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Tiger Woods speaks at Hero World Challenge about Presidents Cup 2019 | Golf Central

With just one week to go until the United States and international teams meet in the 13th playing of the Presidents Cup it's the hero World Challenge in the Bahamas with an elite field of only 18 of the world's best players teeing it up 11 participants in the upcoming Presidents Cup her in the field this week at the Hero World Challenge all on the United States side it would have been 12 had Dustin Johnson not been forced to withdraw well they're here a World Challenge Presidents Cup in the field you can see all of the names there and Justin Thomas Patrick can't lay all of these guys a nice tune up before they head across the pond next week let's send it out to Lisa cornball Chantal you would be hard-pressed to find anybody busier this week in the Bahamas than Tiger Woods you think about it he is getting ready his game ready for the week ahead he is doing his duties as this week's tournament host of course when you're

Tiger Woods there are always multiple multiple dozens in fact of media obligations ahead of the start and the tournament and then he's also focused on next week query will not only be playing at Royal Melbourne but then everything that it takes his captain to get his guys ready I've got a sneak peek into what it's like and I've been a player for a number of cups a number of years that's the easy part okay I can do the playing part you just focus on playing captain does wherever you need to do vice captain's tell you you know whatever you need you just go play it's very simple but when I was a vice captain at Hazeltine and vice captain at Liberty seeing in being responsible for what four guys their wives or girlfriends their caddies and their wives or girlfriends that was eye-opening for me and to see how the inner workings were and now being a captain it's the responsibility has ramped up but also I have a responsibility as a player that I need to be ready for my guys in play so having dual hats you know it hasn't been done in a while it was hail did it and in the first presidency up and it's it's a lot you know there really is as

I said I've been very busy trying to keep my game sharp but also thinking and managing all this and being ready for you know all the different scenarios that can play out and then I'm sure that will play out you know Brooks had the slip and fall and he had the injury and he duis wasn't able to go and so you know I just hope Brooks he just focuses on his rehab and getting getting back and playing at the level that he wants to play at and he needs to focus on that but it came down to the team well you know the team who do you guys want to go to battle with and they all said Ricky and so it's very simple it's a team decision ultimately I got to make the call and then call up Ricky and say hey do you want to be a part of this but ultimately but but prior to that it was the team the team wanted Ricky to be a part of it so that's what's exciting for all of us because we know that who we want to go to battle with and it was it was neat that to see the guys stand up and say who they wanted and fouler not just a team guy and someone who you want in the locker room he's a competitor you think about all the team play that he's done not just in his professional career but in his days at

Oklahoma State he thrives on it Tiger obviously has full faith in Ricky Fowler and why not when you have a short game like that and you can putt like Fowler does even though we haven't seen him in competition since the Tour Championship he says that he is definitely a guy Chantel he can rely on don't miss Tiger Woods and his US team go head to head with Ernie Owls and the international team in Australia at will Melbourne golf club the Presidents Cup begins Wednesday December 11th on PGA Tour live golf and NBC last year in a hero World Challenge it was John Rahn firing the final round 7-under 605 for a four shot victory from started the final round in a three-way tie with 20 phyno and henrik Stenson but took the title for his third worldwide win of 2018 mom comes into this week probably the hottest player on the planet it was only a week ago when he won the DP World Tour Championship not only did he secure a win in the season finale a Rolex Series event but he also took home this season-long race title on the

European tour for the first time in his career with that win john rom rose closer to the top spot and the official World Golf Ranking he now sits at number three behind only Rory McIlroy and Brooks koepka John Brom spoke to our Lisa Cornwell on site today I think it's easy to say that this man is the hottest player in the world right now I can't even keep up with all the stuff you've done lately genre three wins worldwide I know you're really proud of I'm joining seve and Sergio but let's just talk about the season as a whole I'm not sure if the three wins are more impressive or 16 top 10s what does this entire year say about your performance I was a winter I was more impressive but uh - you know validated or back it up with the with the top ten sand the consistency it's important for me right I feel like a lot of people are really focused on just the wins and as players we you know we strive to compete the best we can and I try to do that every week and that's why you know being able to consistently give myself a chance and finish happen in the top ten it's important for me so

I think it's obviously a little more highlighted on the wins but with the top tens still still pretty impressive well this is a laid-back week you're obviously a competitor and you're the defending champion how high is the motivation is it hard to kind of get up for a week like this when it's a little bit more laid-back or what are you thinking about the week ahead well I you know is not it hasn't been too long since Dubai so I'm still in competitive mode it's only been a week off and and I want to finish the Year Strong I've been able to win my last event of the year the last two years as a pro so hopefully I can go and do it three in a row and defend here as well it is a smaller field but not to forget that it's a lot of people here that want to win and now being good form for next week in the Presidents Cup so and still you know 18 of the best players in the world so still a great week in a very competitive one I know obviously it we haven't even turned the calendar year and you probably haven't had time to sort of even process what your get about 4 20 20 look we talk about you being one of those guys that is in line to win a major next and a multiple major winner in your career what do you think just looking thinking right now given what you've done will be some early goals for 2020 you know

I haven't thought about it one bit I'm getting married next week so that's as far as my head is going right now and I've always said you know personal life accomplishments are always going to apply far outweigh whatever I don't think of course so you know being married it's gonna be something really important for me and Kelly so whatever it comes next year I'll come I haven't thought about it obviously I hope I win a major at some point in my career but this a lot to do in the game you know not only winning tournaments and I also have a tournament with my name wooden spoon for junior golf so there's there's many more things that can be done to to improve the game and take it to a next level and like I said right now I'm hopeful I'm focusing next week and next week but once I you know wants to finish this week I'll probably reevaluate and set my goals for the year but I mean there's some obvious stuff right majors World Golf Championships Ryder Cup Olympics not to forget the Olympics you know hope you'll be huge to represent our country if possible so a lot of lot of good things to look forward to next year congratulations she prefers personally and professionally it's been quite a ride thank you very much a lot of action for John ROM let's go back to 2017 the Irish Open

John ROM earned his first European Tour victory at Port Stewart in a shain with a final round 65 to win by six shots earlier this year in the 2019 Irish Open at La hinge Rahm entered the final round five shots off the lead and closed with a final round 62 for European Tour victory number for some major champion and Ryder Cup star Graeme McDowell some news today he's serving as the host of the Dubai duty-free Irish Open for the next two years the 40 year old follows Rory McIlroy as the tournament host of the event the 2020 edition of the Irish Open will serve as the second Rolex Series event on the European tour next year and will be played at Mount Juliet estate in May you.



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