WWE SmackDown In About 4 Minutes | Three BIG Stars Return! (Nov. 29, 2019)

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WWE SmackDown In About 4 Minutes | Three BIG Stars Return! (Nov. 29, 2019)

Support give us a subscribe Alexa bliss returns Elias returns Seamus returns and the fiend gives Daniel Bryan a haircut I am chopped a pea quenelle give this article a like and subscribe to wrestle talk and make sure to go check out wrestle talk merch calm as we launched our brand new merch store yesterday and we launched a full trailer on TargetPo yesterday so go read that if you haven't and then come back to this article and press the eye above my head letting us know what you thought of SmackDown where you can choose from smack nificent smack tastic smack bang in the middle smack down around a smack in the face this is the November 29th 2019 episode of Friday Night Smackdown in about 4 minutes the show opens with Roman reigns coming out to the ring to say what he's thankful for including health happiness and family oh it's really lovely then transitions are talking about Survivor Series in how team

Smackdown got the job done let's just ignore the other matches on the cart then shall we he then calls Corbin a dummy and says he'll make the dummy apologize that's less lovely Corbin then comes out and cuts a long winded promo about nothing in particular which I think he mentioned him being a king and reigns being an actual dog and who stuff about Thanksgiving he then said Roman should fight Robert Roode instead what what followed was a pretty decent match between the two which culminated with Roode attempting to use Corbin scepter to which Roman promptly speared him for the win after the Bell rude and Ziggler beat down Roman because when does Roman not get beaten down and rude attempted to murder Roman on live television by trying to smash his head with Corbin scepter on a chair in the ring Roman countered this spear drove through the barricade and then buried him under a commentary desk if it feels like I've been talking about this opening segment a lot that's because it took up the first 40 minutes of the show after an ad break we get the first of 3

Firefly funhouse segments of the night in which Wyatt challenges bro into another fight for the universal championship up next we get a backstage promo for Sheamus who makes his grand return to Smackdown here saying the lay of the land of SmackDown it is pathetic calling out the fiend the king and shorty G whatever that is Smackdown will be his this was pretty cool up next was a very quick match between Mustafa Ali and drew Gerlach which are Lee won with a 450 after about a minute after a article recap of the women's matches at Survivor Series Sasha banks and Baily make their way to the ring and blamed the rest of SmackDown for their failures on Sunday with banks saying she didn't come out here for a rah-rah speech dave meltzer - w/e confirmed after they've run down the SmackDown women lacy evans makes her way to the ring verbally runs down banks and Bailey saying something about the chicken dance and then hits up women's rights on banks looks like we're getting Evans vs. Bailey as the SmackDown Women's Championship Program and

I must say it was smart of ee w e to turn lacy face in the south where the crowd actually got behind her and did some lazy chants backstage Daniel Bryan is asked by Caleb Ruxin if he's ready to answer Bray Wyatt's challenge to which he is interrupted by another Firefly funhouse why at this time entices Bryan into another match by debuting a new song a remix of the muscle man dance this was fun but nowhere near the caliber of the original muscle man dance Bryan doesn't have an answer for his challenge as the camera slowly zooms into his face up next we have Sonya Deville vs. Nikki cross and before the match gets underway Mandi Rose runs down Nikki cross and says she looks like a cold plate of Thanksgiving leftovers hey guys did you know this show took place on the day after Thanksgiving this was a really handfish ad way of putting that across and me saying ham-fisted is more subtle than what they did this match lasted all of 30 seconds with Nikki rolling up Sonya for the victory before fire and desire beat now nikki after the bell prompting the return of

Alexa bliss she ran down and saved Nikki cross and the pair hugged remember when she was manipulating Nikki me neither another Daniel Bryan segment came next this time miss walks in and says he shouldn't take the challenge from Wyatts because people change after they face him referencing Bauer and Rollins after Miz mentions his family though Bryan gives him a death stare and Miz walks off backstage Drake maverick no I won't do the full drake maverick thing only Olly can do that he tries to kiss Dana Brooke under some mistletoe are you insane maverick Batista's gonna kill you only for elias to make his return and play a song running down maverick wish dana seem to enjoy way too much the new day came out next and they issued an open challenge for their Tag Team Championships which was answered by schinsky Nakamura and Cesaro the match was fun but only a shell of what these four are truly capable of biggest stage the finish came when Zayn attempted to interfere was ejected from the match which prompted country to hit the trouble in paradise on a distracted

Cesaro for the win the show's final segment was Daniel Bryan accepting Bray Wyatt's challenge turning full face in the process bringing back to the yes John and leading the crowd into it this led into the third and final Firefly funhouse of the night with Bray saying Bryan helped build the funhouse playing off their history and the Wyatt family Wyatt then said he promised the fireflies a new face and then the lights began to cut out why its emerge from under the ring Claude Bryan down into it and then appeared to rip out Daniels hair leaving chunks in the ring and for free is a hundred percent discount on haircuts on Black Friday oh this show was pretty standard it had some exciting moments with the returns but it still felt like most stories were stagnant the exception of course is Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan but even then it's still the same Feud from before Survivor Series with Wyatt taunting Bryan into a match Roman and Corbin will seemingly never stop feuding but Lacey Evans facing Bayley is at least something different this Smackdown gets a smack bang in the middle what's the real reason

NXT won at Survivor Series press the article to the right to find out more and the article below that to find out more about the WWE main roster being upset with NXT a special thank you to our pledge hammers on patreon some of whom you can see scrolling below me right now Ivan Chava P quenelle and that was wrestling.



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