WWE Wrestlers Who Wrestled As Superheroes And Villains

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WWE Wrestlers Who Wrestled As Superheroes And Villains

Hey guys what is going on this is WrestleMania back with another episode cosplay has taken off to new levels and wrestlers are no exception dressing up as their favorite characters both in and out of the ring join us now as Wrestlemania looks at wrestlers who engaged in cosplay briefly what is cosplay a general definition is merriam-webster's the activity or practice of dressing up as a character from a work of fiction such as a comic book articlegame or television show cosplay dates back centuries but picked up steam steadily as science fiction and comic book conventions became more prevalent in popular cosplay has become a staple of entertainment conventions with individuals creating costumes so realistic they rival those seen in film and television professional wrestling is a great venue for cosplay as wrestlers adapt to retire to resemble that of their favorite characters a number of superstars have posted cosplay pictures on social media but for the purposes of our article let's stick to wrestlers who engaged in cosplay in the ring number

1 Melina spider-woman casual comic book fans may not be familiar with Jessica drew aka Spider Woman but they certainly might want to read her exploits after seeing former WWE superstar Melina fitting into spider woman's skin tight outfit Melina donned the costume for a Halloween themed episode of SmackDown as well as at a house show battling Maurice whose costume we'll mention next number 2 Maurice Catwoman the star of miz and miz's maurice titillated the WWE fans at a live event when she donned a Catwoman costume inspired by the 1992 film Batman Returns the costume was stunningly realistic and made for a classic battle between two comic book characters as Molina's Spider Woman battled maurices Catwoman number 3 Alexa bliss where should we start one of wrestling's biggest cosplayers is Little Miss bliss whose love for Disney and comic books have led to her adapting her ring attire to a number of characters the number of characters bliss has emulated are too many to list here unless fans would like to see an

Alexa bliss centered episode but here are a few including Harley Quinn one of Bliss's favorites Nightmare on Elm streets Freddy Krueger during an appearance on NXT the Riddler at WrestleMania 33 Supergirl at 2017 s Elimination Chamber the villainous Chuckie from child's play in 2017 and Little Mermaid character Ursula at 2018 SummerSlam in a 2017 interview with the Yahoo Sports bliss discussed her love of cosplay and how she began incorporating it into her WWE career I'm such a villain fan I love comics I love anything Disney everyone knows that about me I'm a big Disney fan anything that's fictional I'm a huge fan of it it all started with Iron Man in NXT buddy Murphy Bliss's real-life fiance had the idea of us all three bliss Murphy and Wesley Blake dressing up his Iron Man and I thought it was such a cool concept such a cool idea that I just kept going with it I have a few characters left that I haven't portrayed yet I have a few more coming that I didn't have the outfit for then I'm just waiting to perfect them I did go a little non villain at Elimination Chamber when

I wore Superman which was a lot of fun just like portraying characters but making it my own the Harley Quinn thing I was really excited about I was so bummed because when I left NXT I thought I couldn't do the cosplay thing anymore my last gear in NXT was Freddy Krueger because I'm such a horror movie fan it's ridiculous but I thought that when I went to the main roster it would be a whole different ballgame I kind of ran with the Harley Quinn thing I said I was going to try it anyway and say sorry after if it didn't work but I got a great response and that gave me the freedom to do more the goddess's attire as toy stories Buzz Lightyear at this year's SummerSlam was another example of her incorporating cosplay into her in-ring career number 4 the new day Final Fantasy the WWE decided to add to the fun of WrestleMania 33 by having the new day host the event with one of the highlights being Xavier woods Big E and Kofi Kingston dressed in outfits straight out of the articlegame Final Fantasy Final Fantasy 15 heavens were just happened to be a sponsor for the showcase of The

Immortals that year the new day enjoy cosplay out of the ring is well and responded at New Orleans big easy con with the new day decked out as x-men characters Wolverine Professor X and Magneto or terror as we'll see next Kofi Kingston is no stranger to cosplay number 5 Kofi Kingston the Riddler and others in addition to his cosplay alongside new day teammates Big E and Xavier woods Kofi Kingston has worn comic book inspired outfits including the Riddler at 2012's Royal Rumble Batman at 2013's Royal Rumble spider-man faux carnage and Green Lantern adversary Sinestro number 6 Enzo and Cass Woody and Buzz Lightyear the realest guys in the room were the Toy Story inspired outfits during eight not surprisingly a Halloween edition of raw but in our opinions Alexa bliss looked much better number seven Rey Mysterio Rey Mysterio's colourful ring attire carries on the tradition of other Luchadors who not only emulated mythic characters but in the case of legends like El Santo became superheroes in their own right according to the site pro wrestling stories Mysterio has worked closely with artist

