WTF - Will Nadal Play? Federer-Djokovic Share Group 2019

WTF - Will Nadal Play? Federer-Djokovic Share Group 2019 What is Novak Djokovic known for? What was wrong with Roger Federer? Is Djokovic injured? Which tournament is Federer playing next?

WTF - Will Nadal Play? Federer-Djokovic Share Group 2019

Well it's that time of the year where we get to the final tennis tournament a big tennis tournament unless you're a peter freeman who made an appearance on our last episode of coffee break tennis but unlike crunch time coaching's peter freeman i happen to believe the world tour finals is a big and important significant tennis tournament in the calendar because Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer undeniably two of the greatest to ever play this sport they'd really like to win it they make a point to be fresh enough to have a good chance to win it year after year it's gotta matter right but at the same time there is one man who without doubt one of the greatest of all time Rafa Nadal who has never won this tournament in fact who has skipped the turn at several times even this year many people ask yourself right now would you bet your house or your apartment or your automobile or your Vespa if you're

Mateo Barrett Eenie would you bet it all on are often a doll even playing this year with a chance to finish number one in the world year end number one a better question would you bet at all would you bet your house on Rafa Nadal ever winning this tournament for the rest of his career I don't know if I would it's good to be back welcome to coffee break tennis we are back at coffee break tennis headquarters in Atlanta Georgia and today on the show we got a lot of stuff to talk about first off we know the schedule for Sunday and Monday the first two days of the world tour final so we'll talk about who's playing and when and what to expect in these matchups we'll also talk about this two separate groups if you're new to tennis if you're new to the World Tour Finals this tournament is unique another reason why I enjoy watching it every year it's very unique because you have a round-robin format where if you lose you're not necessarily out of the tournament yet we'll talk about that plus the head coach from

Tennis Russia has some opinions on how the tournament is gonna play out the World Tour Finals so we'll talk about what he had to say I think it's some pretty good insights there also Rafa Nadal has set a new record now that he's number one again we'll take a look at the tennis rankings we'll talk about what we're often a dollz new record is all that on today's edition of coffee break tennis jeez I feel I feel a little bit rusty every time I don't make a show for some time like this I always get a little nervous will I still have it will I be able to step up to the microphone and deliver a good show fingers crossed let's hope that I can do it you know the great tennis players they always say if you're not feeling some nerves when you step on court or step up to the microphone in this instance if you're not feeling some nerves and you must not care right always caring always sharing here at coffee break tennis where there are no double faults there are no unforced errors we only deliver the highest quality of tennis excellence so let's start off with

Rafa Nadal follows Roger Federer as the second oldest world number one it's a new record baby 33 years old before Roger and Rafa only one man had been number one in the ATP rankings this is the open era of course only one man had done this at the age of 33 or older and that is Andre Agassi now we have an exclusive club of three a new big three Andre Agassi Roger Federer and often a doll but with Novak Djokovic possibly taking number one back in the next ten days by the end of the World Tour Finals less than a couple of weeks away Djokovic could take it right back he'll be 33 next year it won't be too long I think before we have four people in that club but you never know you never know and that's what makes this interesting for me you know what let me scan through here to see if there's anything more noteworthy on this of course I'll put the rankings on the screen Rafa Nadal is just ahead of Novak Djokovic 640 points we didn't talk about on the show because with all the tennis con stuff I was helping crunch time coaching and

Peter Freeman within Texas didn't do many shows during the Paris Masters I guess we only did one at the beginning of it but because we're off had to pull out with this abdominal strain which the doctor says I had understood that he was good to go but apparently they're still waiting till this weekend to even decide so there is a chance Rafa doesn't play and was it last year the year before I can't even remember now every year with Rafa the World Tour Finals it's you don't get a whole lot out of them a year or two ago Rafa played one match if you'll remember was it Nietzsche Corey I can't even remember who he played now but Rafa went into his group he played one round robin match I think it was a three-set match it was long it was a fun match thanks for showing up Rafa he was done that was it would not be surprised at all if we see exactly that if that's the case by the way World Tour Finals replacements 9 in 10 in the world for the race this year Gael Monfils will be number 10 and first man in who's he's got to be practicing thinking there's a good shot he's in because

