bozo but earlier in the week or last week I lost the bet where yes if NXT beat roared Smackdown at Survivor Series they did I would present an episode of ups and clowns so with no further ado hey oh I'm a clown you happy now everybody feeling good about themselves you taking my reputation then I have two straight years building up when we flushed it we flushed it down the turn told him Here I am time and the clay will who Hong Kong that I do look I have this easier day are you saying hilarious sorry the clown well for what we totally let up those clowns for Smackdown should I say smack clown I hate starting ups and downs of the down I mean clown but I did not understand why we did begin this week as we did because as Roman reigns made his way to the ring quarry grains that Michael Cole argued they had a little bit of a row about where the Roman reigns was a good locker room leader or whether he was a bad luck or a leader who cares if Roman reigns is a good locker room leader or not

I don't care what he does backstage I don't care if we talk to the people I don't care if he ignores people I don't care if he brings his pet gerbil and lets out running around the backstage area as like drew goo like sits there going I hate I hate Roman reigns out of it why doesn't he get rid of it until Baron Corbin this mentioned it a few weeks ago I don't even think it was anybody's radar down clown the big dog did wish us a happy Thanksgiving thanks very much I'm having a great one as you can see mr. rains and said that he was really proud of everybody in his smackdown team which did get to victory at the pay-per-view our part from one member and as you can already figure out it's Baron Corbin totally ball he arrives he refuted such claims have arrived in Roman that it was him who turned on he during the match and after they pretend today we're gonna have a fight instead Barry Corman wait you know what you could just like Bobby Roode it's it I'm just gonna be completely honest with you here dressed like doink this feel like we're doing it for me what did however was robot versus rude it's good let's free top secret kept getting involved but it's one of those moments when you remember how the

WWE food chain was because even though that was happening a Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler working in tandem and even Tony Baldy was trying to make his presence known it didn't make one iö of difference Roman reigns hit the spear on to Bobby and he got nowhere even and there though because afterwards the hills jump Ropin but it didn't make a difference Roman his back to his superhero vests because even though he got hit with a scepter and almost had his hair smashed through a steel chair eventually he was throwing the steel steps into dogs Nicolas face and spearing Bobby Roode through the barricade he was so mad and he was so angry he then took the announce table and almost killed brood by just hurling it on top of it then he screamed ah what more Turkey however the best part of this segment was in the background as Roman reigns was screaming that he wanted more Thanksgiving meat was a sign that said Simon give this and up and you know how it works even when I'm dressed like an absolute doofus they make me so incredibly happy they make me feel really really humble and just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside give it up right okay here's the thing on Raw we got this big announcement on the

Firefly funhouse this week on Smackdown Bray White was gonna introduce a new face to said Firefly fun houses because I'm somewhat of a fool I got really excited about this a while later on in the show WWE kind of made amends in terms of this section clown I mean mostly what I didn't like you is that Bray Wyatt has now revealed a third Universal tile ever since he became champion and this one is like a special one for the fiend and it's honestly one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life like I didn't care about the red Universal tile I didn't care what they turned it blue I didn't care that the 24/7 chairmanship look like something I made in home economics you make belts in home economics this one just looks because I understand it I get it Bray Wyatt right now is the number one merchandise seller in WWE so somebody I went to we could sell a lot of those but is one of the words that utilize votes in my entire life we did find out that the Wyatt Daniel Bryan Feud isn't over though because here he literally said out loud I want to play with you again Daniel Bryan oh that makes absolutely no because he absolutely scald him at Survivor Series but I like their chemistry and

I'm pretty much in love with Daniel Bryan at this point in my life there's more coming to we then got a shameless return article as well hell yeah give it a nap nothing special but it made me realize I miss the man and he will add something different and something new to SmackDown when he does come back he's old hair and everything and I enjoyed the stuff Reilly vs. drew Kulik uh it was standard stuff but I basically enjoyed the fact they were just able to go out there and have a decent match as opposed to it you know broad Stroman interrupting and trying to eat one of their kidneys or one of their livers Ali got the win after the 450 his push continues drew Gerlach was able to show hey you know I absolutely can't wrestle that's fine then though what did I miss what did I miss where did I go did I pop to the toilet and somehow miss like 82 weeks of WWE programming because I don't count Sasha banks and Bailey to address everything that happened at Survivor Series and Bailey was all like oh I hate everybody even though I tapped out and Sasha banks was like look I was the captain of Team Smackdown at Survivor Series but was

