WWE’s New Top Merch Seller Revealed | AEW Steal Top Indie Star From WWE

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WWE’s New Top Merch Seller Revealed | AEW Steal Top Indie Star From WWE

Hi guys I'm Adam will Warner from what culture and don't worry this is the last day you have to stare at this monstrosity on my face gobble gobble baby I'm getting download the news as of bowgasm you said for addressing only the iTunes Spotify where we get your podcasts wrong but coming up today a worrying update on the Maranello Corey grave situation AUW are on the verge of signing one of the hottest and most exciting free agents in wrestling today the real reason ec3 hasn't been on our screens recently why Mike Kanellis asked for his WWE release this is the news I'm gonna take these bloody things off because this is awful we're gonna kick things off by talking about WWE's new top of merchandise seller now earlier this year I believe Sean rough start the fight for the calm reveal it was Becky Lynch back in March that's eight months ago long time ago she has since been overtaken by a new face as revealed by Big Daddy Dave in this week's episode episode edition of the 

Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave writes the brave Wyatt is now the top merch seller in the entire company interesting stuff there but by if you go on ww up and search for the fiend or a Bray Wyatt you get all kinds of stuff millions of t-shirts gloves with a hurt he'll give me if you get a themed mask and get a blanket you can get mugs there's all kinds of themed based products on there and you know it just proves that the theme there is an extremely marketable gimmick now it does need to be tempered somewhat because as revealed in the last earnings called double double use merge sales are down 16 percent on the same period this time last year but at the same time that he's able to overtake a babyface as strong as Becky Lynch in merge sales but I cool the man t-shirt now that she has that you could really get way with wearing in public which isn't something you can say about a lot of wrestling March unfortunately that's a good good for Bray complete career turnaround hope he's making mod bank of these mercies you also got a spectacular Christmas jumper though I'm genuinely considering buying in the 

Black Friday so II haven't seen that o is coming it's horrendous but it's also it's Christmas Joker jumper which means it's good it's supposed to be hot but yeah it's amazing what happens isn't it when you genuinely push at one and give them support and creative freedom it's truly fantastic that he is top merch seller yeah I'm glad like his career really was in the toilet before he took that time off I know he had that like tag-team of my Hardy and it was kind of fun like it was alright but it wasn't really going anywhere like they were just like the lure mid card novelty act really so great for him obviously he's the universal champion phenomenal you guys the smart dance gonna be built around presumably to Wrestlemania if they still want to have him headline or defend the belt they're good stuff man I'm happy for him he's like never been anything other than like a really good pro so it's almost like they should give more people time off and creative agency right let's move on to our next story of the day and worrying development surrounding Maranello in a continuing update around that 

Quarry grave situation that resource box off around what around Survivor Series weekend according to Meltzer Maranello is said to be in quote rough shape and perhaps worse than has been reported since the Corey graves incident people closer and I love know that he hasn't been in a good place over the last few days in this condition is a day-by-day thing of course we've mentioned this before we're how suffers from depression and bipolar disorder which sort of exacerbates all the problems that you would get from just criticism online I still think Corey graves needlessly went after him on Saturday whether he wants to argue it's because of brand warfare or whatever but it's really disappointing to hear stuff like this and we can only hope that he recovers soon yeah absolutely I hope he finds a path to a better stay aligned these things are very very difficult like you know this certain conditions you never truly heal from you suffer buyouts and you you deal with them and you try and recover as best you can so that fantastic documentary on him isn't it bipolar rock and roller stuff yeah really good produced by short time I believe yeah this whole situation just absolutely stinks like there's no other way to put it it sucks it's awful at the end of the day a for me is primarily becoming a human thing 

I've just wanted to see the guy you know do what he can to make steps in the right direction and hopefully find a better state of mind and hopefully come to a point where he's able to or he feels able enough to return to our screens because it's just gross it really is it's and it's such a shame for a guy who is almost universally beloved among the fanbase aren't amongst his peers as well get well soon are absolutely so let's move on let's pivot over to aew for a second it looks like they are on the verge of signing one of the most touted and celebrate it really prospects on the entire indie scene that being Chris stat Lander who has appeared on recent episodes of dark she was on this week's dynamite losing a couple of tag matches on both appearances but emerging as the clear standout performing below she's got great offense and she's only been resting for some like two years but she already demonstrates an aptitude far beyond that now the story behind this it comes from Big Daddy Dave by the way in the observer newsletter the story here is the WWE are extremely interested in style on there in fact they were so convinced the the deal was going to be dug that they expected there to report any with the company in 