Rafa could be very well be out that would be Roberto Bautista agouti also from espana because we're off of pulling out to El chappo chapeau get the luckiest break of his life and actually made it to a masters 1000 final and then get destroyed looked like he didn't know how to hit a return I will say Djokovic was serving well in that match I did get to see that match fortunately and Djokovic is serving well all week long I mean on a fast faster courts like these indoor courts they're not super fast but they're faster for sure Paris definitely has gotten faster last year than it had been in recent years and this year it was about the same as last year from what I could see on these faster courts anyone serve will get a little better but Djokovic you know the serve is always a big thing with Djokovic when he could get the first serve a little more accurate serve a little bit more like he's Federer somebody out there tweeted to me I can't remember who it was but thanks cuz it was a funny - it made me laugh they tweeted hey

Matt is El Chapo always bad this bad at returning serve because he's making joke of it look like Roger Federer out there great tweet so 640 points is what I get right here Rafa behind Novak Djokovic because of giving El Chapo the free trip to beatdown city to play Novak Djokovic in the final this ends Djokovic is run at 52 weeks this current run 52 weeks at number one giving you Thrones in the dahle hoping to get back there in two weeks if he manages to erase the deficit and finish the seat which could very well happen Djokovic just has to do okay I think if Djokovic 6:40 I can't remember how many points you get for a semies appearance I think I want to say 570 so maybe not enough so if Joker makes the final and Roffe a dozen I think that pretty much locks it Djokovic gets number one back last thing from here before we move on August 2008 what happened before that do you remember the greatest match of all time at Wimbledon August 2008 at the age of 22 was the first time

Rafa became number one in the world and now more than 11 years later he was double twos now he's double threes I'm double threes too it's a great time to be 33 with Rafa Nadal out there representing for us that's how everyone starts playing tennis in the beginning that's the technique that's the volley for beginners so put this on the screen what a group we have group Andre Agassi Nadal Medvedev Steph sit suppose Alexander Sasha the vera and the other group Jorn Borg super group Dominik team who usually struggles here and struggled in Paris where did Dominic team just win like Stockholm or some other indoor court where it was much slower then when Dominic team went to a faster indoor court he lost and I don't expect to see him come through the group as per the usual arrangement at the World Tour Finals Barrett Eenie I think he could be very good here he's got the big weapons he's got the low biting slice World Tour Finals court usually stays pretty low parity knee will be tricky for both Federer and

Djokovic Burton he's really been impressive in the second half of the year and he's got a lot of opportunities to earn points in the first half of next year since he doesn't have much to defense so a big upside for Barrett Eenie this is his first time here he's really got nothing to lose and then you got Djokovic and Federer of course so team Djokovic Federer Barrett Eenie that's the group that everyone's you know that's what we want to see right and they started off they kick it off on Sunday 2 p.m. so what does that I think 9 a.m. East Coast time here in the US a Djokovic Barrett Eenie our first up and then six hours later for the night session 8 p.m. local time in London Roger Federer dominic team federal wants to get out to a hot start Dominic team is a good one for him to play don't you think don't you think he could jump all over Dominic team and how much fun will be to play after you know losing the dominic team and a big match at Indian Wells playing a surface that's definitely going to help

Roger Federer's game it's a good chance for Roger to jump all over them and get a great strong start here I expect yoga which to beat Bertini but you never know if bear tini is serving perfect and you have a little bit of off day with you're own serve federal or Djokovic they could stumble they could potentially lose a round-robin match to Bertini I see Joe Pesci Federer both beating dominic team the next group who play first on Monday 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. same schedule the first day match Medvedev and city pass which it's the BS Russian I mean going back to Miami was was it last year 2017 yeah I think it was last year 2018 either way going back to all that these guys don't really like each other they're both fighting for the same thing throw Sasha's Vera in that group and the doll it's the mystery group because who knows if Nadal will play it could be the night session of Sasha's vera and Roberto Bautista gutes if you have that ticket it sure is a sting if not or if Rafa pulls out moments before the match like he did against

