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Mock's is coming for less champion in XTS dominance has ruffled feathers and a little bit of the bubbly goes on sale let's check that out and more with today's wrestling news trish stratus is without a doubt one of the biggest and perhaps most influential female wrestlers of all time she was fighting for women's wrestling to be viewed as equal way before the women's revolution was even a thing so when she singles out one member of the current WWE roster and calls her the future of women's wrestling you better believe this wrestler is worth her weight in gold the person in question is none other than the nightmare rheya Ripley Ripley has had perhaps the greatest week of her life cheap in Charlotte Flair pushed Becky Lynch to the limit pin Shayna Baszler - when wargames per team and was one of the three survivors on the NXT team that won the women's elimination team at Survivor Series fans have been behind her for every second of her scent and Ripley will more than likely be the woman to finally take the

NXT Women's Title off the Queen of Spades and only 23 Ripley is just getting started but is probably already the biggest star in the women's division outside of the four horsewomen she has outdone herself at every turn and will probably prove Stratis right I just feel like this was a coming-out party and if you were to dream up a female superstar this would be her you could have the greatest person at doing this ever and if they came along today they would just go that's job for a woman and they better be cute and no snow sorry Jean it's like no dice Charley Caruso is one of the better backstage personalities in WWE she's a strong presence in front of the camera appears to be knowledgeable about the business and has proven her worth to audiences in both NXT and Monday Night Raw on the reston observer radio Dave Meltzer said that me and Gene Okerlund would not have been able to get Charley Caruso's job because he wasn't cute or young enough once Caruso got wind of the comments on Twitter she quickly responded by saying I feel very bad for Mary Ann for those who are to where

Mary Ann is the name of dave meltzer wife it was a snarky and hilarious come back from so as Meltzer had come under fire once before after being lambasted by Corey graves for allegedly making unsubstantiated comments a lot of the Internet wrestling community would argue that hating on Meltzer is just the cool thing to do but it is hard to deny these sexism that comes with his comments granted Caruso is an attractive woman but she is much more than her looks she is an announcing veteran who has covered sports like the NFL and NBA NXT officially arrived at Survivor Series sure made the move off the WWE Network and on to the USA now rebutted the developmental tag and had carried for years accompany the show on its new network home regardless of the fact that NXT has consistently been the best WWE show for a couple of years it was never viewed on the same level as raw it were smacked him because NXT talent were always called up to the main roster but once Survivor Series took place not only did

NXT establish itself as the best brand it also successfully buried the developmental tag once and for all NXT won four of the seven brand vs. brand vs. brand matches but that dominant seems to have come at a price while WWE was obviously ecstatic about finally besting aew in the Wednesday night wars Tom Kha youth sports kita reported that some of the members of Ron Smackdown were not too happy members of the blue and red locker rooms are happy for their NXT brethren but a number of them feel that NXT sudden ascension has hurt the perception of the conventional main roster this past weekend is because of the undisputed era on NXT Bobby fish and Kyle O'Reilly were defending their NXT tag team titles against the team of Keithley and Dominic taja Kovac fish had to be taken out of the match against the heavyweights after a balk in a spot where Keithley was supposed to be throwing fish out of the ring and O'Reilly O'Reilly failed to get in place in time and fish ended up taking a nasty fall when the show came back from commercial break fish had been replaced by

NXT North American champion Roderick Strong who had stepped in as a part of the freebird rule according to reports from PW insider fish was seen walking around backstage and appeared to be okay so even if he has a concussion it is most likely a minor one even if fish needs to take some time away from the ring stronger Cole can continue to take his place Soul Train says the greatest on television history we're gonna kick it off with a little prize trust Chris Jericho - taken off the cuff line and turn it into one of the most popular catchphrases and Pro Wrestling today a little bit of the bubbly has become almost synonymous with Jericho's run as heavyweight champion in aew and of course Jericho being Jericho has turned the catchphrase in you a wine alongside Green Arrow's Stephen Amell Jericho has created the new official sparkling wine of aew the wine is due to be produced through a Mel's knocking point winemaking atw second association with the company pre-orders are scheduled to ship on December 9th 10th and 11th fans can order packs of two for $46 packs of three for $69 packs of six for 168 dollars or packs of 12 for 276 dollars from little bit of the bubbly calm

