We Broke a Porsche Cayenne Turbo Racing a Tesla Model X | Here’s What Happened

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We Broke a Porsche Cayenne Turbo Racing a Tesla Model X | Here’s What Happened

We've lose something in the engine oh yeah hey guys if you recall last time we had our Tesla Model X and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo together we did a drag race to see which one of these two is faster in a straight line and the results were interesting let's cut to that article what the hell that's so bad choice to go faster you got me holy Frick I'm catching up 5.64 wow that's the fast lunch you had me on the launch and I think I was starting to catch up just a little bit did you floor it uh-huh yeah of course I had my foot through the firewall still gonna jump on me but the my elections coming oh is to ask me haha so now that you know which of these two is faster we need somebody's help because we need an expert to take these two cars around the track so Paul come on over meet Paul our official TfL race car driver so Paul both of these vehicles have an Achilles heel literally an Achilles heel here there's the next entire

Nexen hero jeep wrangler jl it's a giveaway jeep next entire partnered with Purple Heart Foundation LG products and rugged Ridge to build this Jeep - what you see here and then give it away to one of our veterans very very cool you can enter the contest by submitting your story - next entire and they'll pick one winner at the end of this year 2019 and giveaway this really cool Jeep uses the link in the description below so while the Cayenne Turbo certainly one of the best performance SUVs that's ever been put on this planet this particular one being a budget Cayenne s if anyone could ever say that does have that Achilles heel we just mentioned a moment ago and that literally is right there it is an Achilles tire these are bargain-basement tires that people put on their cars when they don't realize the difference that a good tire can make and so this is really gonna hurt the performance of this vehicle so this is technically a sporty tire but I would I would say that the grip level of it's gonna probably be on par with the all-season that's on the Tesla and on the

Tesla Model X we've got the original equipment all season Continental Tire on this car so you know looking at tires on these they're certainly neither vehicle have optimized tires for what we're about to do which should give us a pretty level playing field Paul both these cars have air suspension so they both can lower themselves to make themselves a little bit more track worthy right there's some decisions you have to make in this car so suspension same thing I say we put it on very little mode yeah so that it's as low as it can get yep sport for sure for sport work please like that go adaptive suspension dampers and then of course there is also driving and we've got let's see here steering should be in sport right steering mode sport yep yep slip start I don't know try to have a for different if it doesn't make a difference yeah it seems to yourself and this isn't the performance so we don't have a ludicrous mode we don't have a sport mode so this is a sporty as it gets right now Paul both of these vehicles will do 0 to 60 in about 4 and a half seconds but there are some major differences first of all the

Model X is heavy 5,400 pounds but 600 pounds heavier than the Cayenne Turbo but more importantly the client turbo costs us 22,000 everyone get one until it breaks and the Tesla Model X cost us 87 thousand so let's see how they compare on the track you ready let's do it now Tesla doesn't give power numbers so we don't actually know how much horsepower it has but we're guessing about 500 more torque though because electric cars have a lot of torque you ready all right Tesla Model X here we go instant torque offline actually turns it okay feel the weight huge amount of traction stability control so if just Ford but nothing's happening right it's very much dictated by how straight the steering wheel is which is good but it's just overly aggressive understand they're a lot about understeer definitely feel the mass or the car got it in its lowest ride height and the trick is to try and be smooth with it and as with anything just try and minimize the steering inputs so you can maximize the amount of acceleration there's just a lot to understeer there another very involving car to drive

Paul that was pretty impressive cool yeah you didn't much better you're real hot lab what do you think um I'm gonna get maybe guess like around a 108 or so into the car 106 68 here we go you know you've got to be super super smooth with it yeah because it's so aggressive so you know we always tell people you know you got to put the gas down as you unwind the wheel and this car literally won't only do that like if you try and accelerate coming out of the corner too early it just shuts you down and it's it's way too aggressive doing that but it's a lot smoother than they used to be so they're getting better in their calibration of their stability and traction control systems so it's okay to drive it's it's not involving at all it's like driving an appliance but it gets around the track okay it doesn't have any really bad habit all right so do you think you can get blow this and the Porsche even with those tires well the tires are gonna be the question the Porsche easily would do that but the tires are the question let's find out all right so let's put it in sport and that will automatically lower so you can see it's going down oh here we go yeah feel it kind of going down and then

I think you probably want this but not yeah absolutely let's see is that right press and hold yeah PSM off there we go easy it's easy after I snow like yeah it's working a chicken over here three times exactly yeah and you should be ready to mean on set a lap time in this this one's gonna be a lot more violent in a good way Achilles tires oh my god they're terrible entire huh we've lose something in the engine oh no oh God oh is it coming out the exhaust yeah its exhaust yeah we blew something an inch I got a PVCC failure right at the end this is the roll what's happening well your time was 107 close so it's a good time yeah but remember how we at the Venus article we said you know until something breaks yeah $22,000 car well it just got a lot more expensive I think yeah give me the car for free and you're responsible for the maintenance yeah yeah we'll figure out what's wrong with it but still the Tesla's faster dude Tesla was faster fellas faster I put I put it again ninety percent down to tires yeah because this car you know this car was much better braking much better cornering you know all that it just it just didn't have any grip yeah so some of the downside more fun to drive for sure it said

Pete oh there yeah that's not oil what do you think I think that's hydraulic fluid yeah yeah and I think it was dripping out of the exhaust that's why I was getting that's why we had all that smoke that's where the smoke was yeah so I think we lost her whatever the hydraulic dynamic yeah so that's good news yeah rather than tens of tens and tens of thousands I'd say there's a couple of things first of all the Tesla was a lot better than than prior Tesla's in the way it's stability and traction controls calibrated yeah so I found it to be less annoying to drive usually they fight you this one sort of just hems you in but does it smoothly which is which is nicer so on the road it's great obviously Model X is never supposed to go on you know not it's not a track car yeah what have you the Cayenne for its false literal fault and the Achilles tires were horrible with no grip much less grip than the Tesla's tires but the car itself is fantastic like the balance of it's really good the braking is good you can really feel those 600 pounds I mean every time you trying to get it to change direction it changed this direction it's not like you know this house is sort of like whoa well you really want to do that the

Porsche is like let's do it you know it's much more eager much more fun much more of a driver's vehicle but those things are coming they're there and they're getting better so Paul we haven't answered last question which one's hot which ones Wow this one happened to be in one not know but it could both be cold I'd say I mean given given the Porsche and it's sort of sad state of affairs that it is that car it's not and and and again with the Tesla Model X it's not supposed to be a track car and it certainly doesn't feel like it so so yeah neither of them I'd say today so we get two knots two knots thanks for reading guys thank you ever check out TfL car car we're news use and of course Paul hot-or-not reviews see you guys next time ciao.



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