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I'm at the rink really early this is definitely the earliest I've been here in a long time nobody's on the ice yet I had to get here early because I've been helping Z out a little bit all season I tape his stick for him he doesn't like doing it I do like doing it but I think it's time I gave him a special tape job how we talking tape help us out they gave us stuff in fact they got us a hundred rolls of tape but this is gonna take a while we've got ninety ten better get started and as always shadow two can land in the AHL roll one start off with a nice big knob there make sure he doesn't let go of the stick it might be pretty heavy so that should help that's two roles we've got this whole stick covered now eventually it's going to be covered with a lot more but that's a start it's like sir never get really thick on the bottom and actually pretty heavy this is ten rolls

So we've also got a couple of spots to grip there he can actually hold it right here so like yeah might get up pretty heavy so you should have some spot to grip okay we're now at 25 rolls I'm actually not going to show you too much other than this because I think you'll you'll have a nice little roll deal at a hundred rolls but you can see the grip spots are coming in the knobs looking nice and it's already pretty heavy okay the sticks done I guess now I just gotta wait for Zee to show up and give it to him a man if you're sick you said you wanted to have your than Jesse stick with water doing even stickhandle with it I can't stick him with a regular stick Sam do you have that ball game for like super low the computer barely hey man Josie it's that's actually 99 rolls of tape but here's a hundred yeah you got that we do a little candy cane or something to take my stick it wasn't this geez

I'm sweating not just from taping this but from carrying that sit for maybe about 30 seconds you should give someone I bought a tie right to the chips tonight see if someone's on we're in a cage just smoke them in the face has anyone else even held it no it will once these finished a pinch all right this would be Oh a hundred rolls a tape that's unnecessary all right it looks nice look you have little spots for your hands even if you want to take a clapper you can come down here and grab that one oh it flexes pretty easily yeah thank you so much gonna wait behind us is this thing gonna break it could gonna put some wax on it all right I think that's gonna do the trick that'll make it usable really this is probably more weight than I'd use of the gym if I really specific if you ask me to tape your stick Vince could you use that as a goalie stick Boney's out none of us have got ready at all so let's do that so it's possible to use unexpected at least three goals how tired you didn't get I feel like I have played two-thirds of a game that was not even one-third of warm up he's got new guns okay that doesn't work out those buys enough if you start out nice

Baxter this thing used to be expensive all right feels like a just little stay off the drill see if I can just get in the way got clogged the lanes what do you guys think yeah okay I'm gonna bring this like your your target is really big we're not gonna miss let's see sometimes we speeds not gonna be a factor for me today stea need to be Oh rebound that's a plus one for Z anyone up for a workout you guys you wanna try it Oh oh my god oh mylanta by the Stars Oh daylight feels like you know when your knee on-deck-circle you take the weight off the bat mm-hmm oh yeah well if you think we just put the weights on the bat so those things like that like an M level now I'm gonna be popular than students I was too heavy just dropped it that's it Shawn Kenya I mean if we have the great goal of our performance is one of us gave away a penalty shot the other one was just complete performance this is brutal that's heavy yeah one backcheck done so did you agree to ruin my stick why are you stick back yes please get a chainsaw I asked this guy to take my stick I first think he had a hundred rolls of tape then

I find out he used zero rolls of tape how many rolls of tape did you use on your stick I didn't use any corwin used a hundred and there's literal proof of it this is a hundred rolls of tape I used zero I will never be asking him to take my stick again yeah get it some people probably think that's really lame anyways but you know I suppose maybe this is my Karma for trusting a friend my arms feel like noodles on a regular day so I just can't feel them now cuz I was using Babe Ruth's bat as a stick why he's not even wearing a shirt for this interview has to be fettuccine though all right it's a good good follow up from from Luca Jessi wasted our time yeah that's something you recommend for other teams too I wouldn't recommend anyone use that stick unless you want to lose it's pretty even pretty straightforward it sucks what was the hardest part using it aside from using and what was the hardest part thinking that it was actually my stick and thankfully Watney out it wasn't I don't how to get him back have you ever looked at his stuff it's already so damaged you couldn't do anything tonight thousand rolls of tape are you yelling if I had to guess I'm gonna guess it's like a fun kind of Wonderland wait guessing game nope this is 37 pounds I'm gonna use Sam's guess

I like Sam Sam said that first but I think I didn't steal it I credited it and you take a hundred rolls of tape on my stick you can't talk about being a coward you know what do you want me to take your stick now yes please.



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