NHL Preview | December,2nd,2019

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NHL Preview | December,2nd,2019

Morning all welcome back and we have got ourselves five games tonight which is relatively busy for a Monday we've had plenty of Monday's with us maybe two or three on so with more than three I'm gonna go ahead and use the pop we use the the timestamps it's just I got my little notebook here alright so let's go ahead and jump right in New Jersey and against these guys Buffalo and I think there's a good argument to be made the buffalos gotta start turning things around here they had the Holman homeless Ronald the argument about whether or not Toronto is turning things around as one to be had and whether or not they're six to four went over Toronto as a result of them out playing Toronto or if it was hutchinson that's the debate that he had as well on the New Jersey front they're nine twelve and four and hope is fading fast with these guys they lost their last game before nothing at home against the Rangers prior to that they went to

Montreal in one six two four before that they lost at home against Minnesota 3-2 - they beat Detroit five to one before that they went to Pittsburgh and lost four to one before that so their overall picture isn't all that great and then you look at the power play it's a 12.9% their penalty kills 77.1% you total the two together that's ninety percent that's not good enough on the Buffalo side they're twelve ten and five over their last five of course they lost in overtime two to one to trial they beat Toronto six to four before that they lost 3-2 to to Calgary before that they lost to Tampa Bay five to two prior to that and the long before that game they beat Florida five to two so it's been an up-and-down last little while for these guys and we'll see whether or not they're pulling out of their November a slump power play number four Buffalo is down to 17.9% keep in mind early in the year they were running at over 50% pace that only kill seventy four point seven percent for a total of ninety two point six so neither teams when you look at their special teams are playing particularly well scoring over their last ten games on the new jersey side he sure as a goal in six assists

Hall two goals assists Palmieri three goals and three assists on the blue line diamond Severson a goal and an assist Blackwood four and four record with a 908 save percentage demand one and one with a 926 eight percentage so New Jersey's gotta figure some things out here on the Buffalo side as they're figuring it out as well ichael eight goals eight assists sixteen points he's doing great olufsen three goals five assists and Sam Reinhart a goal in for cysts again this is over their last ten games so I equals numbers are incredible on the blue line Montour two goals three assists in goal Hutton Oh two and two with an 875 record all mark three two and one with a 905 or 904 record in order for New Jersey to get back into relevancy they're gonna have to win five or six in a row and I haven't seen that from them that yet this year the ability to win multiple games and really build up that momentum alright move it along Vegas is in against the New York Rangers I'm always interested in when Vegas does the East Coast Swing and they're they're kind of out of their element but that being said Vegas this year hasn't been that great at home so maybe a road trips exactly what they needed now last time around

I said that and then by the end of that road trip they were just not any good so Vegas is 13 11 and 4 overall in their last five games of course they beat Arizona two to one they went to Nashville they won four to three that one being in overtime and it was a game where it was point three seconds left in the game and that's already put it in the net to force overtime they went to Dallas they lost fortitude they went that home against Evans and they lost four to two in her home against San Jose they lost two to one special teams to power play 21.1% the penalty kill 84.6% for a total of 105 point seven which means they're pretty good on special teams five on five apparently is the problem the Rangers 13 9 and 3 overall they've been figuring it out at new jersey they want for nothing at Boston they lost 3-2 to that one being overtime game versus Carolina they won three to two versus Minnesota they won 3-2 at trol they won six to five so that's 401 won in their last five not too bad not too shabby for these guys power play twenty percent penalty quell seventy six point eight percent for a total of ninety six point eight percent now scoring William Carlson four goals three assists in the last 10 games for

Vegas Marsha so two goals forces Riley's mythical and four helpers on the blue line each met a goal and seven assists over their last ten games subin's two and three with an eight ninety four state percentage sparks listed as the back up again flurry going through the mourning process I don't know when he'll be back if it'll be today or when but all the best to him on the rangers front ryan stroma golan six assists brendan Lemieux two goals three assists in the last 10 games and butch an average three goals and three assists and Jacob Trouba two goals and four assists on the blue line enact your you have three and one with a 9/10 eight percentage Lundqvist three two and one with a 908 save percentage their goaltending has been pretty darn solid so far this year for the New York Rangers move it along Islanders in against a tree I I would put up an act bar magnet if I thought Detroit had a chance Detroit has been getting absolutely destroyed for weeks so this is where they should turn it around I thought much roll should turn and they they almost did but then they didn't last night hard to pull out of these these slumps and for Detroit the bad news is they got the Islanders coming in the Islanders are 17 5 and 2 their most recent game home at home against Columbus they want to nothing prior to that they went to LA they lost 4 to 1 they lost three nothing in

Anaheim and they lost two to one and overtime against San Jose and then their game prior to that was at home against Pittsburgh where they won 4 to 3 so they don't like California is basically what we learned about the New York Islanders which is the only time they have to go to California this year outside of that they're pretty good on the Detroit side of things 719 and 3 it's it's a disaster 7 wins and 29 games for them at home against Washington they lost five to two in their last game prior to that they were in Philly they lost six to one two games at home they got shut out in both six nothing by Toronto to nothing by Carolina part of that they went to New Jersey and lost five to one so over their last five games they have four goals they've allowed 1719 24 so that's a goal differential of like negative 165 or something like that it's it's sad on the special teams front the Islanders 18.2% on the power play 83 point six percent on the penalty kill for a total of 101 point eight so pretty good underneath on the the d'être front no 13.6% power play 72.2% penalty kill for a total of 85 point eight that's that's not getting it done now when we look at their their scoring Brock Nelson four goals six assists in the last ten games for the

