Top WWE NXT Superstar 2019 | Says He'll RETIRE If He's Moved To Raw Or SmackDown

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Top WWE NXT Superstar 2019 | Says He'll RETIRE If He's Moved To Raw Or SmackDown

When we put the trio any time from December the first okay by all of the people on Twitter it's too early yeah put yours I know November did yeah middle of November may yeah no no cancer to me and me and my girl a don't spend Christmas together so we always say let's maximize the usage so just legally 365 days a year but I gotta maximize the usage May I'm pushing for it news and NXT superstar is threatening retirements if he moves to raw or Smackdown a current WWE superstar has trademarked his former indie name and is a WWE commentator finished on Raw we'll talk about this in a moment Tommaso Champa Champa Champa I get a lot of heat but how I pronounce his surname what's the other one Jessamyn Duke that you can did Jessie Monday is he Mandy Keith I just call her now tomato Champa in the news today with quite a stabled statement for anybody thinking about calling him up it is gonna call up shortly here on chasing glory

Lilian Garcia's podcast and it's absolutely worth a listen after you read this article and all of our other articles don't ever listen to that he's all Sameach yes that's it guys so he has said that and this is a quote I've vocalized to them if I have to go to Ross smackdown I'm going to retire and become a producer or coach this is followed up with the fact he said he fought the call-up remember the original caller from raw I remember a match against the revival him and Gaga knows yeah it was it was that we're here okay that's where one of them got injured wasn't it yeah was it in that match I'm sure around them yeah safe son safe workers every viable boys he said the run on the main roster just isn't worth it for him or his family because he his body wouldn't be able to handle the schedule no really interesting stuff I think there's an immediate issue here right if WWE move NXT out of full sail and have as a touring brand surely is a bit bollocks to anyone right that is the whole room I can I think Joe up if it's van XT become a touring brand I think he'd be alright for it I think this is him coming

I don't want to go to raw Smackdown I've seen what you do to people that I don't want to go don't send me back to dark play you might be right good work rates so much higher on NXT I mean you live events but it is on like an episode or raw house or Smackdown you're completely right of course I got a role and publicly and then they'll be like are don't don't don't don't approach Hamlet doesn't want to go anyway it's pretty good he's gonna say that we reached this point where like like people are on NXT and it was seen as like the Holy Grail that you get to roll I don't read overly documentaries for NXT and reading like people gay like that we see like Apollo crews get called into an office and say yeah we'll bring you the raw and like him like crying and being so emotional about it we're to the point now it's like if you get cool into a room it said you go to raw you cry it's madness they madness that you've got this development brand that nobody wants to leave despite the fact that their paints so much significantly lower than their main roster counterpart I don't know what champ is on

I imagine he's paying a lot more than the others and he self could merch and all that sort of stuff but the pay is a massive cut from the main roster it shows you how much he bloody loves the wrestling yes who want to stay there good for him that said if they did call him up and he said now I'm gonna become a producer what producer would be oh you'd be phenomenal for character work for the in-ring stuff the guy's a total package isn't I'll be very sad not to see him like do a Wrestlemania though yeah I just I just I would just be so nervous about someone like him being lost in the shuffle yeah cuz he's so good and in deist he stands out so much that even now even now with like on NXT where you've got like guys like finn bálor turning up and stuff like that I'm nervous that he might get I like his characters kind of cooled a little bit on NXT he's still brilliant but he's cooled a little bit I think he's lost a bit of that is fair saying or Joker jumper I believe if this is only my opinion I believe catties cool a little bit okay maybe that he's still brilliant still because of the war game stuff and he was sort of thrown with lots about the PMI guys finish things a bit

I think we're still untangling the ball of yarn that you'll be left with you'll be fine really fine NXT stay in NXT forever mate please today is Monday do you know what that means the carpus trademark Brodie Lee what it means this broke over the weekend Luke Harper has registered the trademark of Brodie Lee his former in-ring name before we got to WWE which once again indicates that he's not long for the company basically like you wouldn't do that unless you wanted to use it it's interesting to note the the class in which he's filed this in so when you file the trademark you father in lots of different classes or you choose your classes to father and he's trademarked in entertainment services namely wrestling is if it's and performances by professional wrestler and entertainer so this isn't about much necessarily I mean that plays into it but this is about using the Brodie Lee name as a wrestler WWE haven't trademarked it they don't want to do it Luke's gone with his contract up surely it seems that way doesn't it he would we've talked about this countless times he would flourish wherever he goes I'd be really really excited I've readed a lot of his old

Brodie Lee Indy stuff recently and he's so bloody good such a good character guy and we see shades of that in WWE but he's never been really given the push he deserves have you noticed that we've had a lot of trademark news lately as somebody just discovered trademarking well yeah I don't know how it works in the US I imagine it's similar but there's like a three-month opposition period when you do one in the UK so you can see so if you if you're on the ball which some people appear to be looking at like who's trademarking what like Cody's got caught recently doing is really interesting I like it can we can we hire a trademark analyst somebody whose job it is just to constantly go get anything I think we need TM trademarks Nickelodeon I think we needed the trademark analyst when I cocked up and try to register double jump instead that's when we needed that but we're fine now that's Drive Brodie Lee aww that's why I want yeah you know what that that's a good fit as well in it that's a great bro item bro daily coming in and kicking Jericho's head off they've got a fence right at the tops of it they've got a few big men who a gray light if you count swagger Wardlow obviously they've got a few but like he's deceptively large that man obviously looks big on