El Chapo and the sim ease of Paris Percy I'm very curious to see Medvedev versus it's Abbas this Russian coach who were gonna go to next he seems to think that City Pass is mentally dominated by Medvedev and won't be able to break through real quick thing on the doll if he does play he's got a great head to head I believe his head to head against all three of those guys is like 11 to 1 the one loss coming to sit see pause so I don't see how anyone could not be excited for this tournament and if you're a federal or Djokovic fan you got to be even more excited because it's a surface that is uh it's gonna benefit both of their games let's go to Djokovic is the clear ATP finals favorite and Roger Federer is pundit what a headline from tennis world this is Russian coach he's basically the head of tennis Russia Andre oh go ski I think his career height and singles he's ranked 49 in the world has had some pretty good results and doubles and he's worked with the ton of Russian players almost any

Russian player you can think of he's had something to do with their development at some stage Medvedev the group is a perfect one is what he's saying does it couldn't be better because one he says that you don't know if Nadal is gonna play we all know that and sit see poss cannot cope mentally would met Medvedev and Zverev is definitely not at his best this year which and we saw that in Shanghai recently he's very one of the best wins of the year for him and when he gets to the final he gets pretty much destroyed by Medvedev I think both these guys have a hard time playing Medvedev sit see pause and Sasha because and they all have a hard time playing each other the same thing with 60 pots has a hard time playing Felix OJ Elia seem it's weird playing these other guys who are competing with you I think there's a different pressure when you play the other young guns who are trying to be the next big thing it really hurts when you lose to them and that can get all kinds of a mental mental aspects are brought into the match when you think about it like that and

I can't blame the guys it's got to make it more challenging when you play those guys when you play Roger Federer likes its Abbasid astray lien open it's a lot easier to swing free and feel like well I'm supposed to lose to Roger Federer I'm supposed to lose to Djokovic or Nadal when you play Medvedev you're like I gotta win this so I can be the top dog of the next-gen joga which is the clear favorite in the entire tournament not just the group stage he's in very good shape again having won the Paris Masters but I do think Federer can reach the semi-finals and waianae Federer can afford to lose the Djokovic in the group stage like I was saying in the round robins you played the other three guys so if you win two out of the three matches you got a great shot to go into the semi-finals it's very rare where you get some kind of crazy scenario where you somehow don't make it so your best thing is just win two of your three matches and try not to drop sets don't drop sets the guys you can beat

Roger Federer if you can come through Dominic team and straight sets right away if Rafa Nadal can come through sauces or even straight sets right away then you can afford to lose a match to someone especially if you win one of the sets it comes down to when there's a tie a couple guys are fighting for a semi-final spot and they both have two wins and one loss if you've won more sets and lost less sets than the then the other guy you're in and then if it comes down to games so do your best to not drop games and sets and you get a good shot to come through even with one loss that's what makes this tournament differ from all the other big tournaments we see on the ATP World Tour and then the last thing it's so intriguing you know I did a article where I said the new big four that they just take out Djokovic and Federer in Shanghai or something like that obviously they're not the new big four yet but the numbers the ages these guys have to have a good shot to take to step in take over tennis for at some point they've got to have a window and he says this right here uh-ohhh cove ski for

Federer and Nadal jerkov it's just a chance to beat every single record right Nadal wants to be the year and number one I think that ties him with Federer for year and number ones Djokovic and Federer they want to have won the World Tour Finals the most out of everyone for Medvedev and city policy says this is the first time they can win the trophy for Zverev it's about retaining the title and for team and Bertini it's a chance for them to show their potential put very well by coach Andre oak Kolski former world number 49 all right hit the music thanks for watching coffee break tennis we will be hitting it like every single day during the last tournament of the year we're gonna do it do it very big for the World Tour Finals I'm very excited about this tournament and I'm still shocked that Pete said it's like a What did he say it's like a glorified exhibition I think it's a very fun tournament I kind of understand what they're saying like we'll look at Rafa I've heard other people in tennis fantasies last week saying look at

Rafa he never won it and he's still one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time that makes sense but uh it's still a pretty cool tournament you got the top eight players of the year you got all big three fingers crossed Rafa so we're gonna be very excited watching it here comment down below what you think would you expect Rafa to play will you bet your house and Rafa playing we're winning the tournament ever in his life I'm curious to hear that please comment below we'd love to feed you on the next show see.



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