NFL Mock Draft Version 3 | 2020 PFF

NFL Mock Draft Version 3 | 2020 PFF Who has the most picks in the 2020 NFL draft? Where is the NFL draft in 2021? Where is the 2020 NFL draft? pro football focus rankings 2018 2020 nfl mock draft pff defense rankings pro football focus jobs pro football focus rankings 2019 pro football focus college pro football focus stats pff comn

NFL Mock Draft Version 3 | 2020 PFF

How's our friend nature plane coming super Chris any advice with western and southern preparing for your financial future can be easier than you think favorite receiver huh to get started visit western southern calm welcome into PFF HQ Austin Gayle here with Lee draft analyst Mike Renner we're diving into the latest twenty20 NFL mock draft it's mock draft season people know who you know which teams are going the playoffs Connie you know it's it's where we're at in the season right now people want to know who are they drafting come April so let's go ahead and write dive right into it even with the win over the New York Jets cincinnati bengals they're at number one they take Joe borough of LSU yeah this one is not changing anytime soon Bengals are gonna be at number one it's they're gonna have a number one overall pick it's not gonna be the Giants or the Redskins if it is the bengals they're going Joe borough at number one he has been that good over the course of the year his percent is accuracy percentage on throws past the line of scrimmage is over ten percentage points better than the next closest quarterback in college football this that is absurd accuracy he is playing at another level he is the easy number one overall pick makes no sense former mr.

Ohio coach's son I see the Cincinnati Bengals following a level two of the Giants at number two they bring in chase young of Ohio State this is a no brainer the best non quarterback in the class I was able to draft whereas it is now one and two should be no brainer it's chase young like you said that that's not a quarterback in this class going to break the PFF record for single-season pass rushing grade size speed athleticism hands everything you want out of the addresses he is a surefire sort of perennial Pro Bowl type of player in our eyes very high floor player has all the production size all that stuff let's go the Washington Redskins Andrew Thomas the office of tackle of Georgia a very athletic smooth moving off it's a tackle they come in four plays Trent Williams yeah I wasn't saying so they have Dwayne Haskins there they're pretty much he is their guy moving forward so no QB for them but you got to get up some protection we've seen the guys the quarterbacks who have been good right out the gate as rookies second-year players they all have good offensive lines for the most part in recent memory Andrew Thomas needs to fill in that left acquisition left they could buy Trent Williams brand chefs going to be afraid so the ton of help needed along that offensive line

Thomas what he's doing as a true junior highest creative power five draft eligible tackle in the country right now he's been dominant Darius guys look pretty good in week 13 I think they have something in Terry McLaren add a piece their offense we build around Dwayne Haskins I'm a big fan number four Justin Herbert Oregon quarterback goes to the Miami Dolphins a guy that has probably the best farm talent in the class struggles maybe in the big game situations but again a very good thrower of the football that's the thing so this is not necessarily what we would do this is we're projecting what will actually happen in Justin Herbert with that arm talent it just doesn't go outside the top five if you're there the Dolphins you don't need a guy who necessarily is going to do it for you right away you need a guy who can mold he has all the tools available at his disposal to be a moldable sort of piece at quarterback position to develop for the long term in this you know long-term rebuild that the dolphins are in the mid stuff had that awful game a couple weeks back against Arizona State we'll see how he does in that in pac-12 title game against Utah huge test for him but if he answers the bell on that one

I think you can pretty much pencil in the end of the top five with how much of a cannon he has he's accurate too it's not just that he has a strong arm he's very active with the football it's the decision-making that we still question that game against Utah is a huge opportunity for him to kind of hear his statuses top five pick I'm looking forward to that let's go to number five here they bring in Jeffrey Okuda yeah Ohio State cornerback former five-star great length great size and the production what he's doing with the ball I mean at the catch point is pretty incredible yeah he's allowing a passer rating lower than simply spiking the ball in the dirt every single play this season three picks on the year didn't have one coming in but he's shown those ball skills that I think have pushed him off into that sort of top-5 conversation length athleticism very much like chase young in terms if he takes every box you want to at the cornerback position it's just how high can you push his ceiling I think it's pretty damn high ceiling for a coup yeah that's a great pick for the Falcons Detroit at number six they bring in a JEP Annessa the Iowa edged defender a big big framed guy that has great pass rush production of late I really do think this guy translates instantly to the NFL as I say this guy has a pass rushing win right over 20% for his career now 20% is higher than guys like Montez sweat

