Freddie Ljungberg first interview as Arsenal caretaker manager (EXCLUSIVE)

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Freddie Ljungberg first interview as Arsenal caretaker manager (EXCLUSIVE)

Freddie you've been associated with this club for over two decades I mean it's a long time since we've sat down and done this it it brings back a lot of memories which really underlines how much you are part of the fabric of the furniture here regardless of the circumstances what will it mean to you to be in charge of Arsenal tomorrow it's a great great honor that's how I feel I feel this energy inside of me and it's special of course there is a sadness a little bit what's happened to the club where we are and this and that then excitement for what we can do in the future with tomorrow the chance we have to play so it's just been great honor and that's what I saw it said to the place I said you guys can have to do the job and stuff I tried to help them support you guys but for me it's a great great honor what was your initial reaction when you were asked and we surprised at all I was sorry to say maybe that's a not big-headed I hope but

I was proud I got honored that they thought about me that that they would such an important thing that they were trusted me to do that and deliver that so that's how I felt I felt excitement because I feel that we have some very very good football players here it's an amazing club so I felt excitement that's a big thing it's a caretaker role at the moment have you been given any indication of roughly how long you're expected to be in charge for we know things can move very quickly in football but is it open is there any indication whatsoever no no indication of how long or how short they just said concentrate on our next game do as good as you can and we'll see from there and for me I concentrate on those place and we have a game tomorrow and try to do the best I can the obvious question is do you want the job full-time you want to prove you can do it get the results that makes you a serious candidate for me it's about the team in the club I tried to concentrate for the future we have a game tomorrow try to wind as hard as we can maybe this a few other games we'll see but for me that's what

I look at the other stuff is at the moment totally irrelevant do you want to be a manager well see in the future at the moment I'm learning the trait I've been trying to do everything I can to prep myself of course it's an honor that the club thinks I'm ready to take this big responsibility but at the moment I'm just concentrated game-by-game you said you want to bring smiles back to the club put smiles on people's faces how are you gonna do that I say a lot of us come from us from staff and of course we play good football or not but I was for example in Bundesliga with a horse burger that we cook got in when they were almost getting relegated and that's when it's a lot of pressure in a club from a big club and people are down so I've had experience of players and stuff being very down and low and there is things in my opinion that you can do and that's we're gonna try to do but and today if you play good football and have a results there's nothing better than that to raise spirits as you said this is all very much in the nail it's a very it's all happened very quickly for you you've got things to sort out what is the position on your coaching staff and will you be able to assemble your own team yes

I've been asked to try to organize what I can and stuff and of course it's been quick it's pretty quick turnaround seen yesterday and trying to look at Norwich who tried to sort everything out but of course we'll have things in place hopefully for for the game tomorrow what about the captaincy that's an issue that you have inherited yeah we have you made the decision who will be the captain I believe in like just because it's mean I'm not going to try to make enormous massive changes I'm going to keep those things as it is there was been so much in the media so many discussions with Ian and stuff so that's going to be left out I'm gonna concentrate on how we play and what we can do on the football pitches no but you have actually got to name a captain so will Pierre Emerick remain as the captain you'll see that tomorrow you've started this quickly I was training yesterday and what was the mood like is it is it a mixture of sadness some players we please the previous manager has gone others will be looking to get their selves into the team what is that atmosphere like on that first day yeah it's a bit of a strange one

I think not strange but of course there is sadness that had a coach for a long long time a very a good coach and other coaching staff that's all of sudden disappears it is a very cutthroat thing in football and of course players are emotional as well they will react on that what I tried to do was try to be as respectful as I could in that sequence and then afterwards when I trying to play I just tried to again I played a little bit tried to do an exercise as an a training session where there is a bit of excitement try to make them not think too much and just enjoy themselves and hopefully get him in a good mood because we had a game on Thursday said there was not the whole squad it was just a few players what style do you think you would employ as a manager it's I think it's a manager for me at least it's depends what players you have available often I think that the player yes or you as a manager who do who will you be you've obviously played for other managers who would be similar to or even though you'd be your own man what type of manager do you think you are as a human being I try to be myself I've said that to the place

I'm approachable I'd like to talk to people of course when we work we work hard and that's there's no discussion of that on the side maybe bit different to maybe the old generation stuff but I want to be available I feel that that's what I've learned from doing the younger age groups here that now are older that I need to be able to have a communication with place that's for me it's very important how much of a step up is this for you from your previous coaching responsibilities your first time actually as a manager and it's of Arsenal now of course it's a step up but for anyone that takes a big look job like this in my opinion is a step up it's a massive Club try not to see that part I've had to say from the bosses of this club I think I've had the belief and that gives me strength I feel from the players in the past here they listen so I feel strength within and I'm very very excited I feel that this club can now go back up again now you neatly sides that the question as to whether not you wanted the job but surely to make yourself a credible candidate the best way to do that is to get results and then that makes you a candidate that's football we have to win football games that's what it's all about it's about winning and that's we're gonna try to do and that's the main thing for me is the good news if you're looking to get a set of results there would appear to be a large number of candidates so the process may take some time so you could have a good run at this we have to wait and see what the boss's wants to do it's totally up to the club what

 I've been put in charge to do is to try to win football games and get us points and that's what I concentrate on the rest I'll let them handle that part okay lastly we sat here in Mary Tom's with you as a player if I'd set you back then there'll be a die in about 10-15 years time you'll be leading us and I was managing what you said to me how probably would have smiled and felt that would have been a massive honor to play with them and be a manager on the sidelines I would be a very special and that's probably the feeling I have today Up next.



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