Week 14 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets | Fantasy Extra

Week 14 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets  Fantasy Extra 10 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets Heading Into Week 14 Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback, Tennessee Titans. Yahoo Ownership 39% Jacoby Brissett, Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts. Yahoo Ownership 38% Bo Scarbrough, Running Back, Detroit Lions. ... Anthony Miller, Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears. ... Tyler Higbee, Tight End, Los Angeles Rams. ... Green Bay Packers, Defense and Special Teams.

Week 14 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets | Fantasy Extra

Hey everybody it's time for the Sportsnet fantasy extra I'm Andy Mack make sure you get me on twitter at and EAMCET one and use hash tag ask Andy for any of your fantasy football questions what a week thirteen what a Sunday we'll get to the Monday nighter in a moment but on this Sunday in such an crucial fantasy football week a lot of disappointments a lot of players underperforming their projections and it's such an important match up likely for you and your fantasy league whether it was to secure a playoff spot hold on somebody trying to get yours seeding whatever it might be DFS contest it was it was rough because there was a quite a few notable underperformers personal George killed two catches two catches for George kettle and a a decimated tight end position we didn't need that Kiddle with two catches that Gertz underperformed now if you listen to the fantasy show every Sunday across the

TargetPo radio network Sunday mornings you would have picked up Dallas Kotter Scott it had himself a nice day so that's a check but Zach Ertz underperform George Kido Jitsu catches like I say Christian McCaffrey we're expected we used to watch 2530 fantasy points for Christian McCaffrey still 417 so that's a dog Le'Veon Bell as well Jonathan the waiver wire Williams who won me my week last weekend probably one of yours great pick up all the sudden is in the time share with Jordan Wilkins and did nothing thinking about singing back to the waiver wire for Jonathan Williams with the courts so that's rough and you look at Hotel Beckham jr. a season long disappointment and Kyrie kill as well underperform so that likely hurts you hopefully you got some help in some other areas that five hottest fantasy performers and you're going for a playoff spot my fingers are crossed read that you do have it have one of these guys if not more James White leading the pack for the Patriots a team decimated by illness

I don't know if you heard this they took two separate planes to the game because one was a fluke Lane and one was a healthy plane that's how banged up that were health-wise that they were but James White led everyone in PPR formats for Sunday 37.7 fantasy points to receiving touchdowns on nine yards and a catch was just a phenomenal day then you go to Devante Parker and Parkhurst certain to move himself away from just a PPR type of receiver and a low-end one of that earlier in his career just someone who flashed and you were hoping Monty Parker's the real deal now folks he's a must a must play a must play and not just in in PPR I would go half PPR stander might be a little bit of a stretch but certainly a look at his day 159 receiving errors two touchdowns caught on seven catches in a week this was an even garbage time this is a win over Philadelphia then you go to Robert woods number three on the weekend that LA Rams offense needed a get right game and they found it versus the Arizona Cardinals you have a hundred and seventy two receiving yards on 13 catches for woods that touchdown the lack of touchdowns is still a big issue but at least he got the volume share go up against Seattle next week

I'll be interested to see if they can carry that over maybe not to that extent but at least keep this resurgence for woods and maybe get Brandon cooks more involved even next to nothing in that passing game for the LA Rams number four this was the I did not see this coming moment of the week various guys I feel so good for this guy two seasons just littered with injuries barely been on the field to goal line touchdowns rushed in and Adrian Peterson still got hits if you're Pierce is still rushed for almost a hundred yards they just Washington just wanted to take the ball completely out of doing asking fans I don't blame them but Darius guys he looked explosive wasn't just a applauding guy explosive and scored it's a various guys hundred and twenty nine yards on the ground two rushing touchdowns a couple of catches going in there and deshaun Watson he caught a pass from DeAndre Hopkins but also threw three of his own and chucked it up to 234 passing yards in that big win over New England tip of the cap as well to Alshon jeopardy in that disgusting loss if you're an Eagles fan to the Miami Dolphins that Alshon Jeffery off of injury came in at number six a little tip of the cap because we're a on him a lot but nine catches in touchdown for a hundred and fifty seven yards so good on ya al Sean Jeffery all right here's a couple other disappointments

I want to swing back to this because the New York Jets versus Cincinnati Bengals that whole game looked like a a terrible real-life football game but fantasy wise especially for the Jets against that Bengals defense you think all right they put up six total points six and Sam darling just crumbled Jameson Crowder nothing Robbie Anderson himself a good game but that was an end to three straight games of Sam Donal putting up at least 21 fantasy points and I'm not pulling the chute on him yet I still think he has streaming relevance even in your fantasy playoff wise I'd still play him over Tom Brady right like that's how that's where we're at with Tom Brady but you look at what what he has done over that last stretch over the last three games the ten point four six looks like it's just an outlier against the Bengals the Jets still are not a good team Sam darn old still has some upside also Derek Carr and Tyrell Williams you go and think what they could have done and what should have been a shootout with Kansas City just got shut down just totally shut down Jeff Jacobs okay 12 fantasy points on PPR Darren Waller a bit better but just had a horrible day for the offense and the Raiders fans themselves a wild-card team mmm I'm not and I don't know about that one so Jets big disappointment but again Sam Donald