Cleland Farrell first round from last year head in their final season of college football that's career numbers for evanescence so incredibly productive all three years at Iowa and fits as long as Matt Patricia's still there he going to be coveted in that scheme in terms of versatility can go off the edge kick inside play the run and pass that's what they look for in that you know New England skiing that he brought over he is a perfect fit for them Trey flowers and am Vanessa very similar that is a very good defensive line let's go to the Arizona Cardinals they bring and Tristan works fella I fell OH Iowa teammate another athletic office to tackle underclassmen still very young getting better I think this is a huge pick for Kyla marine company yeah I say the athleticism going to play well they're in the scheme out in Arizona I do think he can play either tackle or guard probably kick stay him at tackle there against with Arizona with Kyler Murray there because he can hold up extremely well to the bulrush basically doesn't get bulrush at all and with Kyler Murray a lot of teams just choose to bulrush their ends play contain and if that's the case you're not gonna move him an inch he's gonna be he's gonna make give a huge pocket for calimary to step up into so I think it's a perfect fit for that Cardinal scheme makes it so no Jacksonville number eight

Gerry Cooney the wide receiver of Alabama yes he struggled with drops you'd like to see those go away but again one of the better separators in the class very good after the catch I mean this guy is the wide receiver one right now as they struggle with drops but this year he's seven drops in 78 catch ball that's still below 10% 10% is pretty much the threshold we look at if you're above that we can get concerning but it's still not super concerning for him on the year as dynamic a playmaker as there exists in college football with the ball in his hands probably the best route runner in college football right up there with maybe CD lamb just another offensive weapon there that they could use in Jacksonville someone to get open for Nick Foles or Gardner Minshew whoever's line moving to number nine I think it's gonna be Gardner Minshew by the way Bowles just got bench bring the mustache back number nine Alex Leatherwood the offensive lineman of Alabama they go to New York yeah you read them this past weekend at Carlos Dunlap tore up that Jets offensive line they need help at tackle they do have to mow yoga they're you know developing as a rookie

Kelvin beat him on the other side so maybe he starts in that guard owner in his career but leather would love his athleticism love his length love that basically scheme diverse can do whatever you ask him to do and a lot of his losses this year have not been won on once they've been more picking up stunts twists not picking up Blitzers which we're not going to worry too much about that those one-on-one past reps that we care about whether woods dense good as they were in the country in those this is a very good offensive line class three guys in the top ten I know there's another Alabama guy coming up let's go to number ten here Jedrek wills junior hump alabama he's the run blocking powerful tackle he goes to los angeles charges who desperately need off its attack will help this is a great fit I wouldn't say our Jers taking right tack some Alabama didn't work too well in the past with DJ Fluker but this is a different type of player than DJ fluke or Fluker was a hulking you know run blocking a type of tackle that's not what you want in today's NFL there's a reason why he kicked inside the guard wills on the opposite of the spectrum he is a freak athletically he's gonna blow out the combines similar to my put up

Lane Johnson that's type numbers there with how explosive he is and that translates in the run game but also in pass protection where he gets depth about as well as anyone in this class so some issues to clear up there but the talent is there only a true junior at this point his ceiling he could push as high as probably anyone in this tackle class it is a very very except for up now offensive tackles in that top ten I would be very surprised if we didn't see a run on offensive tackles because it's not super deep but there's four or five guys at the top of this class very quality so expect them to go off early and there are ton teams NFL that need an apple there are so many teams that need a guy like judge boils or Alex Leatherwood number eleven Derrick brown a guy that's kind of been popping up on the you know the Twitter timeline at toll and he makes a ton of splash plays a very big dude who's making places as they were one defender and as a pastor you know he's not the most disruptive you know interior player that we've ever seen but he probably loses less than any interior play we ever see he just if it's a one-on-one interaction he is going to control it he is just a big-ass dude big powerful not necessarily your quintessential three technique he's not going to be Aaron Donnell not gonna be Fletcher Cox he's not that level athletically but he is he's more of a Linville Josip type of mould where he's just gonna push the pocket he's going to you know control multiple gaps in the run game and that is still a very effective defensive tackle to have obviously the

