NHL Highlights | Islanders vs. Red Wings | Dec.02.2019

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NHL Highlights | Islanders vs. Red Wings | Dec.02.2019

Nothing Bernier who gave up three on 32 in the loss to Washington here Saturday night every game this season the New York Islanders start their fourth Lines's ekeus Martin and cutter but Lee Ann Nelson to really take over over their chance right here good stop on Nelson by Bernie a back here poor pellet moved across barzell to the wine left Pollock with a sharp save by Bernie a rebound over top of the net right up front and they score too many chances finally banged in by

Anders Lee a lot of this has to go credit to barzell he started the whole thing off went behind the net and before he went around the net he dumped it back out in front and everybody in the red jersey is looking at barzell behind the net got blocked her own ik a lineker Alec penalty over to Bob oye he's wide open in center high school he's in the clear you know girls scores are you serious oh mackerel a broken play a blocked shot an expired penalty and it's 2 to nothing they have no idea either what a nice move by go

Phil you go to the backhand and go high up over the glove under the bar does he have control over the line the Red Wings may challenge this does he have control so far what do we got but still thinking on it no they're not number five this game and we're halfway through the game they win the drop five shots in the previous four sadena prick for Detroit the front Ohana Kirkland didn't go in we're very nicely executed and with Bertuzzi that got it the tip in and off the pad instead of into the net right there what a save that was and while Varlamov bill will be looking at this I don't think there's any interference although he's in the crease Bertuzzi is but the goaltender has no idea where the puck is in behind per atom ernie cycle download it back can and getting a piece of that was

Varlamov on opiates outside of the neck the Boychuk put one time it with bars l1 penalty over Nielsen out of the box there's a shot Bernie a safe rebound they score who believe that unbelievable right at the end of the penalty and they will come back to full strength and Jordan Eberly gets his first goal this season in his 15th game well this is what happens on a five on three this puck bounces off another Islander they'll look at that to see if it's a hand pass I don't think it is Sanders Lee in front did he move his hands we need a different angle to see that from the front or from the other side - Bernie Bernie eggs left you in the slot a fantasy you Nilsen banging away at Attica can't get it to go a fantasy

Komarov bounce-backs ezekias to the line pelic shot blocked by Ernie Ryan Pollock stepping into one loose in front of the net burn a Dobby they score no goal Beverly paying it in but they wave it off on contact in the creases he's pointing at Suzuka said the dick is with both hands outgoing why me not me no chance you look at it playback at the Platinum rolling puck see Bernier got spun around yep and but it won't be the referee's decision usually it's going to be somebody somewhere else then did he get knocked in by n didn't he who knows you know that's this call could go either way while the refs in consultation with the situation room in Toronto we'll look at it the call on the ice is there's no goal it has to be defended us to overturn that'll do it the

New York Islanders win by three and the Red Wings skid has hit ten you.



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