WWE Just Revealed The WORST BELT EVER! (AEW Under Investigation!) 3 Returns! Wrestling News

WWE Just Revealed The WORST BELT EVER! (AEW Under Investigation!) 3 Returns! Wrestling News Who is highest paid wrestler in WWE Who are the current WWE wrestlers Is WWE scripted Where will WrestleMania be in 2019 wwe youtube wwe wrestlers wwe 2019 wwe smackdown wwe network wwe raw wwe video wwe shop

WWE Just Revealed The WORST BELT EVER! (AEW Under Investigation!) 3 Returns! Wrestling News

What is going on guys it is WrestleMania here back with another article a Friday Night Smackdown is here and fans are wondering what fallout they'll be from Survivor Series as well as what the bill that will be for December's TLC pay-per-view join us now wrestle amia analyzes the 29th November episode of the blue brand looking at the good the bad and the downright ugly as well as the latest wrestling news including a state investigation into aw Jim Ross is verbal blunder how aw will create new stars the latest on Corey graves and Mauro Ranallo and much more again in response to your requests we're not going to recap the matches but just look at the good the bad and the downright ugly be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for more articles like this first off let's look at the good as number one building of Survivor Series like Raw tonight Smackdown used Survivor Series as a way to continue and build storylines as the stars of

NXT seem to return to their own brand whether it was Roman reigns calling out Baron Corbin or Lacey Evans rebuffing Sasha banks the WWE didn't just forget about the pay-per-view showing it's white as can make Smackdown a true episodic show if they wanted to number two a long-range storyline although the WWE drop the bull with the who tried to murder Roman reigns storyline last summer it showed promise for several weeks as a complex a long-term storyline with a strong beginning middle and finish as we know the finish self-destructed but there appears to be another long term storyline the relationship between Daniel Bryan and our fiend as well as the Misses involvement in things if we're reading this right the WWE is slowly unraveling the downfall of Daniel Bryan at the fiends hands they may lead to a program between Bryan and The Miz down the road number three the rise of Lacey Evans wrestling sassy southern belle has received a strong push since her main roster debut and while her wrestling ability lagged behind her undeniable charisma and unique character Evans seemed to be catching up in the grass in game a program with sasha banks could be another step in Evans's growth as a wrestler and make for some entertaining matches and verbal exchanges number four elevating roman reigns the WWE rarely does things right over the long run but it deserves credit for its handling of Roman reigns while reigns never left the main event the

WWE has created the illusion that he's out of the main event picture keeping him out of the world championship matches and putting him into feuds rather than title chases this has resulted in reigns winning over many of the fans who booed him before his leukemia returned the WWE seems to be continuing this strategy with the food with Ferran corbin and Corben's allies Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode one of the biggest rumors going around is that they want to build Roman versus that fiend at WrestleMania 36 this could be a tough sell given the fiends popularity for so far reigns is rehabilitation with the fans continues to progress number five some much-needed returns Smackdown has a loaded roster yet there are times when the two-hour show seems short on talent Tim know that's not a shortage II joke last night's episode featured several big returns including Elias Sheamus and Alexa bliss the WWE can do a lot with any one of them if they've booked them well especially when they've gone back to Sheamus is all gimmick that could certainly show some promise but that was the good let's look at the bad as number one fiend overload but tonight was a dangerous direction for the WWE's top character defend the WWE finds itself in a tricky situation with his popular character as a one hand the character is in high demand so much in fact that Fox executives reportedly asked that he be moved from role to

Smackdown but on the other hand is the type of character who could be easily overexposed because he's currently booked as invulnerable to his opponents attacks forcing the WWE to depower emo or continue feeding wrestler after wrestler to him while the fiends dual identity allows the WWE to feature Bray Wyatt in some segments and the fiend in others the WWE may have overused both tonight now don't get us wrong we're not complaining that we see too much of the fiend as he's still a hugely over character we just don't want WWE to over expose him as w/e fans have proved that things can get tiresome at times the WWE should still limit the fiends appearances even if it wants to walk his new limited edition title belt and number two speaking of the title belt okay we did moan last time that the only change that they made was just turning about blue but what in Santa's Christmas sack is this does the fiend really need a base of himself on the belt it seems that they just went to overkill and it's a good representation of what they're doing now with the character itself if you look at some custom Championships that fans have made they look much better than this would you guys think of the belt let us know in the comments down below and as for the ugly my last night Smackdown wasn't a Grand Slam like some of the previous NXT invasion episodes but it was a solid post