Denver Broncos they lose Derek Wolfe this offseason he's set to become a free agent don't have a ton there on that interior could add someone to start help help that run defense help that pass rush let's go to number 12 crazy at the Eagles are picking at 12 9 s season not gone well for them but they bring in a guy they desperately need Christian full of LSU a great man corner for them they need corner back help like they need air to breathe Christian Bolton that 12 makes its own a sense I was gonna say if you had to come out last year and they would have picked him they might not be having as bad a season as they are now but their cornerback group arguably the worst in the NFL right now with how they've performed basically cannot hold up in man coverage Christian Fulton out graded teammate gris-gris Williams last year highest grade cornerback in Sec play this year dude's been getting the job done for multiple seasons now feel really comfortable about him being a top 15 type pick don't overthink it yes you've invested in the secondary but go get a guy that's actually good I think Christian Fulton is exactly that number 13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers to bring in another cornerback Trayvon Diggs a very good cornerback for Alabama good size good length brother Oh Stefon Diggs have some ball skills there I like Trayvon yeah there are very similar boats here the Eagles and the Bucs where they've invested a lot quarterback they've drafted a lot of guys have not hit on a lot of guys and until you have until you hit on guys at cornerback position you better keep drafting them because it's a valuable valuable puth position there

Jamel Dean has looked good over the past few weeks here they could add another big cornerback in Trayvon Diggs play press man Diggs though not just to press me at corner yes he has that ridiculous length I love his instincts and zone coverage people forget about the pick he had on Joe Burrell cuz it got you know it got waved off by a penalty but that was a legit field play in zone coverage that he made on the football has done that routinely this year at Alabama has the length to break up a ton of passes he's gonna be a PBU machine in the NFL definitely like that number 14 let's go Carolina Panthers they bring in Javon Kinlaw the skies every time that bicep Kinlaw it disrupt her at the defensive line a very good interior defender goes Carolina oh he's thick and he's not just a he's not just a gap holder he is explosive as well they need someone else on the interior they've been looking for it for years now to go next to Coe on short and create disruption they was the guys name a few years back they drafted in the first round his name is now escaping me Vernon Butler yeah he didn't he didn't pan out signed on Terry Poe hasn't panned out super well signed Gerald McCoy hasn't panned out exactly so get a guy in the first round there that can attack the passer that Javon Kinlaw all the potential in the world with how athletic he is how long he is so unproductive highest Russian grade of any returning defensive tackle in the country coming into this year and now he has a 90 plus past

Russian grade this year incredible production with a size feel good about him a freak athletically and the dude is huge let's go to the Browse number 15 iseya simmons the kind of linebacker safety hybrid for clemson he can do it all but what he can do the best is play in the NFL and play coverage you know like that's what you need it that position yeah say you couldn't basically do anything you want with him you want him cover slot he could probably do that you want to play safety he can do that linebacker though seemingly probably his best position that were like dying save nickel dime safety type of role for him but like you said freak athletically ridiculous length can cover so much ground and just shut down passing windows over the middle of the field linebacker position there for the Browns Joe Schobert going to be a free agent no sort of sure thing that they resigned him could be a difference maker and even if they do resign show over to difference makers there in the middle would be big for a very athletic group Schobert and Isaiah Simmons that's a great one right there Oakland Raiders at number 16 they bring in Oklahoma receiver CD Lamb a finalist for the blitek off award he's battled injuries a little bit this year but he still looks fantastic one yards after the catch perception that's that average this year he has been great with and without the ball in his hands yeah that go back to that play against Kansas State he tried to put the team on his back Pat took that Street to the house there to almost bring them all the way back he is absurdly good before the catch as a route runner absolutely good after the catch like you mentioned that average and 18 broken tackles on 50 catches this season leads all draft eligible receivers in yards per out there's not a lot that he can't do ad honestly

I put him at 16 here the Raiders I kind of be surprised if he ends up dropping that far when it comes draft time because he is a special player in our eyes he could fly into the top ten and jerry judy see the lamp both of those guys have potential through wide receiver wands in the NFL let's go 17 LaVista Chennault another great receiver when we had an opportunity to interview on the 2 for 1 draft podcast a very good dude versatile player wants to be this versatile gadget player in the NFL he can do everything and everything pretty well doesn't say they try they try to get that sort of gadget player with Parrish Campbell last year I don't think he is necessarily that guy he is not on chinoe level by any of our grading by any of our charting many of our broke a tackle numbers that sort of thing Chennault is a different sort of dude 30 broken tackles last year 15 so far this season has dealing with injuries so they've moved him out wide more but if you go back to that tape last year when they just got the ball in his hands he made plays consistently and I think that's who he's going to be at the NFL level someone where know maybe is not he's not gonna be seeded lamb on the outside in terms of drought learning ability but he has enough speed to beat you deep has great ball skills that the catch point and if you just get the ball in his hands good things happen battling injuries is an understatement to offseason surgeries toe labrum abdominal and knee injuries that he's suffering this year I think that he's gonna be a different player when fully healthy in the

