Vince Legit FURIOUS With Seth Rollins Backstage! Corey Graves Heat! | WWE News

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Vince Legit FURIOUS With Seth Rollins Backstage! Corey Graves Heat! | WWE News

What is going on guys it is wrestling Mia here back with another news article so raw egg just last night and we it was actually a damn good raw WWE's on the damn good run at the moment the NXT invasion was on point NXT takeover wargames was phenomenal Survivor Series was on point and now this hats off to Triple H Paul Heyman and Vinnie Mac cuz they killing it right now but anyway let's look at the latest wrestling news and the headlines include what happened to Raw when it went off the air Xavier woods is returndate the worlds collide for brand supremacy CM Punk not appearing on tonight's WWE backstage hashtag Corey graves starts trending WWE not happy with Billy Gunn and Vince McMahon is angry at Seth Rollins be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for the latest wrestling news unless waste no further time and get straight into the first story as we look at what happened after roars cameras went off the air now last night's Raw closed out with the

AOP and Seth Rollins attacking kevin owens in the ring the raw didn't end there for those in attendance that the Allstate Arena as Owens was heading back to the locker room out came drew McIntyre and in true heal fashion after that beating eager rather than just letting him head back to the locker room in peace he hit him with the Claymore kick McIntyre cut a promo in the ring and as the WWE ring crew was setting up a steel cage the Scottish psychopath called out the fiend the fiend would answer the challenge as the two battled it out in the barbaric structure of call says he would have guessed the fiend came out victorious but what a treat for the fans also insert question here what the hell happened to the brand split but anyway let's look at the next news story as we look at Xavier woods his return date a fans are always curious about when an injured superstar will return but in the case of the new days Xavier woods there is no clear answer but according to CBS sports his Chuck Harrell spoke with Xavier woods told me no time for a turn from Achilles tear could be fight

Mundt could be nine months there's a lot of wiggle room next up wills collide for brand supremacy officially announced that the stars of NXT and NXT UK will battle to see which brand is best competing at WWE world collide 2020 according to the WWE Network special taking place at Houston's Toyota Center on January 25th 2020 will feature superstars like NXT champion Adam Cole WWE United Kingdom peon Walter NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler NXT UK Women's Champion Kaylee Rey the undisputed era Imperium and more this could be a big show if it's anything as action-packed and exciting is this year's Survivor Series next up Punk is not appearing on tonight's WWE backstage last week's episode of WWE backstage saw the return of CM Punk well actually it was the episode before that but whatever he also mentioned that he won't be appearing on every episode but on tonight's episode of WWE backstage Fox announced that Triple H will be appearing on the show to discuss NX T's massive winner the Survivor Series and other goings on however it would have been more interesting if Punk was scheduled to appear on this episode as he and

Triple H haven't seen eye-to-eye in the past sadly though Fox confirmed that he will not be appearing in a further tweet hopefully these two could meet in a future episode but tonight won't be the night next up hashtag quarry grave starts trending mccrory graves just doesn't know when to shut up after many thought that graves his tweet at Ranallo was insensitive and instead of posting an apology or explain his tweet graves posted a picture of a Buddha teaching that read three things cannot be hidden the Sun the moon and the truth which many didn't light and led to the Corey graves hashtag trending graves then directed his anger to the wrestling observers Dave Meltzer in tweeted Dave Meltzer you uninformed false narrative pushing a liar my phone works you're a journalist right you can find my number according to Wrestling inks mark Middleton raves his latest Twitter tantrum may have resulted from the following regarding graves is new to eat calling out Meltzer there's no word yet on exactly what he's referring to from Meltzer but Meltzer also noted on Wrestling Observer radio today that officials were not happy with graves they did ask him to take it down it should be noted there gray streets are still active as of this writing