I wouldn't give up on him just yet because they do go and play Miami second actually be a fun go back and forth with the Jets and same Journal and Ryan Fitzpatrick a couple of early week waiver wire pickups for you let's go to tight ends okay this is something you can go every week and try to grab a tight in give you some fades to some some interesting names that are gonna come up Tyler Higbee of the rim he's only relevant because Gerald Everett was injured if ever it is injured again they're playing Seattle who can be had against the tight end but we have to keep into account but the Arizona Cardinals are historically having a historically bad season against items you can slide it and that's not hyperbole anybody at that tide in position and you're gonna get points so hey be in an offense to is very inconsistent with using the tight-end I would be cautious don't be spending all your fab dollars don't be using a high waiver priority on Tyler Higbee wait if ever doesn't play I'm still considering him a lower end te - with the potential to jump but he's really boom or bust for me speaking of the Cardinals you're gonna want to pick yourself up some Vance McDonald T's available in 50% of Yahoo leagues for the Steelers because they're playing the Cardinals and even with duck

Hodges at quarterback tight ends are are succeeding against Arizona so you can get him in there - another Titan I'm loving Colorado for a streamer tonight versus Seattle who've given up the fourth most fantasy points to tight ends also who got four touchdowns over the last three weeks double-digit points over those stretches and Adam Thielen is gonna be out again with a hamstring who knows when he's gonna be back in busy gentlemen sand another guy you might want to pick up if you're doing a showdown drafting to DFS contest tonight whatever busy Johnson got nine targets last week so don't overlook him and Kyle Rudolph his real options for the Monday nighter and then going forward depending on the health of Adam Thielen a dark horse defense ad we dumped on the Kansas City Chiefs so much look what they've done the last two weeks okay 22 fantasy points against Oakland went over up they laid an egg 11 fantasy points the baby the game before that they had to buy another game before that they at 11th and they're playing New England so a contrarian play on DFS a streaming option if you streamed offenses in your fantasy league don't overlook the Kansas City Chiefs because the Patriots just by meme that

I feel will stay away from that that offense is not what it used to be it's in December yeah it's in Foxborough but this is Patriot time but you can play Kansas City we even on the road so you look at the patients they've scored 22 points or less in each game in the past month you don't want to be afraid of them waiver wire QB ads okay said I had still roll with Donald Darnell as a bounce back Fitzpatrick revenge game once again against the New York Jets last time he played he had three touchdowns zero interception so dial up we've the one for fits magic again Darnell in fits magic I think those could be two real fun place some fades to go into this week the Miami backfield Kaelin belongs got carted off wish him well but people got a little excited about Oh Patrick Laird ran in a touchdown got a two-point conversion he's a plotter he's not dynamic Miami's offense as nice if that win was the offensive line stinks the game script typically does not lend itself to the run and here was a Myles Gaskin kind of lurking back there I'm just not interested in the Miami back deal at all I know a lot of people are gonna try to pick up Patrick Lee don't chase just just stay away Raheem most 'red as well not to save your running back folks okay for the podium 49ers

Matt Breda sat this week to be off to be ready for this upcoming weekend so they say I'm just say okay hey be off this week get ready and come back a week from now healthy so you're gonna read it back there Tevin Coleman despite the down week and most are flashing actually double digit fantasy points the last two weeks is really spiked this week for most er it's getting too cloudy for me too much of a committee the Coleman read his back moster mmm-hmm and he had a good week earlier in the season people chased him and he disappointed so I'm gonna fade away from him also for the Packers Allen Lazard great game over a hundred receiving yards and untouched but only three catches on three targets grady caught all the targets but only three catches and that's been consistent only two or three passes his way in each game that is a lot of receivers that era that the Aaron Rodgers looked at I just don't think he has the ball now if you had catches a touchdown sure that's a big yeah and I'm more interested in some consistent receiver volume there so again I'm gonna fade on Allen Lazard if you're in a deep league for any of these guys of course and you need to pick one up cuz there's no better option sure but don't be counting on them to be the saviors of your week make sure you check out to the under the wire article

I put out every Tuesday on Sportsnet dot CA and send me any of your fantasy football questions on Twitter at and EMC anyone using hash tag ask Andy you've been reading the TargetPo fantasy extra.



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