I able to pick my own wrestlers no and if that had been different we definitely would have won then lacy Evans walked out to talk to these two and for some reason she is now a good guy like what when how why cloud and that character is the definition of a hill and it here she was telling me how happy she was it was Thanksgiving and that she'd made a Thanksgiving dinner for around about 422 people that also means now when it comes to lacy Edwards I know more about her personal life than I do about her professional life and mainly why the hell or a sub she's turned over a new leaf her and banks eventually got into it before lacy gave her the woman's right right in her face and fair enough to WWE the crowd did shout for lacy Evans but like 99% sure last time I saw her she called me a nasty or a skank I'm very nice in this war Firefly fight how stuff wasn't exes Kayla Braxton was trying to interview Daniel Bryan say Daniel are you gonna go for another round with the feed but before he could say anything we did get another episode of the show thankfully the muscle man is back or actually think is the best character on that damn thing it started with husk us the pig boy saying he was sad because he wanted to eat more

Thanksgiving food and after Bray Wyatt had told him look man everything you know about Thanksgiving is an absolute lie you can eat whatever you want he did get into the muscle man like outfit and him with the pig did a rap about Thanksgiving and reptiles I mean honestly it is one of the weirdest things you'll ever see in your life but you know he throws himself into it with so much moxie yeah I can't help but put a smile on your face he challenged Bryan once again but even then Bryan didn't know what to do and the camera zoom right into his face as he looked all confused and fall on I mean it's pretty obvious you want your revenge did you probably want to get the title at least we have an answer by the end of the show it was Nikki cross vs. Sonya developer this and beforehand Nikki cross had a promo card on her by Mandy Rose who described her as cold Thanksgiving leftovers hello my name is Simon the clown Miller and welcome to another episode of new but he talks like that Mandy Rose there are so many words in the English language and about Cadbury can be a beautiful and wonderful thing but you decided to call your opponent some cold dirty

Thanksgiving leftovers and I was then meant to believe as Michael Cole told me the reason Nikki lost got jumped so early in the match is because she was so emotional about the words that had been said I actually laughed out loud for that because a it's nonsense and B nobody talks like that I'll tell you though I had a really nice I had a really satisfied ending yeah I didn't really care about the match to be honest especially because once again it ended with the most devastating R and as far as entertainment the surprise rollout which Nikki cross did Tucson univille that annoys fire and desire so then he started being up Nikki cross put a good bit too thick I'm a lord to the thing that got it up in the first place was that we had another return it was Alexa bliss she sprinted down the aisle she saved her friend and while this is a nother Lacey Evan situations where those two just turned face by magic they just have such good chemistry whatever I enjoyed it and I tell you this I tell you why there was a slight bit of confusion when all of a sudden the Miz confronted Daniel Bryan backstage and was being really nice to it what I thought this entire bit was so well delivered and added so much context to the Daniel Bryan Bray Wyatt feud that may have exploded with joy right now if

I did explode probably what sweets and candy and color would just come out of me I am a big fan of debts and intention or not the misses point here was like look daddy oh you are really important to Smackdown you are really important to the Ross that even though it pains me to say it and look what has happened to other people after they have fought the feed he conf in bala he's gone all evil and he's gone absolutely crazy and now the same thing is happening to Seth Rollins so we're not treating those fuze like we were meant to forget about that they are actually having an effect on the WWE universe all right then remember that the two hated each other and he walked off but this was absolute fine this is what I want the Bray Wyatt / beam character to be someone who just sits over both brands and see exactly what he's caused after W been smacked now fell through the floor clown ah some reason Drake maverick tried to kiss Dana Brooke I don't know don't ask me I have absolutely no clue right now I'm dressed like a clown then Elias made his grand return to television as well he sang a song about drag maverick being a massive dick and all

I can figure if you don't know all week basically Dana Brooke and Batista have been having like this flirtatious over Twitter and I think they're actually going to go on a date maybe this was WWE taking the mick out of that bad bad bad bad television the new day then took on Cesaro actions getting a Kimora for the Smackdown tag team Tyler's I mean that can't be bad and it wasn't began with Kofi a biggie challenging anyone as some kind of celebration of this holiday which was absolutely weird and this was accepted by Cesaro and Shinsegae Nakamura who came out there with Sami Zayn who then proceeded to cut a promo but how much he hated Thanksgiving and how much you hate your Black Friday I don't think this was scripted I think this is exactly what Sami Zayn thinks also make me chuckle because of the day we get a return article for Seamus Cesaro has decided to tag with someone else I don't even know what he is friends with Sami Zayn Nijinsky Nakamura that's not the story point that dummy dummies right now we don't need to worry about that because stuff just happens but I guess Seamus is just gonna have to be upset about it isn't he also don't know why the

Intercontinental Champion is now entering himself into tag matches bullet would do with that would Becky and she's the wrong with his champ so why the hell not and you already know how this goes after Sami Zayn had tried to interfere and fail and been told he had to go to the backstage area Kofi Kingston hit Cesaro with the trouble in paradise one two three they are still yet chimps and you know what that means we've got to get the Swiss Superman stock meter back or whatever the hell I called it there it is on the screen and it continues to run itself into the ground because Cesaro never wins he never even gets a hint of a win and that's probably why he teamed up with Sami Zayn because they literally never win that can be their new tag team name the l NW is you heard it here first on ups and clouds we ain't got two one main event anger and I tell you I've never felt so torn because half the moves like that is really interesting but unfortunately within my soul is also a massive wrestling nerd a wrestling geek we've got to get into it it was the culmination of everything we'd seen already between Daniel Bryan and the fee with