I think they were not happy with graves although graves did do the show tonight Meltzer said at one point Braves may have been referring to how Meltzer claimed that he was told to take his tweets down Elsa said at another point in the show I don't know what was said to graves other than take it down co-host Brian Alvarez informed melts and that graves his tweets on morrow were not deleted oh we didn't well that's even worse Meltzer responded and according to the biggest enemy in wrestling right now Brad Sheppard this isn't the first time Corey graves has had heat sheppard tweeted a source in WWE told me today that Corey graves has an abundance of heat with multiple people in WWE right now he's on the verge of getting F dub nevertheless there may be some validity to graves criticism of Ranallo Sheppard reported a second source in WWE told me what Corey graves tweeted about Morrow is a frequent criticism they hear internally I'm told Corey was sending him a message in his tweet and thus was police graves wasn't wrong in doing so the sauce wasn't clear if graves his tweet was why

Maranello didn't work NXT takeover wargames is Dave Meltzer reported but did note Morrow has gotten his feelings head gone home before would you guys think of graves his actions do you think he should take down his tweet and apologize well one thing's for sure is he has replaced Rollins as clown of the month on Twitter next up WWE is not happy with Billy Gunn in a recent article we mentioned that fight Shawn Ross Sapp is reporting that the WWE isn't happy about a double running its bash at the beach special this January on aw dynamite according to Sapp some within WWE weren't happy with a W promoting a bash at the beach and there's talk that they may attempt to take action to stop it another reason that WWE is trying to block aew trademarking past WCW events is due to Billy Gunn's recent appearance on Dynamite's dynamite dozen battle royal the former WWE Superstar competed in the event reportedly angering some of WWE according to a fight all comms patrons section were comments about Billy Gunn using his WWE name on aw dynamite more in the sense of displeasure among WWE as opposed to something that would lead to legal action nonetheless there's nothing that

WWE can do ringside News's Felix upped and explained how Gunn can uses all WWE name Billy Gunn has owned his name since 2016 this is why he has been appearing under that name there is a much WWE can do to stop him making him at WWE Hall of Famer as a member of DX was certainly appreciated and our story Vince is angry at Seth Rollins WWE seems like they're actually listening and have turned a negative into a positive when they turned Seth Rollins heel last night obviously

WWE couldn't avoid the audible boos that made Rollins a bigger and more hated figure than Brad Sheppard so they did the best thing possible in tandem heel as he blamed all the superstars for Raw's embarrassing loss at the Survivor Series now the fans were happy with this but something got Vinnie Mac angry very angry in fact during the promo he caught on the WWE Superstars at ringside fans kept chanting CM Punk naturally there's being Chicago they had to get at least one CM Punk chanting but instead of ignoring the chants and this being Seth Rollins who can't keep a lid on anything he answered I tried to get CM Punk here I'm sorry he didn't want to show up he wants to sit behind a desk in Los Angeles and talk about a change that he's too afraid to make himself and while US fans were happy that Rollins cracked and had to address the crowd and name-drop Punk according to the wrestling observers Dave Meltzer Vince was not happy with Rollins addressing

Punk on a live episode it seems that Vince isn't too happy with wrestlers trying to hype up a match that is unlikely to happen vince was really upset about Seth responding to this because you know Vince's rule is is that you don't you know untell did in particular you do not push the idea of a match that you are not going to deliver so unless there's like this super super see you know super secret thing that only set in Vince know and Vince is trying to swerve everyone by acting furious and and like I seriously doubt that that's the case as of yet CM Punk has no intention to return to wrestling just yet whilst we kind of have a feeling that he might in 2020 as it would be one of the greatest returns in recent times for the meantime there's nothing to suggest he'll return so in turn Vince doesn't want to hype it but to be honest even if it doesn't happen bitch might as well create some hype around it it might even persuade Punk to get back into the ring after all CM Punk has always wanted to be in the main event of

Wrestlemania and if it comes with a massive payday why not but there you have a guy's the latest wrestling news be sure to leave your comments down below subscribe if you haven't already follow us on Instagram and Twitter and I'll see you next time with some more wrestling content.



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