NFL Oakland Raiders back again number 18 they bring in Marvin Wilson what are the better interior pass rushers in this class a mountain of a dude and still very young and getting better yeah what I love about two things I love about Wilson one is that he can he can pass rush from the no second position he could stuff the run you can hold his gaps he's big enough obviously if you just look at that picture there he's definitely big enough to hold up that nose in the NFL but then also push the pocket and rush there so they got Maurice Hurst he's a difference maker around the interior no one else really though on that interior that's doing much from a past Russian perspective Wilson could be that guy for them and then like you met recently a junior and he had a good past Russian grade a sophomore now one of the best passers and grades in the country as a junior has the hand injury as you know I was out for the years missed the past few weeks here for Florida State but early on the season we saw him at his best and it was damn near unblockable Jon Gruden says it's hard to find a good pass rusher you need to keep throwing capital at the defensive line until you find a good one I think the max Crosby building up a little bit add Marvin Wilson to the mix that'll be nice number 19 your turf grows matzos no defensive lineman for Penn State a versatile player you like his length you like his size I think a high ceiling for this kid in the NFL I was gonna say he seems like he's still scratching the surface has some really high-end reps against good tackles where you know

I opening you see the athleticism is a very long Strider long-limbed but then the consistency is just not quite there but projects well is it both the run defender and a pass rusher at the next level like I said he's still a guy who we've seen him get better every single year of his career to be only a true junior producing in the big 10 the way he has is encouraging so I think he ends up going in the first round shitty declare he is it just athletically has a lot that you like to see projecting to the NFL at the edges I think teams are gonna fall in love with them as a project someone they can see getting better at the next level with good coaching Jacksonville Jaguars at 20 they bring in grant Delpit a guy that we've always Bell that is great in coverage has an oldest range in the world but has struggled with missed tackles however not enough to drag him out of the first round a Jaguar safety position has been ugly at times so far this year starting undrafted free agents here late in the season Grant Delpit has the missed tackle issues but he's also battled injuries this year that have led to a lot of those missed tackles when healthy though you see the range you see a dynamic coverage ability instincts that you just can't teach at the safety position and size at about 6 3 could be a potential guy to be you know in that drill and James box role where you're doing just a lot or all around the line of scrimmage and adding to that coverage so I do think is so weird of a missing piece in that Jaguars defense still 21

Dallas Cowboys they bring in Julian a Kawara the edge defender of Notre Dame guy just had a lot of success at Notre Dame a good pass rusher great one at back in the first round yeah another guy who the season was cut short a little bit due to injury but a 90 plus past Russian grade this year as a senior not even 250 pounds but he is as explosive and as athletic as any edge rusher in the country he's probably gonna test out like a like a wide receiver at the combine in terms of how he moves athletically and still at under 250 pounds what I love is that he bullrushes with the best of them he threat he has a fantastic long arm knows how to use his length and explosiveness to turn speed to power I think that's gonna translate well to the NFL and sort of fits the mold that the Cowboys like in terms of penetrators guys who can get up the field 22 Miami Dolphins they bring in Josh Jones group of five offensive tackles super athletic has created very well for us over the past few years and this year especially he's got a senior bowl invite as well I think this kid going in the first round this is a guy I see his stock shooting through the roof at Senior Bowl similar to someone like Titus Howard last year who wasn't really on many radars coming out of Alabama State was it then ends up going 23rd overall to the Houston Texans now starting well for them on the right side I think that could be

