NBA GameTime | Stan Van Gundy | Pacers vs 76ers | Will Joel Embiid MVP tonight? (pregame analysis)

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NBA GameTime | Stan Van Gundy | Pacers vs 76ers | Will Joel Embiid MVP tonight? (pregame analysis)

Points the math of the Sixers some changes right so how was it all gonna work unfortunately also math we talked about earlier this afternoon only nine games where we've seen the starters we know this first starters and beed a difference maker when he's on the floor when he's not on the floor these are two totally different teams and when you look at what he's been able to do offensively I know you like him in the paint stand but what are you seeing right now from the Sixers there well look they're better at both ends of the floor with them I love it offensively when they go through him in the post that's proven to be successful and you know Wes was talking about it earlier they're just a better defensive team when he's on the floor and here we see it right here the team total 917 minutes together 448 minutes with em beat on the floor their defensive rating is ninety three point three to put that in perspective the best defensive team in the NBA right now is the

Denver Nuggets we just saw at just about a hundred and two points allowed per 100 possessions this is an elite level defense with them beat on the floor and when he's off the floor you see the defense is not the same at a hundred and seven point three points per 100 possessions that's what's gonna make this Philly team great and a contender down the stretch is their defense the offense has to improve but they can be an elite defensive team as the great Warner wolf back east would say Europe good let's go to the videotape Stan what do you got well here we are offensively playing through the pose now the heat at this point we're supposed to be doubling on the dribble but he faces up and beats Meyers Leonard baseline for that dump here's something they do a great job of if most guys coming off that screen as West knows will run off the lane and just get the catch he does a great job of sealing up and then when the heat doubled last weekend he's able to make the pass out they've got great spacing Al Horford swings the ball Josh Richardson has been shooting the three really well they will miss him tonight and he kicks it out and again in bead here this time draw each doesn't get over quickly enough on the rotation on the pass out of the double to bias

Harris is able to attack the rim but playing through him bead in the post sets up all of that about the building of a team it looked this is what we do right you're playing all the way well when they get to the playoffs or how could they look when you get towards the deadline in missing a shooter right I mean josh has shot the ball real well won't play tonight he's been banged up but that guy who wouldn't you're sitting there on embiid tight you want to worry about right and they don't have that it does yeah well it's interesting a lot of those clips we see guys slashing their two best perimeter shooters you could argue maybe Tobias Harris is in that mix but their two best perimeter shooters are really embiid and Al Horford maybe Tobias if you really want to argue it but that's what this team is missing and when you look to next year their five starters a hundred and thirty million dollars on a hundred and sixteen million dollar salary cap and they have to think about the future when you start thinking about adding to this team because shooting no doubt that is one of their weaknesses offensive I wonder if I Milwaukee who's brought Ilya Silva back three times maybe reddit can be there Elia Silva grips phone might start ringing because you could look at you they miss him big time didn't they really do

I mean Josh Richardson's the only starter shooting over 33% from three only one guy you know and when you go to that bench who Korkmaz Mike Scott now some of these guys are capable of shooting it better Tobias Harris at 29% Horford's down in the low 30s those guys are capable of getting better that's what's gonna have to happen because I don't know like West said if they're gonna be able to make many moves on the outside they're gonna need internal improvement we talked about the with or without you with or the wisdom who is with if you will in Philly terms who's in who's out mentioned Richardson with the hamstring camreta she's done actually a pretty nice job questionable tonight for the Hawks Yanis probable ie blood same George Hill big night for him last night and no clint capela ella ella for the Rockets against the Hawks this evening we are just getting started progress three to go but when can we go back to watching live footage there Oladipo say it ain't so you got pacer fans reading this over and over again they are waiting the late Tom Petty said the waiting is the hardest part not as hard though when you see how balanced the scoring has been one of the many things will discuss Scot Agnes the athletic kind enough to join us and as somebody just referenced that somebody

I believe being Stan we're all looking green and festive and guess what everything seems good for the Pacers now but let's not get crazy they miss Oladipo so give me a sense got on the timetable and where we are in terms of his progression yes you're good to be on with you and of course they miss him but right now they've just got it done by committee but in terms of where he's at they have not provided an updated timeline at this point still going off of what Kevin Prichard the Pacers president provided in the summer december-january timeline you see him right there he's joining the Mad Ants while the Pacers are away and this is purely because he needs to get practice timing so he's making the two-hour commute north to Fort Wayne to practice with Steve Gaines ease Fort Wayne Mad Ants along with Edmond Sumner for about three days this week because the Pacers this is the trouble with the schedule front right now Nate McMillan was talking about it today is the fact that they just don't get any practice time and when he does practice with the team he's doing it without restriction he can now progress into full court he can take context so he's really not doing there's no restrictions at this point

