PFF | QBs To Target In Free Agency

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PFF | QBs To Target In Free Agency

Soloman to Wolcott's and Sam Monson here to go down the list of expected free agents at the quarterback position in 2020 but first we give you this how's our free nature plan coming super Chris any advice with western and southern preparing for your financial future can be easier than you think favorite receiver huh to get started visit Western Southern calm alright now it's time to talk about some of the quarterbacks we are gonna be free agents following the 2019 season and let's start with the prize pick of them all and maybe we didn't expect this going into the 2019 season right I think there's one clear prize in the free agent group for quarterbacks it's that Prescott that's right and you're right heading into this season I don't think we thought that we were talking about was it even worth Dallas paying him the big money contract because he hadn't really shown enough to justify that 30 million plus dollar deal and right now he's playing the best he's ever played he's surpassing rookie season dak Prescott which was the best we've seen from him before he's number six right now in

PFF grades I think a def in a career year he's also leading the league in receiver drops like he's happy drops of any quarterback so his number should be better than they are right now and you know a young guy in his prime I think he is doing enough to deserve the contract from Dallas but if they don't give it to him somebody will the Cowboys have the league's number one ranked passing attack that Prescott only made six hundred and thirty thousand dollars in 2018 only two million dollars this season he's gonna hit the huge jackpot and he's playing well enough to get the big contract let's talk about some of the old guys because when I see Tom Brady on this list if you told me that he and Drew Brees are gonna be three agents at the end of this year I would say no way right and it's interesting because they've you know structured the deals in such a way Brady in particular that he has to become a free agent it may only be for 20 minutes while they finalized the next deal but he will be a free agent at some point and you've got

Tom Brady you've got Drew Brees Philip River Eli Manning those o4 quarterbacks are hitting free agency Brady's the interesting one right because we're talking about the greatest quarterback of all time certainly a guy with an argument to be that and I think he I think we've reached the point where he's declining again you know we thought of those times the numbers don't lie on right and we thought it was happening back in 2014 and then he bounced back and had some of the best seasons of his career but right now again the numbers are heading down and this time the supporting cast around him isn't as good so I think it's more obvious he's he's no longer able to paper over the cracks in that Patriots offense the way he has been in the past but if you have a good situation and you need a guy for a run you know you're a quarterback away from containing 2020 Tom Brady will still get it done will he sign up for it because he's kind of trending the way that Peyton Manning did that right into his career declining but still was playing well enough to be able to hoist the Lombardi Trophy drew Brees is 40 years old he's gonna be a free agent at the end of this thing

Phillip Rivers is an interesting one because it looks like both he and the team are kind of making a unanimous decision in agreement that this may be the end of the road for a Hall of Fame quarterback yeah and you know Rivers doesn't have the same things you can point to with Tom Brady who's you know the greatest ever is two seasons removed from being the best quarterback in the NFL Drew Brees is still the most accurate quarterback in the game he's led the league and adjust the completion percentage for the last three straight seasons that's high level right Rivers is just good you know he's been very good for a long time but the situation around him has been bad their offensive line has been a pretty consistent disaster so you're not as sure about him you know if you're going into 2020 you need a quarterback albeit a short-term rental you at least have a pretty good idea of what you're getting with Drew Brees Tom Brady I don't know if your can you can be as confident in what

Phillip Rivers is bringing to you after this year yeah we all kind of feel like what have you done for me lately and remember week 11 and 12 you let all quarterbacks with seven interceptions during that two-week stretch and that's sort of the last Bluffs that we have with him a knee line man it didn't look good the last time we saw him let's move on because you have a list of trades and reclamation teddy bridgewater won five games during his five-game start for the New Orleans Saints kept their playoff hopes alive helped him win a third straight division title might the feel market for him I think there should be AI think Teddy Bridgewater proved to people that he is back from the knee injury you know this is a guy who looked like a viable decent starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings a terrible unfortunate injury you know knee just collapsed on him and we thought his career was done and he's kind of come back and then with you know brief stints of work in mop-up Judy for the Saints it didn't look the same you know it looked like Teddy might not be the same guy again and he wasn't when he started when he got a chance to start for Drew Brees those first couple of outings were pretty rough I know they won the games but Teddy's grade was not good and then he started to hit his groove then he started to take the shots downfield that he hadn't taken right at the start of that and suddenly we started to see the old teddy bridgewater

I think the way he started to play the fact that he was able to pull his grade up to the same kind of level it was back in those Vikings days and he's still only 26 he's the same age as thank fret he is young there is a buyer beware quotient for at least from me when it comes to Teddy Bridgewater because his average depth of target during those five games or 6.1 ranked 31st among starting quarterbacks in the NFL want to see him be a little bit more aggressive attacking defenses down the field before I'm a true believer and I think those last couple of weeks were big for that I started doing right because early early on that run you're right he definitely he wouldn't take a shot DP would not everything was underneath but those last couple of weeks he started to get there and started to push the ball down the field again and when he did he was connecting on those so I think the last couple of weeks proved that that's at least in his game Ryan Tannehill this has the hot ran five and one right now as a starter for the Tennessee Titans he's winning big games down the stretch keeping this team into the playoff hunt clearly as pasta Marcus Mariota as the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans he's gonna hit the free agent market maybe because the Titans can use a franchise tag to make sure he stays put and I think at this point he's got to be earning him that long-term deal in