WWE TV but that's because WWE is the land of the giants he is a big boy and you do very well an AW Shana Jon Moxley I said John Ambrose that which is a weird hide printing a father Jon Moxley and Road idli I seem to recall had and knock-down drag-out apparently indeed yes while back oh where was it where was it let's go I wanted of it my Ben cz dub it Marvin let's know was it Florida champion it was a roar aside do has rocked for a long long time and now it's time for him to pass the toys just Samoa Joe Wow do Madden you might remember a few weeks ago got knackered by Brock Lesnar he's not being on WWE TV since Samoa Joe subbed in for him a couple of weeks ago and it's been announced now that Samoa Joe is currently planned to announcer autumn tonight in fact with the Joseph and Jerry Lawler which indicates there's a lot of speculation online right now that do Madden may be done on WWE commentary on Raw was one heck of an attack over only to be selling don't get me wrong I like the fact that they're selling and selling and selling but I don't think that's what it is actually

I think that yeah this does indicate that he may be done which is such a shame when Jerry Lawler is still there I don't think either big deal was that bad I think was good I enjoyed it I enjoyed it I think this is a real shame I guess it's somebody that Vince just didn't get maybe it's a shame yeah it's same when it falls our bailiff it means that Samoa Joe is going to join the comments the best talker slash wrestler in the biz I truly believe that it goes Heyman who obviously doesn't wrestle and then Samoa Joe yeah really Lily name someone better w e you can't hang on you can't you I said can't what wasn't agnostic midian yeah Dennis died you'd hope Dennis night hell of it good Todd Pettengill top payton goes great it's not not the criterion occurrence Amy's and they say meas Joe's better and that's a fact that's fine that's fine what do you thought Jerry Lawler it's okay he's just signed another deal yeah you know what at this point in both of their careers I can't believe I'm saying this but he's better than check out hahaha how the - I am preferring lawless work but that's like saying I'd rather put of the phase or a punch in it but - the air I'm not I don't think either they were doing their best work I think

I think like and their heyday and at the late 90s they were the iconic team like when you do an impression of a commentator you do an impression of junior like that is how much he has seeped into the the very being of the industry and that's never taken away but I feel like junior is has been a bit of a I'm gonna say it a bit of a letdown in AE dub I'm sorry but he just just seems I don't know whether it's just like he's just a bit more chill than he used to be it just seems a bit difficult but I know he's passionate cuz I listened to grilling junior and he's passionate about the product like he cares but I just don't hear it well I think a lot of the time that he was in WWE he had a significant backstage role also he was really familiar with the guys that he was talking about on screen he doesn't have that in a UW and I think it just rips up some time that said do I think you should be on the show every week now bring him in for paper use or something right yeah definitely Keaton easties definitely a valuable force to have around I think Jerry Lawler I think I think Jerry Lawler being there with Vic jokes about I've gone that's sort of there to bring Joe Joseph along a beer but I've just figured it out scrap jf made of bringing do where you go and find a

Lamar little girl meanwhile again saying these bottles take so long to manufacture and you can just bring them out that week isn't it one two months on now well it takes so long I thought Stephen Amell who he works with on this was pretty hard with yeah right well he's like he's quick it hasn't harmed the the sales figures that's for sure Chris Jericho revealing that over ten thousand bottles at what is it $45 for two right it's expensive I know baby champagne is not it's crappy Carrboro are maybe amatory it's sparkling white mike is that one is sparkling okay right there you go 45 for a label way if you bought it fair play to you at least you're not spending six and a half grand on a really badly designed beam Bell 800 Jesus I thought this was somebody tweet screen grab of his order confirmation I just thought somebody bore that I love the people must have done they went from come on Twitter people will like and that what's his name Tom Savini Savini you know the guy the special effects guide is renowned in his field yeah like it's it's cool that he's designed it and you know what it will probably be worth more in 20 years only they're limited edition but they haven't specified how many they release it might be limited edition of 50,000 or something at six and a half grand a pop

I don't think so but if you bought that congratulations to you're richer than are if you were if you were one of those that bought one of their belts I mean it's it's your money you do with it what you like but you wanna be a patreon because boards there oh bloody yeah right come on get it out the next hundred dollar pay to a packer out come on it's not the cracker oh that that is legit leather its Levi's its bovine meta oh it's made in Romania next hundred dollar patreon get in there you get the belt yeah else thrown in alright getting the belt exciting have a great Monday what we're just giving away my belt hey thanks for reading don't forget to leave a comment in the comment section down below you can support us on patreon by going to holic lastly don't forget to hit subscribe and join us Up next.



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