Matt Barrie Ohio State 42, Michigan 27 | (debate)

Matt Barrie Ohio State 42, Michigan 27  (debate) How many times Ohio State beat Michigan What channel is Ohio State vs Michigan game on What time does Michigan play Ohio State What's the score of the Ohio State Michigan game

Matt Barrie Ohio State 42, Michigan 27 |  (debate)

Clemson is under the radar 12 uh no they finished the season 38 3 beatdown and their rivalry yes Joey what would you like this nothing no no I'm not gonna say it not a plate please please no will you say people need to stop talking about Clemson as under the radar not everybody has been saying Clemson's on the radar so you I didn't and this is why the race to see who finishes number one is so important right now it's football play up because whoever gets number two whether it's LSU or Ohio State that's the team that's going to get Clemson most likely and the semi-final yeah well look at their ad about Clemson on it's strange alright let's go to the game now hi Oh State Michigan this one Ohio State comes in winning seven in a row big house was packed first quarter second into no score first driving to gamble Harbaugh dialing up the trickeration yeah there's a personal foul penalty earlier in the drive that helped out Michigan's field position and the nice play call by

Josh got is taking advantage of the fast flow be fun miss the extra point six method Michigan M&J; came down and the Buckeyes come right down the field and notice a theme Michigan has six guys in the box and this Jake eight Dobbs when the best running backs in the country until six men in the bus he has time to fold a ball pick up and keep running finish the drive of the five yard touchdown Ohio State grabs a lead seven six later justin fields good touch attack or so Lobby a lot of man-to-man last year in this matchup from Don Brown this time a little bit more zone but there's a coverage bus the safety doesn't get deep enough in that cost of 14 to 6 and guys early on shaped Patterson played well here tonight up in people's Joe now I'm really impressed with say Paterson not just this game but the past three games he thrown the ball well but again the story Dobbin six yards for the touchdown Buckeyes up 36 carries last week against Penn State already 25 carries in this one he's been the workhorse right so Michigan in the red zone looking to get this to a one-point game in Paterson fumbles Ohio State recovers and takes over in suing

Ohio State Drive fourth and four on three can't do that you can do that in these games especially when you're going against the best team and into our country you have a chance to make some plays you can not give them the ball so what do you think they do make them pay fields to Garrett Wilson great catch 47 years yeah nice job getting behind the defense with good speed maybe a little bit of a push off refs didn't call the refs have been Linda yesterday asking how good physical between the receivers and the defensive backs next play Dobbins we're taking it from five yards out now second most rushing yards at Ohio State history and this is about as easy as it gets KJ Hill on the hook comes back wide open man-to-man coverage nice delivery from Justin fields later in the third Fields to Austin Mac but hit the scary moment Fields is down on the play his plant leg would get hit by a Michigan defender and buckle he went to the 10th for a couple of plays comes back out mercenaire easy thing this is the first play and we're all reading and I'm thinking oh this is gonna be a run play for sure no he's able to avoid the rush what scramble to his left and throw back across his body for the touchdown to

Wilson it is worth pointed out he came back in with a big knee brace on that need Michigan trying to get back in in his son Haskins a 2 yard touchdown to cut the lead down fourth down now Haskins direct snap and the Buckeyes stop they need to do anything they can in Ohio State now has great field position really talented defense a lot for Ohio State kaesong hasn't done much in this game but defensively they've made some plays up front so about 42 to 27 Ohio State with the ball again because the turnover on downs Buckeyes an opportunity to add to their lead 42 7 fourth quarter Ohio State up over Michigan this is one of those games we were keeping an eye on it we're saying hey J Patterson's plays a pretty good football we blink and then it's on there Ohio State Route one of the Buckeyes doing so effectively this afternoon number one they're running the ball JK Dobbins but in their games against ranked opponents 8k dogs there's always over 150 yards so you know that's gonna happen it's interesting to me to read this Michigan defense play with six guys in the box and I understand there's a lot of playmakers outside of lava and