Josh Jones just because he has been dominating there at Houston only a handful of pressures allowed all season long the highest draft eligible high screen a draft eligible lineman in the country and the Miami Dolphins we gave them Herbert you know in the top five now get someone to protect for him because it's pretty ugly they're up front along that Miami offensive line kennis a change 23 they bring in CJ Henderson quarterback of Florida a guy that wasn't tested well a year ago test a little bit more this year still grading well strove great still great production in coverage let's say he didn't still stick with wide receivers in man coverage as well as any cornerback in the country there's been some mental lapses has given up some big place this year but on a down in down out basis he is extremely good in terms of just playing man coverage I think the Chiefs need that they don't have a guy who can just you say stick him on a top to your wideout and you'll be fine I think that's CJ Henderson at the next level very sticky guy oh man cover just go 20 for Minnesota Vikings they bring in jaylen Johnson another cornerback long guy probably the best what best cornerback on Utah's defender best defender may be very good for Utah a mainstay there love his instincts he has been a playmaker all three years there at

Utah only a junior so no you know sure thing to come out but I think he will with what he's put on tape this past year love his playmaking ability had a pick last year against JJ Hagel Whiteside where he just got the best of them in the end zone that you know goal line fade that he was so good at there at Stanford love his ball skills not the freakiest athlete in the world but I think Minnesota Vikings you know Mike Zimmer they love corner base they love drafting corner beckons they know how valuable that position is trae Waynes probably moving on Xavier Rhodes has not been the guy that we've seen from in years past so another big cornerback like Johnson adding to that mix we just helped her covers defense time to reload a cornerback for Zimmer another thing too he has a huge opportunity against Justin Herbert to new mega native himself have a big game let's go 25 Curtis Weaver of Boise State versatile edge offender can play inside play outside some of the best pass rush production in the country from Weaver yes another guy who I think will start to move up draft boards will see closer and closer to the draft not getting a ton of first-round hype right now but his production at Boise State is just off the charts when he gets single block there he went and I think similar to Josh Jones who he gave the Dolphins well when you're just that productive utterly dominant he's not going to test like a freak athletically but he is good enough athletic enough and powerful enough to hold up on the edge in the

NFL I think he is going to be a very productive NFL player right now he's our edge three behind a Jeff NSN chase young the guy doesn't lose and the mountain less he just doesn't lose they even drop them back into coverage any kind of looks good coverage in the Mountain West that's how good Curtis Weaver is let's go Tyler be honest the interior offensive linemen for Wisconsin this is going to the Buffalo Bills they're trying to retool that offensive line help Josh Hollan continue to add to that offense yeah the sign Quinn Spain only on a one-year deal and he's been very integral to what they've done this year but no sort of sure thing that they get him back so interior offensive line guard there will likely be an e this offseason tie would be out of can play all three interior positions has the size has you have led a system I don't think you can let that offensive line take any sort of step back after what we've seen the improvement they made this year and how much that's fueled they're often some made Josh Allen you know just given him more opportunity to work I think you need to keep improving that offensive line give him one of the better offensive lines in the league especially with his legs and how much they've been using him as a running threat in that offense very similar to the Ravens where if you just build a great offensive line in front of a quarterback who can run all of a sudden you have a pretty damn good office so I do think the oddish would help and go a long way for them where it might not be as big of a need for a lot of other teams might need guard or

Center help definitely smart to keep throwing resources at it cuz even the the pieces they add this offseason are band-aid solutions not necessarily long-term investments investments like beeyotch could be 27 Green Bay Packers they bring it to a tag my Lola I love this pick guy obviously battling an injury not sure when he'll be fully healthy again but if there's any team that's got you know time to kind of sit and wait Aaron Rodgers obviously understand for the Packers you bring into a toga I've got tagging by llola and start grooming him to be the next quarterback and Green Bay that's the thing it's there's teams that can take that sort of risk that have won the draft Capitol to the ability to let a guy sit early on in his career groom a package of this late we've seen from Aaron Rodgers he is not over the past few years graded out nearly as well as we did in the middle of his career we've seen you know his legs were such an integral part of his success early on and he has been sort of slipping in that regard he's still athletic but he's doesn't it's just he's on the downward side of his career and so they drafted Rodgers you know way back in O 5 when Favre was still you know ready to play three or four more years I could see that being the case would say goodbye Lola not a lot of teams are probably gonna take a risk on him with that injury but if there isn't one like I said the Packers would be smart to start grooming a quarterback of the future especially with the way their backups have looked when forced into action because