Survivor Series show that built off the pay-per-view setting the stage for some interesting matchups with Sheamus Alexa bliss and Elias back in action the blue brand has more stars than ever to put an engaging story lines as always it's just a question of whether the writers will crap these storylines but that was the good the bad and the downright ugly let's move on to some wrestling news as let's look at our first story Jim Ross his on-air faux pas now live TV can make for some awkward moments as something aw fans were reminded of when aw star emmy sakura made her way down to the ring and jim ross remarked freddie mercury never looked so oriental the asian female to no one's surprise there was a blowback on social media leading to some fans wondering whether Ross misspoke or he owes an apology is oriental offensive one of the promotions they're partnered with is actually called oriental wrestling so is it that bad let us know in the comments down below next up how Chris Jericho keeps his character fresh the champion also discussed how he keeps his wrestling character fresh comparing himself to rocker Ozzy Osbourne you talked about the new Aussie Osbourne song under the graveyard it's number four this week but the reason the song is still Ozzy it's got a different guitar player it sounds more contemporary it just sounds more that's kind of what they've always done with

Chris Jericho if something starts feeling a bit nostalgic I drop it I have no problems dropping in it's great to go back and look at it and remember it but the list was 2016 a little bit of the bubbly and l'chaim pian is 2019 that's where I live now I think it's great to have a body of work that people go I like this arrow best I like that arrow best but as long as you continue to keep your fans guessing so they never know exactly what you're going to get from you they'll be that much more engaged and that much more apt to continue to follow you very wise words from the champion wrestlers have to move on with the times sometimes nostalgia is great as they can't live off it forever next up Maryland State Athletic Commission investigating aew it looks like the Maryland State Athletic Commission is investigating aew for its full gear show from 9th November according to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter the investigation started after former WCW announcer Chris Cruz contacted the Maryland State Athletic Commission regarding the Omega versus Jon Moxley I quit match at the full gear pay-per-view show on 9th November he asked about Commission rules on blading and allowing matches to continue if a performer is bleeding either intentionally or unintentionally and if there was a commission doctor at the show after repeated requests he was told that the Commission prohibits wrestlers from deliberately lacerating themselves or their opponents or introducing human or animal blood into the match none of which happened in that match the

Commission noted that they were at the match and there was a doctor assigned to the show the Commission also stated they were conducting a formal investigation into the match and thus since the investigation is ongoing they can't comment on questions regarding the match one might wonder why crews took it upon himself to bring this matter up with the state Commission is he fighting for truth justice in the American Way is he a proxy for a rival organization is he a bitter individual who feels wrestling has passed him by consider Cruz's recent comments of our aw during an episode of the wrestling with history podcast aw has millions of dollars from the son of a billionaire and is not setting the world on fire and will not succeed it may last a long time will never be profitable someone once said if you want to be a millionaire start with a billion dollars and buy an airline it's the same thing with a pro wrestling organization it's just gonna bleed you dry not everything is guaranteed to last forever it's my convention that wrestling has seen better days you guys agree with Cruz let us know in the comments down below next up NXT takeover moving to Sunday night's it looks like WWE may be moving the night it is NXT takeover specials to Sunday night according to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer the next to takeover shows the UK show on January 1st and this one will be on Sundays rather than

Saturday's as an experiment to see how the new night does for viewing on the WWE Network next up Corey graves is seen as the victim backstage if the WWE had a Slammy for the most self-absorbed individual Corey graves might win it in light of the controversy surrounding graves his comments towards Mauro Ranallo consider the following graves tweet in 35 years this year was no doubt the toughest but it taught me to think I'm going to up I'm gonna be wrong I'm going to disappoint I'm not perfect I'm thankful for learning to embrace my flaws and learn from them I'm thankful for those who know me while Ranallo didn't appear on NXT this week ringside news notes he's appearing on Showtime boxing suggesting he's doing better however the latest wrestling observer notes it was noted to me that logic would have had WWE management trying to reel him in after Ranallo left but in the strange world of WWE Cory's was considered by many the babyface in this situation and even the victim the victim really bullies are now the victim okay nice going WWE nyla Rosa's strong words for her detractors aww Snyder Rose recently appeared on the TargetPo program ring the bella discussing a number of things including her status as a transgender female athlete i'm not Joey Ryan I don't win matches with my groin so it's not a point of discussion it shouldn't be it shouldn't matter but there's nothing wrong with the other side of things that's how you choose to express yourself there are so many different flavors out there you don't have to tear someone down to build yourself up just because something isn't your flavor she addressed her detractors further saying

I feel like a lot of people are kind of projecting their own unhappiness on to me and using me as an outlet a punching bag if you will it sucks and please stop doing it I celebrate Christmas you can give me that for Christmas just effing stop but I get it some people are a little bit confused because for some reason a lot of male fans when they're reading wrestling they judge how good it is by how funny their pants feel so when I come on TV and their pants feel tingly they get a little confusing to get that but it's okay it doesn't change anything about you that doesn't want to change you don't have to have some internal conflict struggle but if you want to talk about it we can just please stop calling me names but there you have it guys what do you guys think of neither roses opinions let us know in the comments down below subscribe if you haven't already follow us on Instagram and Twitter and I'll see you next time with some more wrestling content.



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