Daniel Bryan coming out to address the crowd and he understands what why it has done for likes of Finn Balor and Seth Rollins but he's not like that and this is where even more debt came into it because basically Finn Balor and Seth Rollins turned their back on the crowd where it's Daniel Bryan he is going to embrace the chance he is going to reimburse the yes movement that's how he's gonna do things before the nose fell off their nose Philip do you know how long this took me damn it he then asked the crowd whether he should accept the challenge and everybody chanted yes he realized that it wasn't complete unless he joined in as well which he didn't look that chant has been around for what five six seven maybe even eight years and it's as over now as it was venomous because Daniel Bryan is just the damn bitch this was absolutely wonderful it filled me with glee it's all of that getting up as soon as this had happened though we did get another somewhat surprising episode of the Firefly funhouse we're Bray Wyatt was like oh I forgot I did promise a new face here on Smackdown so let's sort it out right the lights in the arena went red and all that weird bright white room stuff started to happen and he appeared from under the ring now

I do have to ask Michael Cole why he thinks hell is under the ring that's what he said here comes the fiend from hell hell is not under a WWE like a cop if you go under there they'll be like ladders and tables and chests don't be an idiot anyway the feed did appear from there and he got Daniel Bryan and he dragged him I suppose into hell if I meant to believe the merits of I'm being told that all of a sudden out of said hole started coming all of this hair so you were meant to think okay well he's either ripping off Daniel Bryan's hair from his head or maybe he's ripping off his beard maybe he's ripping off both hence the new face of the Firefly funhouse we pretty much just shaved Daniel Bryan bald here's the thing here's was a wrestling Ghita the wrestling nerd in me jumps out onto the screen if Daniel Bryan has decided he wants to get rid of his beard oh he wants to get rid of his hair why couldn't we have tied that into the next match I know like not here versus here but putting your hair on the line in a wrestling fight seems a little bit contrived but

Bray Wyatt slash defeat is such a weird dude you could have made it work he could have come like obsessed with Daniel Bryan's imaged and promised to rearrange his face this Daniel Bryan says no you're not if you are gonna do that I want to put your tile on the line so it's tile versus hair and then you have this amazing moment at what TLC whatever paper you want to do where Daniel Bryan gets shaved ball dude whatever it would work it's like what all of sudden Baron Corbin just came out went up shake my head sorry what you gonna do I just decided to do it that sucked it's like a vile sudden pop double ups and downs ups and clowns dresses a clown you got like why are you dressed a building that's what we did do and now for we've got a payoff Monroe's gonna go to the worst nose ever but there's a payoff I really think we should have built to this and again it's gonna be fascinating to see what happens next week this was a very well executed bit as I'm saying so something inside of me was my that is not what we said inner clown and that is a bit harsh but it just felt like a missed opportunity but shifting that to one side for the moment this feud is actually really really good and

I don't want to see what happens when again I presume they're gonna fight TLC I don't know what direction they're going to go in and desperate to see what Daniel Bryan looks like next week we also do have to address some conspiracy theories that are going on on the incident now I can say brain white promises a new face and there were certain hits here as to what it could be but the last shot we smaller Smackdown was Bray Wyatt coming out of his hole again but his jacket had disappeared a fair play to the people that came up with this opinion it does like come off him in a round about 3.2 seconds which I don't think is possible so now some people are saying this was actually somebody else dressed up like the fie dressed up like Bray Wyatt of course straight away everyone just lived Morgan let's live Morgan because that thing is never gonna die I don't know whether there's anything in that but I liked it so I thought I'd mention it and that was that that was the end of ups and clowns hopefully I'll never have to do this again I'm taking this off cuz this was just a pile of goo wasn't it thank you very much for reading me thank you very much for running my reputation into the ground there's my spinning arrow

I mean smack there was an absolute roller coaster this week but it is gonna get it up just because I am invested in Daniel Bryan versus the feet I like it Matt okay if you become below and let us know what you thought about last night's episode of SmackDown like share and subscribe head under what coaching a common read yourself some articles follow up cult runs where I walk culture WWE and read more articles here on what coats your wrestling marathon for what culture thank you very much for reading and I know I look like a goof I like a goon I like a cat I'm well-aware like I have I have a mirror I've seen myself but I'm a man of my word which is I'm on it because that's what the Joker said in the Batman movies but I'm a man of my word I lost my bet and now I have paid my debt next time I see you I will not be dressed as a clown will be a clown but I won't be dressed like one.



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