January she was gonna join the performance center this was actually reported a few weeks ago and some i willis even went as far as seeing the WWE actually signed her but that was not the case apparently WWE just didn't send the contract through so style under brooked herself for the easier go boot to the CW shows and now appears to be on her way to all elite so this is one hell the coop for the company maybe not quite the finished article yet but she'll immediately be one of the best wrestlers in that division a division that hasn't really taken off to the extent the ECW would have wanted then with Kenny will make a promising that the division will take big steps forward and they'll add new faces in 2020 a really good start yeah brilliant starting for the women's division in aw I thought style and it looked amazing on this week's dynamite and yeah a width of dropping of the ball from WWE we often mentioned sort of free agents and it genuinely normally comes down to literally just who you would prefer to work for but it seemed like w w hats that lander in the bag and just sort of took their eye off the ball yeah yeah it really thoughts knots all the time when they're just like give me all the toys give you all the toys but you know it's it's good for style under 

I think ultimately the NXT woman's division is obviously phenomenal I think it's the best women's division in the world yeah it's so layered there's so many talented people there's so many different stories and feuds of matches that they can build intertwining together it's really exciting but the thing is obviously once you get onto our Smart down after a couple of years done then you know history tells us that it might not work out as well so with e/w presuming the company you know survives and passes through is several years of action its Cooper I shall probably be featured as a focus performer almost straightaway I would imagine so yeah I'm very excited good for her good for the company good all-round someone's getting fired in WWE all right let's move on and talk about ec3 husband our screens for absolutely ages since September in fact and even then he's probably just sort of walking back right around in the background carrying a red cup looking stab yourself really weird what they've done with it since they brought me to an austere like Vince look to him was like God direct okay fifty-fifty with Dean Ambrose around him and then they just sort of went still work nah no so anyway the real reason he hasn't been on 

TV I was gonna say thankfully then I suppose he turns over creative I mean he's not just been creatively been disregarded and I suppose that's what I mean by that is he has been suffering from a concussion of caused according to Dave Meltzer so that's why you haven't seen him on any WWE programming for the last couple of months but yeah I mean ah you know I wasn't the biggest fan of his when he was in NXT but I could easily see why they would bring him up and I know he was gonna have a rocket strapped to his back yeah it's kind of an odd one it's a really curious case felici free because you know he's not the best wrestler he's never been the best dressed so that's not what he's about but it looks great and I sue each big E's jacked he can talk he places character al he's a really great heel when given the opportunity to be one that takes a lot of Vince McMahon's boxes obviously he arrived they've proven those weird segments where he just showed up without talking she's odd because he's a great probe oh I got that back and forth thing with Dean Ambrose now he's just kind of farting around in the 24/7 division it's an old situation from a professional standpoint 

I just kind of hope the one year when he is able to come back he either gets his release and is able to do is craft somewhere else no are they put them on TV and let him do cool things probably not either but yes hopefully you can return soon get well soon dc-3 and hopefully they will have something anything for ya absolutely speaking of guys they don't really have a lot for my Canales disappeared off TV following that cookery storyline hasn't he in fact resolves it just like yep goodbye yeah I think they just kind of scrap that one you're like actually we prefer a lie those global he has given a new interview with the marks and Stripes podcast right I'll really good name in which he talks about his WWE release and specifically why he asked for his release so I'm just gonna read you a couple of quotes here for mr. K he says it was all personal it had nothing to do with the company since the minute I got to WWE they've treated me great they've treated my wife great they've treated my daughter great they've treated me great now that my mind is clear my head is clear I just want to work 

I just want to wrestle I feel like I could have the best matches of my career right now and it's extremely difficult when there are so many people on the roster and you just don't get that opportunity so hard to begrudge any is that really missing k1 this release wants to do some wrestling for the record his last day at W much like TV how shoot any match was on the 24th of September episode of SmackDown when you lost to chad gable in 24 sorry in 19 seconds so not had a good time on television this year mr. Canales we'll see what ends up whenever I think about my Canales I think is inexplicable I realized that the company holds grudges and they perceive that Maria coming in and getting pregnant and then to do you know them having to having to pay her for really having a child like that's how life works guys and then obviously Mike having his issues but in reality you've been handed one of the bear baby-faced stories you could possibly have in terms of this road to redemption he was he was or completely off the rails he's recovered he looks phenomenal and they went yes age wife's having a kid with someone else it's like Mike you know this fight with ec3 it's a sign of glue he says it's so easy to book WWE just do that on main event another little snippet actually from Big Daddy Dave in the observer 

