Eastbourne Borough 2 v 1 Chippenham Town | National League South Highlights (Sports News)

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Eastbourne Borough 2 v 1 Chippenham Town | National League South Highlights (Sports News)

Well it's a warm welcome from a rel of two south coast but the East is bright and dry what could be a really rather tight contest both of these teams in fact have drawn seven days in yourself let's hope it won't be a no-no draw but it's all to play for Chippenham I'm not particularly good runner form they've just gone out of the FA Trophy after two grueling games against stylish Hamlet borough on a three way in running Street a diwali rolling over the halfway stop lower outside him finds him it'll fall in for Toby and the first corner the big men for respawn are up all the way across West swings it out back to the right hand side he's most bought in Pisces everybody and a touched off a defender for a second corner right back to go a nice turn he's got a man outside him loosened overlap there's the cross it's obstructed advantage played and here comes lure just onside cutting in from the right angle to shoot and no power in the shot blue

Keynes winds up for the long throw enormous across the face of goal and the shot put over and a decent chance who would have said although he's got the legs for it there's the cross on all the world at Wheeler was right on the end of that but for the interception out to wheeler long cross should be the keepers only punches that's not too clever an idea one or two hopefuls shouted for the handball which it wasn't on Charlie Walker flat ball into the edge of the area this time picked up second go Wilson once the shot hits a good shot rules again wide on the right this time we're still squeezing the pressure on but no go through Toby goes around the outside they've read in this time and he's got to play it back edge of the area very good turn by West that came on good idea anyway that couldn't quite find lure nicked by Walker well power in the shot but swinging right my nose wheeling going out side perhaps yep and then the long cross from the right-hand side Tobin flicks it away Campbell after ferry ride on the right is available he checks inside that's always fancied in shells of strikers and

Chris Scambler as hidden East bawlmer I believe right on 44 minutes east one borough one chippin and town Hill so Shipman with their first corner of this half big to the back post good header they've won a second one with that block by kinder John nicked and four would come Chippenham overlap Tyler couldn't quite reach it first time that he's retrieved it now there's and I think the linesman was correct to give it so there's the free kick header and in well afflict header only but it sneaked into the back post four are still complaining about the award of the free-kick but it's too late for that now chaps like it clear by Tom have it you've all is still pray huge ball in a multi bar to her unnecessarily so you would think the ref will just calm them down again you would expect slack pass gives it away and five Chippenham players on the attack here forward comes Tyler plays it in and hope it really stood on the ball learn clever wall by Chris Campbell Walker playing deeper this time over the top and finds Lua just inside the area from the right-hand side shot is blocked take him on as the hall from the bench here's the free-kick huge

Schieffelin with a little bit of pressure now good ball around the corner Tyler good cross as well for a corner not sure that Toby knew where that one was going wills lays it off to Walker he's gone very wide he wants support and he hasn't got any at the moment underneath it all the layers of great for Chippenham just on the edge of the area a defending desperate bit of defending gets the ball fair will here's the throw again if i can ball from up here on the dressed bench but nothing happens from the referee for a couple of seconds he's looked at it he thought about it and he's given a handball and a penalty to Eastbourne he has the chance to make it three points up comes Walker strike two and it's given Eastbourne borough a 2-1 victory and shipping them have next to no time to retrieve it spectators shoot their way back to the clubhouse almost all of them are feeling radiant on a very very cold afternoon the Chippenham town supporters are looking pretty morose because they had come within a couple of minutes of well-earned point kept pressing play looking at the whole 90 minutes you'd have to say they were worth it

Charlie Walker smacking in the penalty on the final minutes three precious points Barra go above Chippenham in the table it's finished he swung Gaara to fit in town 1 well Danny blue exciting stuff at the end but let's go back to the start that first half really cracking performance and 44 minutes without ago you'd have been disappointed with nil nil yeah we played exceptionally well as well as I've ever seen a borough so I play in recent years you know we were outstanding you know we were against the wind we forced them back and as you rightly say if we'd gone in nil nil you would have been disappointed but on the stroke of half-time some lovely play and a rare Christian Campbell header so yes take the advantage and go in at halftime because there were a number of very good crosses well work got in behind but that was the first time one of them had been met yeah well obviously you know we work hard on the training field is no there's no as think more than hard work and the boys have been exceptional since I've come in as manager we working really hard in training and Scott charm Stevens a coach he did a session on

Thursday night and it was all about that so it's really rewarding for them guys you know they're sort of unsung heroes the coaching staff of Sergio and Scott you know on the manager but yet no it was a good to go in median at halftime Chippenham had been really pretty defensive first half they were bound to come out a little bit more after halftime yeah we felt that and obviously we were without Dean Cox today Cox he went down sick overnight so you know we don't have the biggest squad as it is that's well documented and then losing daily that's all just wobble just attacked you know but then Ciaran came in and it's the first time Karen's been on the pitch and I've been here and he did very well so it it just wobbled us for at and and then we got got control and you know receive aid then they then equalized and which was look to dubious free-kick to me people you know sort of it looked in the linesman on the side here by the dugouts got involved and you don't really see him do that too much nowadays however we should have dealt with the ball into the box a lot better but we didn't so we were drawing 1-1 and perhaps set to stay that way but you know

I felt we've got that just reward Kevin in the end yeah because you had pressure increasing pressure as you approached the 90 minutes so a handball is not a dodgy way to win it but it was a result of the pressure in a way absolutely you didn't hear any any arguments from air camp about the penalty being given so but sometimes you get those decisions sometimes you don't and it was obviously very very pleasing to win the game with a Charlie Walker penalty this is four wins out of four how many more can we expect listen is we just go week to week you know we've the Train we've got up field in the Sussex Senior Cup on Tuesday if they didn't draw in the FA vast today we try and choose they then we go to Concord next Saturday you know we just wanted to get a smile back on the fans though you know everyone at Eastman barefoot and come to the fans and management the players of directors and we're slowly but surely doing that so that's that's our first task and we just want to enjoy it I said too boys just briefly at the end of the game let's just enjoy it and what this sets us up again is you can enjoy the following week you know it makes everyone to be buzzy we can make a few alterations for the upfield game on Tuesday and then we're train hard as

I say on Thursday but everyone's happy and you know we we just keep rocking it on quietly don't make any statements and enjoy me thanks very much as always done cheers boys thank you you.



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