Aaron Rodgers I mean just takes a lot of shots with the stands he takes you definitely do that cuz then I'm telling you right now 29 to attack my lowest on the board Patriots thinking about him I think that's an option for to it especially let's go 28 yeah Bryce halls quarterback of Virginia went down with the seasoning injury playing punt cover this year but I'll tell you what the guy can cover a very versatile defender good in man coverage probably better in zone but I really do like him in Seattle yeah only allowed a few first downs all season long when he was in the six games that he did play before the ankle injury led the nation and forced incompletions a year ago probably could have gone out and been a first rounder came back just didn't get tested this year no one was thrilling his way smartboard yeah smartly very much a difference maker and I think he is a guy who you bring him into a Seattle cover three type of defense or a man heavy defense that is where he'll excel get him in press coverage around the line of scrimmage or let him work not going to be a very versatile sort of cornerback probably not gonna kick into the slot too much but in that sort of scheme I think he could be very effective I even think we put the Byron Maxwell cop on him early that's the type of player he could be talk to him before the season to a very smart guy loves the tape I thought I always fold over those guys alright we're going to number 29 New England Patriots they've been clay Vaughn chase on the edge defender from

LSU a guy will give me your take on this guy I would say he fits sort of the Patriots what they like in terms of the guys who can rush the passer while also dropping into coverage he is Bri Catholic he's moving skills are off the charts right up there with Julia nakawara in terms of if you're putting a pin in the most athletic who's gonna test the best at the combine at the edge position to be him chase Sonora Quora they're both just move that well flat okay so he could play even off ball for them make the similar sort of leap that Dante Hightower did from you know sort of an outside linebacker position at Alabama to now off ball linebacker but just a versatile type of player still not super productive as a pass rusher but like I said I think he fits the Patriots scheme and it's difficult to find athletes that are as freaky as him and the other if they do they have to turn those former edge defenders in Oppel linebackers we've done that with Dante Hightower Kyle van Noy Calvin Monson San Diego State alum guy on the practice squad for the past that's another guy down the road you'll see you'll see number 30 here New Orleans Saints Henry rocks bringing an absolute firework show to kind of help that window that real tight window with Drew Brees you got Michael Thomas trade quants man Ted Ginn you bring in Henry rugs I really do like this fit yeah I was gonna say another guy to take the top off of defense sort of a complementary piece to Michael Thomas it's like oh you want to put your best cornerback on

Michael Thomas oh well we'll put this other guy and Henry rugs he's going to run a 4-3 right past you I just think he is dynamic and his ball skills are superb as well four drops on a hundred catchable passes his entire career that's not Ted get aget that's the opposite of Ted Ginn this dude has legit ball skills in legit for three types being Ted Ginn without the drops night now you're talking all right let's go number 31 Baltimore Ravens Travis yeah you got a run back going around the first year at PFF this is what you think will happen definitely not what we do but Travis at the end when the most explosive backs in the country well let's just say it the most explosive back yes in the country forces missed tackles with reckless abandon ton of yards I have to contact a threat for the home run every time carries ball I would say he's gonna break the PFF record in terms of broken tackles per rushing attempt this season he is just off the charts in terms of explosiveness and elusiveness and if there's any offense that could covet a running back at that high level because of the space they creates it's gonna be the Baltimore Ravens imagine Lamar Jackson Travis etn how fast you can play with those two guys in the backfield and how much fear you can put into opposing defenses they'd be worth while that might be worth we might not get our lecture the path as an electric backfill I'm excited let's go thirty two last one here Super Bowl winners San Francisco 49ers state bring local process product

Ashton Davis to safety ton of range former track star high hurdler I believe he goes to Cal has a good good time they're good production he goes to San Francisco where they need help in the secondary yeah Jimmy Ward has been a turnaround massive season for him for 49 he's gonna be a free agent after the season and the rest of the safety is there for the 49ers not been quite as good so Ashton Davis has versatility can play over the slot if you want him to but also has the range on the back end for all those single high coverages that the 49ers do run put him in the middle of that and all of a sudden you I'm not gonna say you have Earl Thomas but you have a guy with that sort of speed yes that he has at least you know sub four for speed like said the former track star and we've seen him make place from that middle the field roll all the way to the sideline pick off some passes in his career at Cal you're heard of here first and iron's getting your old Thomas reincarnate with a sheet if nobody actually Davis really good player great fit for San Francisco that's gonna do it for our latest mock draft courtesy of PFF that's 2020 NFL mock draft for more articles like this go to subscribe to PFF TargetPo WEBSITE or go ahead and go to the site at PFF comm you want to get rid of me and get back to more great

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