Why Ex-NHL Player Patrik Berglund Walked Away From Millions! 2019

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Why Ex-NHL Player Patrik Berglund Walked Away From Millions! 2019

You asking a lot of questions about it now I moved on from that from that situation I mean I understand that and I just try not you know trying to get in your mind because you know not a lot of players have done what you know you know I know that it's more to life than Linda sake I think everyone realizes that something is definitely not right you know there was like something is wrong it's not himself he said it wasn't feeling very well he just left all that money you knew that it was more into the situation then maybe was explaining the media bag sweet 31 year old Patrick Berglund played parts of 11 seasons in the NHL ten of those were with the st. Louis Blues it was a pretty highly touted prospect obviously being drafted by the lose in the in the first round so and you had a pretty spectacular season he had 21 goals and 26 assists for seven points this postseason and that's that's a good number for Farouk I'm a hockey player myself I was playing the pro league here but he was taking the hockey as one step further so I was

I was so proud of him the 2006 first-round pick had a solid career he scored 20 goals three times Bergland loved living in st. Louis where he was a fixture in the city and in the dressing room in this war to always have some funny comments it always come to laugh so what was it about that city that ended up becoming such a special place to you got to know a lot of give people like off dice as well and I think also the organization and the teams we had there was always a really tight group after the Blues missed the playoffs in 2018 the team decided to make some changes st. Louis Blues have made a deal getting Ryan O'Reily from the sabers for Patrick Bergland it wasn't supposed to to happen even be possible woke up one morning and I had hundred text messages on her phone calls and it was just a show Berglund agent Peter Wallen didn't send his clients 20 team no trade lists to Blues GM Doug Armstrong in time avoiding the clause and allowing them to trade him wherever they wanted

I had a very big country list that wasn't sent in it right that's let's just say that's not on me that's on someone else of course we were very very angry to his agent he was trading get against his will he couldn't do anything about it Buffalo would have been one of the twenty no trade teams probably yes this boy it's been a tough goal for Patrick Bergland since coming over from st. Louis I wasn't happy about it from July 2nd it was uphill from there did you try to make the best of it though were you trying to yeah I think I really tried to make the best of it and he just it didn't get there Berlin's role what the Sabres was also diminished he was playing on the fourth line and was even a healthy scratch but it was more than that mentally he was suffering he tried to know how his facade of being happy Patrick but then obviously inside you felt like there were things like eating him up if for themselves to practice well then got home and did nothing practically he had he had no life at that time the more we talked with Morris on you didn't love the game anymore he didn't enjoy coming to the rink in and what he did did enjoy stepping on the ice and stuff like that how did you reach the breaking point where you finally decided to leave it was after a practice

I came out and I was I don't know I was I was in there obviously in a really really bad place at that time ranges and I wanted to call it quits and did you tell anyone at the moment absolutely a couple of players I actually talked to today anyone try to talk you out of it or they were very supportive supported and on the side I obviously lost the their happiness for sport the fact that he would basically take his sticks and pucks and go home was a surprise to everybody I think they should just you know ship him on the first boat back to Stockholm I called him and he said I don't want to play hockey anymore and then I realized that there was something much deeper he couldn't lead the shot get behind him and going forward it was just a too big thing for him on December 18th Bergland walked away from the team and walked away from a guaranteed contract that was the time when I think everyone realized that oh this is for real this is serious for real something is definitely not right here I supported him all the way and I told him to listen to his heart everybody was talking to me about all the money but patrick has never been raised to have money as a factor for life

I know it's that much fun how much a million dollars I don't know how much money you need for being happy but I'm good a lot of players done oh you know I know that but it's more it's it's more to life than than just talk if it was actually a simple decision in the end and when what since I went through with it I haven't regretted for about one minute did you have any idea was struggling to the degree was before it came to a head no I mean I don't think anyone really did I think he kept it under wraps pretty good and people are dealing with stuff that you have no idea what's going through their mind and what they're battling on a day to day basis so if it meant stepping away from the game and focusing on his happiness and his mental health and hope them all best when he makes that decision I think it's it's really important that the dalek close close friendship families really really supports him and just backing up this decision I think it's brave he said it wasn't feeling very well and he just left all that money to go home and recover I respect that decision and that it's tough to do but at the same time if you don't feel good money's not everything

Bergland returned to his hometown vesta rose sweden to rest to heal and to recover it was really nice to be that relaxed I didn't have anything to be accountable for at that time kind of just think about myself and take care of my myself it was really good while Bergland was away his former team the team he loved was making a run towards the Stanley Cup those nights were hard for me to to sleep it definitely affected the shirt fifty-two years the st. Louis yes Stanley mixed feelings for sure it's been my dream since I was drafted to win the cup with the blues and we've had some really good teams but those players have been there for as long as I have and for the organization and especially the fanbase in the city I'm truly happy because they really deserve it the only thing wasn't I wish I was there to do to be a part of it this summer after taking seven months off and exactly one year after being traded Bergland decided to return to the game he once loved he told me that I'm not finished with a hot key yet I'm still hungry so maybe I will try to to play in Sweden - top league in Sweden I said shell during the summer I'll see what he went through when he had the courage or the strength to come back

I think everyone was unsure of that for him is about feeling good as a human being basically like he went through a lot just to get joy back in life TVs half as a person he will most likely play good hockey have you come to happiness again yeah definitely definitely it's I'm really excited to be a part of the of this team and this league now it's gonna be a lot of fun do you think we'll see you at each other again tomorrow knowing I'm getting older and older now and I ain't getting any faster I don't know I don't think so Chris Johnson joins me what a conversation Chris and there's obviously more to the story you're telling me in the last 72 hours yes there is Ron you know it's nearly a year later since this has all happened and the wounds are still quite fresh and in fact the agent Peter Wallen has a different version of events for what happened with that voyage no trade clause we first reached out to him in the early stages of planning for this piece we've been in touch in recent days and just after 4:00 p.m. tonight he released his statement and you know to me what stands out is the line there near the end that he requested this list several times both verbally and in writing Patrick berglund did not send that list to me for submission to the blues so still after all this time there's a difference of opinion about what's happened here and what about Patrick obviously that's a concerning story how is he well

I can say that the Patrick Berglund is in a much better place today than he was at this time last year and even in August when we talked to him he's back home playing for djurgarden the team in Stockholm he's a captain of the team and even though he's playing for a different sum of money he's proven that there's more to life than that money and the NHL and all the things that we value and he's doing very well Ron thanks Chris.



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