Tennessee this is now the highest grade of his career people forget because the last couple of seasons were so rough he started his career really well in Miami really did over 80 in year two he looked like you know maybe the next best quarterback out of that class we had Russell Wilson hit the ground running you know rg3 has the incredible rookie year Andrew Luck was kind of slower burned you know he took a while to get to the level that we expect of him when he walked in is as part of that group but Tannehill look like the guy that was actually gonna be the next best quarterback after Russell Wilson maybe Andrew Luck and then obviously things got worse and worse on Miami this is now the highest grade of his career this is yeah he's been penalized because he was aboard the Titanic in Miami winning right the iceberg so now he's showing what he can really do talk about hitting an iceberg Jameis Winston it just continues to throw the football to the opposing team yeah still leads the league in interceptions as we sit here right now I don't know I know there will be a market for him but I'm not so sure it'll be as a starter he is one of the most enigmatic mercurial quarterback that's been down in the entire NFL we call him the most volatile quarterback in the NFL you're comparing him to those reactive metals you know right at the sharp end of the periodic table he has even this year this is a bad year for

Jameis right and he still has the second best positively great at play percentage of any quarterback in the NFL he's making the second most positively greated throws of anybody but he leads the league in turnover where the other side so he's making more mistakes than anybody else but he still makes not a good so somebody somewhere he's gonna turn on his tape and they're gonna think they can stop the mistakes and they're gonna look they're gonna buy into the good and they're gonna still think they can get that MVP year out of Jameis Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota came out the same year 1 & 2 in the same draft at least with Jameis Winston he runs hot or cold Marcus Mario was just black I mean no pulse it's just the system here all the time here all the time and now he's declined the middle but when it comes to being a starting court back in the NFL head coaches and players in the locker room they want to know that you have a pulse when the game gets thick do you have the energy to help spread that energy or energize the rest of the team I have not seen that from Marcus Mariota do you think there'll be a market for him he will hit the free agent market at the end of the 2019 season he's the guy I think who's now a career backup until he gets a chance to prove otherwise because even when Tennessee went from Mariota to Ryan Tannehill a huge part of the upgrade initially was just oh you're at least taking the shots the Mariota is not even taking exact

 I don't even care if you complete the pass you at least made that attempt that's right Mariota by the end wasn't even making those a 10 and it was just a disaster so I think he's gonna have to prove through some kind of backup role through getting an opportunity you know cuz a starter goes down hurt that he can rescue his career some cold some teams gonna have to fall in love with Marcus Mariota oh man I don't know maybe Chip Kelly comes back into the NFL he gets back around I want to get my guy yeah what get what I get with Marcus Mariota let's finish up by talking about a couple of guys who could it the more their contract both for Cam Newton and Andy Dalton aren't up until after the 2020 season but you could see these two teams maybe going into the draft or intra-agency and moving on from Camden or thought they could be released as a salary cap cut but they can also end up hitting the market right if they're cut from their respective team yeah they're not upcoming free agents but they could end up being free agents when somebody terminates those contracts Dalton I think clearly the team is looking to move on from him that's why they started taking a look at what they had in Ryan Finley obviously that didn't go so well no but I think the bottom line is they're looking for other options now and they're gonna be positioned at the top of the draft somewhere whether it's number one number two they're gonna have a shot at a new franchise quarterback it would seem that they're what the writing is on the wall for Andy Dalton and honestly

I think he is a starting caliber quarterback now he's in that middle tier of quarterbacks that's where you need to surround him with a solid supporting cast everything go well right but we've seen him flourish in that environment back in 2015 they had a really good supporting cast good line good receivers and that was his best season he can be a top 10 quarterback in that environment but you need to have the good situation for it to be worthwhile and then Cam Newton honestly it's going to come down to how healthy is he you know we've consistently the past few years it's been battling injuries you know working through things even when he's theoretically healthy he's going to need to prove to a team that he is a hundred percent ready to go yeah set to make 21 million dollars during the 2020 season I think they bring them back because that's a good number for a starting quarterback these days right most of our asking for thirty million but Cam Newton Andy Dalton both in that draft class of 2011 could end up on the market that would be amazing and I think in light of what Lamar Jackson is doing for the Baltimore Ravens I think a lot of teams if the coach is right if the system is right could imagine what if Cam Newton were in that kind of system could he be reborn again and a huge part of that is the

Carolina Panthers just got rid of their head coach Ron Rivera got fired so they're gonna be having a new guy come in and whether they keep Cam Newton may determine or may be dependent on who that guy is you know Greg Roman is a guy that's been getting head coaching talk he holds it right because of the job he's been doing that Baltimore he's also got history of making Colin Kaepernick look like a fantastic quarterback Cam Newton under a Greg Roman style of offense reborn could be completely transformed so that could be that's part of this whole dynamic is who the Panthers end up settling on as a head coach it's Christmastime at least we are entering the holidays right if you want to go shopping for a new quarterback take a look at this list all you got to do is just go to our TargetPo website take a look at the article go to PFF comm for more content he Sam Monson I'm Solomon will cots this is brought to you by western and southern you want to get rid of me and get back to more great PFF TargetPo content all you have to do is push that button right there and subscribe thanks for reading Up next.



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