I realized we quoted him like seven other times which was annoy some people from whatever reason and I was like he's a reliable nuisance with Dave in the observer this week Ashley wrote the Canales is looking to get into motivational speaking good that's a cool Avenue for a guy who obviously has had these demons he's struggled he's overcome them he's got a great story like you said and he seems like a really nice guy so yes we can nail it hey they got your Twitter questions at what could you do be W of course if you want to get in touch first question today comes from Geoff bone do you think they held back in the main event this past Wednesday and then is it the way they did so they can build a champ a balla Col program ending with a three-way at take over Portland with one bitty goal and transitioning to a ballad champa program yep I mean the match was cute it was a good match but I don't think it was any kind of blower way out of this world it was a taster where he was like it was a little appetizer for the entree to come back exactly where I think they're going that's exactly what I think they did I think they mean crews in like second gear or whatever but you know they were hovering around further forth they were they weren't like let's go and blow the doors off let's leave some stuff on the table let's leave some gas in the tank so that when we get to this program or this triple-threat and everything else we can really just set the world ablaze so yeah it was a wise move 

I sense it's gonna be you sort of ballet versus champ for the title around WrestleMania weekend although I also wouldn't rule out then like sort of rolling over this triple threat potentially making a fake a full way because adding Johnny gaga knows that mix makes me happy I like to russell i like Johnny Gaddar know Phil's gonna fight with you see reason come on Johnny all right the next question today comes from no Nast November who says how about 8:30 man / 15 Tag Team Royal Rumbles on the kickoff show this year so teams enter together so it's a shorter faster Rumble one member of the team gets eliminated the entire team is out the winner gets the title shot of mania how about I think great sounds like an absolute cluster I'm totally in for that now just how imagine how key like that would be four guys in the ring from the start are two coming down yeah no like I think that's different enough from like a standard singles Royal Rumble to not burn the form out and you know like you say it will be over in like 25 minutes yeah yeah why not why not just have fur you guys you could also have a bit of the old you know Boyd poppers well but I like you know Scotty - hyeme Rikishi could come out or ever yeah like you could chuck in some old-school tank yeah yeah now that sounds like fun man do it please anyway 

I like baccarat cheese and that sounds like a baccarat now final question day comes from Tracy we see no relation to see GOG of course who says it decodes it so the two people the feed has had a feud with turned heel finn balor a first-ballot sorry now Rollins and do you think those were his intentions all along he was gonna corrupt fun was he he was gonna turn them evil with his poison I am I don't necessarily think so I think that's more of just a coincidence than anything else I mean the balloting just made sense from a narrative standpoint to have him go down there and decide he's had enough of this little snot-nosed top guy who's taking his spot as the beloved NXT hero and yes like I don't necessarily fingers all typing out I think saffle is a necessity as well if it is like the if that is the narrative and they've just you know not being you over the head with it like they often do with storylines it's really good cooking but I think it's just a coincidence Ivy's just a coincidence for the exact reason that you just mentioned if don't really want to get something across they tweet about it out of mouth they put it all over social media and like they're not sort of whatsoever right let's move on today's and finally and I thought this might ruin your day but this because there's a thing 

I just saw a ready squared circle this morning which is a WWE storyline generator you can just go on it has a little bottom that just says swerve and it says be just like this what will WWE's next story be I don't want to tell you the first thing that came up when I pressed swerve so don't we do a storyline generator picture this Andy Murray schinsky Nakamura has a one-night stand with Donald Trump and gets a huge pot so that's my morning really not are we doing that all morning it might work it's gonna be such a good one next and it'll be the best one edge then you've ever had go check it out should skip a kid like an order of piping Donald Trump punch Jesus Christ enjoy that oh god I'm gonna have fun without my lunch break absolutely not the schinsky knock already do bit by bit Oh God excuse me a headache that right today's news stories in the comment section don't forget to Like share and subscribe and subscribe to what cool dressing Leith attitude Spotify or ever get you podcast from for daily wrestling podcast myself and the Dudley Boyz will be doing a Smackdown preview a little bit later on today bluster you let us know your thoughts and Twitter questions on Twitter at what culture WWE read they follow both of us you can follow him and eh Maria the hey stands her heel and flicked the worst of the three 

I'm not seeing a Lucifer Buchanan world--well which is where you could find a link to donate to Movember a fantastic course for men's health which is why this has been happening for the last month a to apologize you can't s terribly I like a mum I'm with it hmm no one else does I hate my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for reading and we will see you soon.



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