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Gather round your your family and friends with smackdown in the books let's take a look at the news from across the wrestling world today Ross saw Charlotte get hit with green mist when facing Oscar and the mist has proved to be vicious and something osku has not stopped herself from using at the slightest provocation Charlotte has been hit with the mist a few times but will be looking for payback when facing the Women's Tag Team Champions özkan Kyrie Seine in a two-on-one handicap match Seth Rollins did not play the role of the locker room leader perfectly his speech in the beginning of raw though plans to fire everyone up only served in making him look bad Rollins was being he wished taking the opportunity to insult others in the locker room who had tried their best but failed coming from him who had also failed to lead team raw to victory it was pretty ironic now with a full he'll turn expected it appears

Rollins is trying to turn over a new leaf saying he had spent a few long days soul-searching and he would go on to apologize after a long few days of soul-searching I've decided that this coming Monday on Raw I would like to issue an apology to team red and the WWE Universe I hope you'll hear me out Eric Bischoff was brought on board to WWE this year alongside previous competitor Paul Heyman Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman were in charge of WCW and ECW and were hired as executive directors for Smackdown and Raw respectively coming at a time of low ratings this seemed to be critical in turning around the product when Heyman took over Raw changes were obvious for fans to see as the red brand took on a whole new look and they continued to put on rather entertaining shows a week after week on the other hand Bischoff Smackdown was changing brands to Fox soon yeah there were very few positive signs anyway the show was being put on then came rumors of Eric simply sitting backstage in the cafeteria and hardly being involved in the creative process after

Vince McMahon rewrote an entire script for Smackdown news came out claiming Bischoff stepped down from his position parting ways with a company yet again he talked about the experience recently saying he was enjoying time with his family and was working on his podcast with Conrad Thompson as well as a project with Netflix in February where he would be working with Hulk Hogan Bruce Prichard replaced Bischoff in his old position Bischoff talked about the talent that he would have enjoyed working with the WWE he said that he had not readed an X T but enjoyed working with gable and would have loved to work with Randy Orton and Sheamus I wasn't really reading the NXT roster too closely there were certain talents like Chad gable I really dug him as a person and professional I loved Randy Orton's work I didn't get a chance to work with him but I really admire his work he's flawless as a performer and I would have liked to work with him there were others I was hoping to get a chance to work with that I didn't Sheamus was another character that

I would have liked to have gotten my hands on there's a lot of great talent there Eric Bischoff also criticized the way WWE worked with its legends and kept bringing them back saying the company was technically insuring that legendary Superstars coming back was no longer special and touched on the limited capacity in which the legends were involved for the crowd it was not entertaining to see legends come to the ring week after week and wave hands at them he explained that keeping appearances few and far between meant they would be special Smackdown saw Roman reigns face Robert Roode in an incredible match we're both men puttin all their effort and for the first time in weeks it appeared Roode was doing more than filling up a spot on the roster although route at help is Dolph Ziggler and King Corbin were president ringside they failed to ensure roots victory as reigns was able to defeat Roode and take out the other two at ringside when Roode attacked him after attempting to bash his head with a scepter wall placed on a steel chair and insulting his kids

Roman had enough he hit root with a spear then put him through the barrier he was not done as he threw chairs of the commentators onto the prone Brutus and he sent Ziggler into the crowd with the help of a shot by the steps after that he overturned the entire commentary table on him what we can see is that reigns is far from done with Roode's who was carted out that night reigns wasn't even done in this moment attacking Roode on the stretcher tipping it over indicating these big dog had enough Bray Wyatt had a surprise for the WWE Universe while at first it appeared it was a disappointing title it turned out to be something else he pulled Daniel Bryan under the ring after Bryan accepted he was not done with Wyatt and wanted to challenge him reigniting the yes movement went under the ring Wyatt was tearing off Daniels hair from his face this will lead to Bryan's new look and on Smackdown next week we may see what Bray has done to the face of Daniel Bryan live Morgan as the surprise for the Firefly funhouse never happened which left fans disappointed Morgan was even trending on

Twitter during Smackdown Jordan posted a picture of her name training with ecaptions but I can hear you on a journey there were a few returns on Smackdown as Elias came back in a backstage segment Alexa bliss showed up to help Nicky cross deal with Mandi Rosen Sonya Deville and finally Sheamus returned for a backstage promo as he might not team with Cesaro heading forward who seems to be in a team with Sami Zayn ancient skin Nakamura instead the Celtic Warrior will be going on his own any big way since this could be Sheamus his last run for the company he might be in for a good run one person everyone is happy with backstages jerry lawler the king's presence on the commentary table was supposed to be temporary he was going to be the legend who introduced do Maddon and vic joseph to live commentary on Raw and when they settled in he would no longer be needed while this was meant to be a commentary duo the trio is working well jerry has gelled with madden and joseph and everyone backstage is pleased it is not known if he'll be replaced or who will take his place but for now there doesn't seem to be any changes meanwhile jerry revealed to re signing a contract with

WWE for another two years back in January Lance Storm has now closed his wrestling school DeStorm Wrestling Academy and will be heading to work for WWE once again thrown to CM Punk with a fight it would be good right be exciting what Cain talked to TMZ recently where he said that he did not know if a match between CM Punk and Seth Rollins would take place but if it did he was looking forward to it also he lies heartedly suggested he could very well be the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame one superstar behind the scenes who was not happy with the way things went down at Smackdown was Carmela's she was unhappy with the way Lacey Evans delivered her promo someone give me a damn microphone please these chicks are embarrassing she went on to answer a fan saying she wanted to get into the ring but WWE officials did not allow her to go on Smackdown unfortunately they won't let me so yeah I'm reading in my hotel room seething it does not appear this is a part of aw to be.we angle as it seems carmella could be frustrated with the company she just woke up cuz the time change like she's a stoned and my husband fixes the phone on like the article and she goes he told her the big news and

I was like can you believe it she looked at mccarran goes mommy you're gonna change everything while the news coming out of Saudi Arabia was far from positive with these superstars flights delayed amidst rumors they had been taken hostage it appears superstars had some happy calls to make as well to BW he revealed the footage from LaCie Evans phone call with her daughter her daughter told her that she was going to change everything and that was something that really motivated Evans as her daughter then fell back asleep Kevin Owens appearance at takeover wargames surprised everyone Owens revealed he had always been in contact with Triple H letting him know that if ever needed he was more than able to perform for NXT when he heard that Johnny garganta was injured he led Triple H no as usual he was available and this time he was needed well so the first thing I mean it's been a constant throughout the last few years where anytime I hear of anybody at NXT getting injured or for some reason not being able to make a show whether it's a storyline or not I always send Tripp Boyd's the same text which is hey if you need somebody

I'm here hahahahaha and you know we always have that kind of little insider jokes so the same thing happened when I heard garganta was off takeover I immediately texted him saying I hear Johnny's out I'm available and then this time the answer was well that's actually a possibility I'm looking into it I was like all right and then he called me in the middle of my Europe tour a couple of weeks ago and let me know that it was gonna happen I guess I was sitting on it for about a week and a half we didn't tell anybody I'm astonished it didn't get out especially because that day we didn't take any precautions to try to keep it secret I was just walking around with the guys and I was just there like I was just another NXT guys so the fact that it didn't somehow week that I was gonna be in the match was a nice surprise and this was your wrestling news update for the 30th of November I hope you're all having a great day thank you so much for reading wrestling up and I will see you later in the next article.



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