Mashiro Hayashi since the mid 1990s here are some of rays more memorable costumes including spider-man and comic strip hero the Phantom during his time in WCW in the WWE Rey adopted the costumes of various superheroes including daredevil at WrestleMania 19 the flash at WrestleMania 20s cruiserweight open the Silver Surfer at 2007 SummerSlam the Joker at WrestleMania 25 Captain America at WrestleMania 27 and Batman at 2012 SummerSlam Rey's cosplay hasn't been reserved for the WWE and WCW as he wore a black panther costume at a lucha show in 2017 and Wolverine at 2018 Indy Super Show all in Rey has also adopted other personas including the Terminator and a gene Simmons inspired kiss mask well-raised cosplay has been fun for him it's sometimes led to problems with the WWE Rey recalls actually at one point WWE told me you've got to stop doing this because we're going to get sued so

I've always tried to keep fun and mysterious for the fans because it was always like man what are you gonna bust out now ray and they would give me ideas it's unlikely ray will stop his cosplay anytime soon and ironically there's even a special edition rey mysterio action figure of Ray in the flash inspired costume number 8 finn balor finn bálor is probably raised rival when it comes to the many different characters he's emulated during his career while Balor may be best known to WWE and NXT fans for his elaborately attired and painted alter-ego the demon Balor incorporated cosplay into his career during his time as Prince Devon in New Japan Pro Wrestling there he adopted a variety of personas including venom the Joker anti-venom the Punisher and Bane with valor back in NXT fans are curious whether the now heal banner will bring back the demon or adopt a new identity in times of crisis number 9 the hurricane Green Lantern no mention of wrestlers engaging in cosplay would be complete without mentioning hurricane Helms the comic book fan who likes the character

Green Lantern so much he has the Green Lantern logo tattooed on his arm Helms love of comic books and superheroes saw him go from another cruiserweight lost in the crowd to one of WWE's most beloved comedy characters during the early 2000s number 10 Mickey James Elektra in 2009 Mickey James stole the show in a costume contest on smackdowns Halloween episode dressing his superhero Daredevils lover an occasional enemy Elektra this wasn't the first time James dressed up for a costume contest having played trish stratus earlier in her WWE career number 11 AJ Lee AJ's love of comic book characters is well known and she engaged in cosplay throughout her WWE career including a role as Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles during an episode of NXT and the Mortal Kombat character katana during a divas battle royal number 12 The Bella Twins Batman and Robin the WWE's Halloween themed episodes often give superstars a chance to dress up and the 29 October 2010 edition of SmackDown certainly did featuring an

ATV tag match with a cadre of costume he's competing including the Bella Twins attired as Batman and Robin number 13 trish stratus Wonder Woman another Halloween costume contest this one in 2005 saw WWE Women's Champion trish stratus playing that amazing Amazon Wonder Woman during the 31st October edition of Raw Stratus was just one of several costume characters that night but arguably the best-looking number four Johnny gargano NXT superstar as well as the brand's first Triple Crown champion is another NXT star who enjoys incorporating cosplay into his ring attire gargano has worn comic book themed outfits inspired by Iron Man The Punisher and Captain Marvel NXT takeover Toronto saw gargano sporting a Wolverine style outfit which is apropos as Wolverine is Canadian number 15 ricochet Nightwing with the WWE pushing ricochet is a superhero of sorts it's no surprise the talented star chose to emulate the identity of Nightwing aka Batman's former sidekick Robin at 2019 SummerSlam while ricochet has yet to hold any titles since dropping the u.s. championship to AJ Styles the

WWE is rumored to have big plans for a performer it sees as having all it takes to become a top babyface well guys there you have it wrestlers who have engaged in cosplay as you might imagine these aren't the only examples so let us know if you'd like to see another article showcasing superstars costumed exploits and don't forget to subscribe to our WEBSITE follow us on Instagram and Twitter and I'll see you next time for some more wrestling content.



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