Kevin Owens seems poised to become the next face of Raw after stepping up to the grading on egotistical Seth Rollins this week on Raw WWE's great experiment with the architect of the field as the company's next big face has totally failed but instead of forcing him down the audience's throat like they did with Roman reigns WWE seems to be turning heel with AOP laying out Owens but leaving Rollins unscathed there is a strong likelihood that a command rays are going to align themselves with the beasts lair the prizefighter appeared on after the Bell this weekend stated that he hasn't felt important in WWE for the last year and a half ko went on to say that everything he does in the ring is to matter and seem relevant after an underwhelming run his Universal champion Owens has struggled to remain relevant a feuding and Shane McMahon Smackdown of the Commissioner immediately and that made Owens one of the biggest faces since his move to raw he has mostly been treading water but now he seems to be the man to take Rollins down he is potentially more relevant than he ever has been relevancy somewhere else

I mean Tom CM punk being on WWE backstage last week sent their ratings soaring to a hundred eighty thousand viewers but it was the first time that fans had gone to see CM Punk involved with a WWE product in the last five years not only did Punk rip WWE storylines and Seth Rollins Twitter apart he also cut a promo for good measure to remind everyone of what we had been missing without punk on backstage this week ratings dropped by 33% to 121 thousand viewers granted that is higher than the November 12th episode of backstage which brought in a hundred thousand viewers it's pretty evident that punk is going to be the key to backstages success Triple H appeared on this week's episode and just imagine for a second if Punk had been there too ratings would have been through the roof just to see Punk and trips in the same room once more Mauro Ranallo struggles with mental illness had been well-documented and to his credit he has always been very upfront about it instead of trying to hide it at NXT wargames Ranallo naturally took the lead on the commentators table but

Corey graves took exception to his enthusiasm on the microphone raves allege that Rinella was hogging the mic and barely letting the other commentators talk while making too many cringe-worthy references the tweets were completely unnecessary while graves had apologized and stated it was never his intention to hurt Ranallo the damage had already been done not only did renown fail to appear at Survivor Series the next night Mara was not at NXT this week and according to dave meltzer things are worse than WWE has led on so far and Ranallo is actually in rough shape hopefully Ranallo is able to turn a quarter and return to commentary sooner as opposed to later because regardless of what a couple of his boneheaded peers may say fans of the black and yellow brands and viewers in general absolutely love him on commentary Dakotah KY shocked the world when she turned on her friend Tegan Knox and brutally attacked her at wargames not only did she stack the odds in favor of me heels in the match it also gave me black and yellow brand its next big heel and the women's division guys appearance this

Wednesday night had a lot riding on it as her heel run needed a strong start under the spotlight to her credit kyle was absolutely fantastic her attack got her a ton of heat to begin with but she followed it up with some fantastic heel work against candice larae this wednesday when she first turned heel sections of fans were left wondering whether KY would be able to continue building momentum or if one half of team kick would buckle under pressure and failed to embrace her new persona she already seems to be one of the women's division strongest heels and Triple H's taking notice this week on aew dynamite less champion Chris Jericho successfully defended his aew world title against one half of the tag team champion Scorpio Skye but his victory was short-lived after making Skye tap out to the walls of Jericho the champion had a little time to celebrate as Moxley made his way through the audience to have a staredown with Jericho after a truly barbaric unsanctioned match against omegat full gear Locksley has been holding open challenges daring anyone to step up while that has been keeping him occupied his interaction with Jericho has made it clear that his end game is to become the world champion of aew the week to follow will tell fans whether this is a story

EWS going to stretch out for a while or is Moxley being built up to dethrone Jericho in the near future and this was your wrestling news update for the 28th of November I hope you're all having a great day thank you so much for reading and I will see you later in the next article.



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