Plus on top of that this guy works relentlessly so he's working with his own physical therapist on a daily basis but it's still probably gonna be at least several more weeks until we see him the Pacers are not expecting him back any time soon Scott what changes when he comes back in terms of lineup who moves out of the starting lineup who falls out of the rotation where do you see that going guess a coach one of the biggest issues Nate's having right now is is shortening and tightening up that rotation he really likes to keep it about 9 maybe stretch at nine and a half but once Victor does return you're gonna see him probably go right back into this starting lineup and geremy Lanvin would to the bench Pacers have had a lot of success I would say this season though when they've gone small so that also provides them with some options they also have the bigs with go kaput hace the rookie Tomas who's having a career year and then the Myles providing the defense that he does the rim protection that he does so much I think you'd really have to make a call about a guy like TJ McConnell though he's played very well maybe it's Aaron Holliday and already we've really seen TJ leaf for the most part kind of fall his way out of the rotation at that four and Scott you talk about the depth it's interesting before the Sabonis extension there was

Myles Turner trade conversation and now we hear about Aaron Holliday and potential trades so do you think that this could be a potential trade team in the market Kevin's gonna do his due diligence in all this of course but I think they're very much gonna play with what they have at this point especially when you consider for instance TJ McConnell is just under contract for one more year I know they are very high still on Aaron holiday he's a guy that's just in his second season and he does not lack any confidence that's for sure he just needs those reps those opportunities and I think he's really flourished more so in these last couple of weeks he was a huge asset when they went into Brooklyn and won and what seems like about a week ago at this point so I don't see them making any moves right now I see them trying to grow together this is a very new group nine new players from last season plus you gotta add Victor back into the mix when that time does come he's got one more on my end

I got a asking about Malcolm Brogdon I'm sure it didn't take you long to really experience this yourself he's such a different guy in terms of not only on the floor what he can do the way he carries himself off of it the leadership skills that are innate with him what kind of a difference maker has he been in both places both on and off the floor already yeah great point so on the court the thing the Pacers have really been getting from him as his usage rate is way up almost 25 percent over last year he's assisting on so many other buckets really leading the charge and that's something that they've needed with Victor being out as a guy that can really get his own and create shots for others so I give him a lot of credit there then away from the court a little bit too is he's a vocal guy he's really taken on the leadership role because this team really does not have many leaders and that's a challenge too when you have so many newcomers right who takes charge but Malcolm in his first month being with this team was Vout voted a team captain by his peers along with Victor and Myles Turner as the other two and Dan Burke longtime well-respected assistant coach for the Pacers was talking in training camp how after Reggie Miller Malcolm Brogdon already has become the team's best leader in franchise history to that point so that is telling to me strong statement should be a good one tonight Scott thanks so much and

I will continue to coordinate with you on our entire holiday spirit right thanks for having got AG this good stuff from him from the athletic and let me I want to get to some other things but let's just start with it for you guys as coaches and guys who have been in the front office from an architecture standpoint the intelligence the leadership all those extra intangibles Brogdon brings do we talk enough about what that is that's pretty strong statement there from the assistant coach no I mean Stan you've coached forever but at my experience working you know to build basketball teams is every good play a really really good player and really good team typically is made of competitors who want to win who are really smart and then of course really skilled and then you want size length athleticism but those fundamentals of intelligence competitive competitiveness work work rate that's Malcolm Brogdon yeah and look intelligence is something we don't talk enough about in this league and I've said particularly with perimeter players in this league I've never been around a good one in 20 years who wasn't really smart basketball wise

I'd been you know there's guys on a roster maybe but the good players in this league are all really really smart it and it's the guy who really from a role standpoint we see willing to do whatever a member came in off the injury very few minutes last year fit kind of right in with Milwaukee will see if they miss him as the season goes on Sabonis who was mentioned there too by Scott we were talking about this I mean really last year one of the most improved players in the league obviously Darren Fox caryl there were some others but he just continues to show almost like the ceiling doesn't exist right Wes no it doesn't and I remember reading this player in Spain when he was 16 years old playing with the men's club and he still breaks my heart because we guaranteed him in the 2016 draft he went 11 we had 12 so I've been a huge fan of this guy he continues to improve and you know people questioned him as a shooter at Gonzaga because we didn't get to see it a lot but he has proven that he can stretch this thing out and truly be a modern big in this game well yeah and they play through him a lot I think he's at his best when he's up in that elbow area high post going to handoffs playing in that two-man game you know we've already seen the combination of he and Brogdon I think he was great with Oladipo last year

I mean he's a guy you can play through and that's a big thing a lot of fun combinations for Nate to work with who by the way we didn't talk about him here but he's done such a fantastic job Ben Simmons we now know and here's the map for us one more three-pointer than the three of us have combined so does demar derozan they're tied for that while.



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