KJ Hill so you have to worry about the back end when you're playing Ohio State and a physical football game you got worried about the front end parents they've been light up front and they've run the ball to me I think Ohio State's showing why they're the number one team in the country and they are a complete team we talk about that all the time but there's such a small margin for error when you're playing against them right we're reading this game early and Michigan offensively is rolling Patterson's playing well Josh Gattis is calling a great game they rack up 285 yards and the game's closed and all of a sudden the fumble by Shay Patterson you don't convert on third down Ohio State offensively scored touchdowns on six of their first seven drives you mentioned you blank it's 42 to 16 now Michigan's kind of scrapped and clawed their way back in interesting thing in this game chase young doesn't have a tackle yet how about that well that hasn't even really been a factor but that's how dominant and complete of a team Ohio State right they take away the best player in the field they're still shut down at

Michigan offense in the second half we do have another touchdown to show you here Justin fields is gonna find Austin Mac this came after they stopped to Michigan on fourth down there's man-to-man coverage has been a problem for Michigan in past years against Ohio State just so many weapons outside an appeal to spreading the ball out all right so now 4927 Buckeyes over Michigan Georgia and Georgia Tech this had a story within the game we'll show you that in a minute first Jake from batata Simmons 25 yards first her best receiver Lawrence Kaiser he's missing this game with an injury so Simmons would have to step up and make some Simmons stepped up Brian Arian punches it in tending up to Georgia easy work there later in the first from this time to Charley Warner 20 yard TD he mention Kaiser being out they have to find guys to make plays nine different guys have caught passes in this game for George yeah Jake from is just started spreading out the ball to all of those guys here again to Simmons for 74 straight game by the way Jake from has not completed 50% of his passes all right we showed you Justin fields injured in their game here

DeAndre swift was injured on the play he would remain sidelined for the remainder of the game with a left shoulder injury later in the third from the Pickens 41 yard touch to hit for almost 14 29 in this game 254 yards but swift going down is huge for George because they love to run the ball by the way that's not the last we'll hear from Pickens more on him and him edit here Dominic Blaylock 90s so they're gonna need some young guys like this true freshman Blaylock he's gonna have to start making place what's going on here here's where Pickens gets in a fight with swilling from Georgia Tech Pickens was ejected now this carries at least a first-half suspension for the SEC Championship and we say at least because further punishment could be handed down well if listen to know cager won't play in there I am and how Swift might not play in that game so you know what our Georgia's chance ain't eating Alison rivalries you could lose your cool when we saw it there what about Indiana for new pay tram did a wot failure Indiana Purdue is gonna be a close game every everyday we read

Purdue play and it is closer you notice we was going down to the oaken bucket Sampson James three yard touchdown Indiana leads 21 10 and then third quarter third and eight same score what can you say about Ramsey did he's been fantastic with Michael Penix jr. the starting quarterback gets hurt earlier and there Ramsey steps in he's been outstanding and fill your spin his go-to guy how about Indiana they get their eighth win first time since 1995 five minutes left in the game don't want to call that final yet 23a but I do like your optimism this one is final northwestern Illinois and you Marty intercepts at Stanley green about Northwestern getting their first Big Ten win of the season that was overturned because of a personal foul you know all kinds like North West's gonna tell ya you know they're gonna put points on the board you can't give them extra possessions 23:10 northwestern just over a minute to play Kolko Azima 24 yards without all the injuries they have especially a quarterback guys they're playing with their fourth the screen quarterback and this one great job by Pat

Fitzgerald in his football team continuing the fight first conference win of the year vo Bobcats they finished season three and nine after the win bad loss for lovey at Illinois Kentucky and Louisville and both junior 60 order for the TD this is gonna be the Lynn Bowden junior highlight reel he was 1 for two throwing the ball for four yards I will tell you this though give Kentucky coaching credit because they adjusted to the strength of this play he was a receiver and then because of injuries had to start playing quarterback and now as a result this offense 517 rushing yards in this game it makes you wonder if you know the guy is not gonna throw a can't throw just try to stop the boat just had to earn 2284 yards 22 carries four touchdowns man see now you just stepped all over my phone sorry book huge day for Lynn Bowden Judy we give up you guys do that you know give me the helmet sticker do give me stats in the first highlight when there's three highlights left by the way you gotta sis had 284 himself the most everybody quarterback in an SEC game in the second most in school with history for EM if I had that my way good that's pretty good there thank you never wake sports in Syracuse

Turkey's down three nothing Clayton Welch to Tristan Jack Layton Walsh at now and for quarterback for Syracuse.



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