Islanders boville a six goals two assists injured never leave with two helpers on the blue line pelic a goal and three assists their goal tenders for allama to 1 and 2 of the 907 save percentage grace four and one with a 921 same percentage on the Detroit front Larkin a goal and two assists for him in their last 10 games Bertuzzi for grocery assist Glendenning with two goals on the blue line Green has three helpers Bernays one three and one with an 8 98 same percentage it looks like you'll be backed up by Mike Comrie so unless they decide to give Comrie a start I mean they gave Picard one so I don't know what they're gonna do Detroit's kind of a mess right now and it right now because I Thurman's in control you can kind of say it's by design gotta tear it down so we'll see what happens from here but it's it's been kind of a miserable season if you're a fan of the of the wings next up st. Louis yes the Blues they're in against Chicago the Blues are off to an amazing run now when you're looking at start times four o'clock seven o'clock Eastern four o'clock my time 7 o'clock Eastern my time specific 4:30 or 7:30 and right here that's 5:30 or 8:30 so not too bad so 17 five and six for the st. Louis Blues in their last five games at home against Pittsburgh they won five to two at Dallas they won three to one at

Tampa they want four to three at Nashville they lost 3-2 to at home against Nashville they lost four to two so the Islanders don't like playing in California and st. Louis doesn't like playing Nashville Chicago but they don't like Colorado they're there 10 11 and 5 now over their last five at Colorado they lost 7 to 2 7 2 3 I should say at home against Cole row they lost 5 to 2 at home against Dallas they won 3 nothing at Dallas they lost 2 to 1 and at home against Tampa they lost 4 to 2 so this has been a really rough stretch for Chicago we'll see if they can turn it around their special teams don't help them now st. Louis their special teams are pretty good 24.1% on the power play 83.8% on the penalty kill for a total of 107.9 it's on the verge of excellence with those numbers chicago 13.8% on the power play and when you look at the guys they can put on the power play it is stunning that it's that low power penalty kill 80.5% for a total of ninety four point three so it's not horrible but that power play is costing them some points here and there scoring for st. Louis over the last 10 Shen three goals five assists Schwartz for Royal Street assists and Robert Thomas has six helpers on the blue line

Pietrangelo three assists goaltending numbers Bennington for two and one with a 9:34 save percentage over their last 10 Alan's 100 and two of the 945 save percentage the goaltending has been excellent for st. Louis on the Chicago front over the last 10 tapes two goals six assists Saad three goals five assists EDF kenaf here eight goals eight assists 16 points he and I call same number of points and both teams are struggling it's really weird gustafson on the blue line three goals two assists over their last 10 Lehner's two two and one with a nine nineteen safe percentage Crawford's three and two of the nine twenty Tuesday percentage those numbers have come down substantially because Colorado score twelve goals over the last two games against those guys and we'll see how Chicago does tonight against another team that is able to score they are able to do that that being said I need to change boards for eight la in Anaheim this one starts at seven o'clock Pacific ten o'clock Eastern and these are two teams that are looking to string some wins together and against each other and my guess is they're not gonna like each other a whole lot at the starter at the end of this game the

LA Kings are 1114 and two they struggle on the road so the fact that this is in Anaheim should favor the Ducks the the Kings at home against Winnipeg they won two to one at San Jose they lost four to one at home against the Islanders they won four to one at home against San Jose they lost four to three and versus Arizona at home they lost 3-2 to so their games are close but they're still not winning enough games to get into relevancy there are special teams to power plays at 11.8% their penalty kill at seventy five point six that's better than what it was to that seventy five point six but it still adds up to a total of 87 point four it's not very good on the Anaheim side they're eleven twelve and four over their last five there's been some challenges they lost versus one a peg three nothing at Arizona they lost four to three they did defeat the Islanders three nothing at Tampa they lost six to two and at Florida they lost five to four their power play 10% their penalty kill seventy six point seven percent so that's a total of eighty six point seven we may see a power play goal tonight because both power penalty kills suck the problem is both power plays aren't any good either so it's the very movable force and the highly resistive object against each other all right now on the LA Kings side of things

Kopitar has five goals in six assists in their last 10 games i fallow two goals six assists brown two goals and three assists dowdy on the blue line with a goal and six helpers in net Campbell one on one with a 934 save percentage quick 5 2 & 1 with a 908 save percentage on the Anaheim side of things Getzlaf two goals seven assists in your last 10 games Raquel for girls forces Trey Terry who's list is being on that top line with him a goal and an assist on the blue line Lindhome three helpers and annette gibson to four and two with an 886 save percentage miller oh one and one with an 841 save percentage these numbers for the Anaheim goaltending don't get it done and their special teams not getting it done it's really really weird for Anaheim right now because they did start the season six and two since then five ten and four so they're trying to stop the bleeding in Anaheim but they're already flirting with being a non-factor when we look at who may or may not make the playoffs but there you go let me know your picks let me know your thoughts in the comment section below as always don't forget to hit like and subscribe if you're browsing your way through you just happen upon this article

Thank you guys so much for reading for all your support we'll talk to you again soon.



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