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I want one back the restaurant farmer farmer son I'm father Matt and this is son on Smackdown this week a Robert Roode got a close-up view of the announcers desk the fiend got a new toy and Daniel Bryan gets an extreme haircut this is the out of the blue smackdown review smackdown 28 of the 11th 2019 the last one of November and I'm going to the Christmas party Sembach I start off with Rome rains coming out and doing a bit of a promo of way thanked the Survivor Series team namely Ally strowman and gable he did not thank King Corbin though he said that Corbin was a bit of a dummy and that he weren't gonna give him any thanks instead that Corbin should be ranking them and he called out Corbin who then came out he did a promo said basically that the Survivor Series team only won because of his strong leadership there was a range of range challenge Corbin to a match that didn't really happen all Corbin said was basically your face my minion at which be and Robert Roode and those what happened what brood versus run rains

Pitt Midway for this match secret got involved because the grand combat zone the ringside Ziggler pulls out rude try and make the save Roman reigns goes out of the ring Superman punch to take out Ziggler then Corbin throws in his scepter Robert Roode grabs a scepter Corbin jumps up on the apron to distract the ref only for them reigns to sort of take out Corbin and then take out what we read and get the win and after the match that Ziggler and calm and try to attack remains that it really kind of happened we race fought back took them out then what Roode got involved in the mix and then he went straight through the barricade the spear and then he got a couple of chairs prone on the announcers chairs got thrown on to Robert Roode and the announce table got picked up and tipped over on to Robert Roode and that was how they ended that then we had our first fire flows fun house there was a couple of firefighters fun house during the show and that was also main thread of the show was Daniel Bryan and the fiend the first one was basically that brave white introduced a new title for the fiend which you can actually buy if you've got six and a half thousand dollars so

I've seen on Facebook yeah it's okay I wouldn't say it's a brilliant title it's just basically a stretched out version of the fiend mask in a title it's okay we'll see what happens with that title we have at least in Bray Wyatt on the show with the blue title he's only been in backstage five funhouse sequences so we don't really know if he's gonna have the blue title of the fiend is gonna come out with his title for matches but we'll have to see what happened and then very white then challenge Daniel Bryan again and said he what to play with Dinah Bryan again possibly I will get to that when we get to the end of the show next Ali versus Gerlach they're basically quick win by Ali before or after shall say after Ali's entrance it was a article somebody is putting the locker room on notice and making a return soon who is it Sheamus haven't seen him for a while I think it's been cleared for a while but they look like they're finding I went reducing him back obviously I think he has a concussion issue I know it's something two of his I think I was told to do with his spinal stenosis because it's obviously it's well known that sir

Sheamus has got spinal stenosis but he can kind of function with it more than what edge can so I think it was something to do with that there was a talk that he might his career might be over but obviously that's not gonna happen I was like it's working heal as well so we'll have to see Sasha banks Bailey come out they did a promo a bit like the reins Pro him over this time that's a little of the reverse they were sent about the Survivor Series loss and they the locker room let them down they dished all the women only for them that's dist lacy Evans in turn they sevens come out she did promo where she was working favorite and she said she's basically making excuses for the fact that you're not real women and that a real woman should be the locker room leader only for then such banks to get her face deliver a woman's right Lacey Evans delivers a woman's right to she Sasha banks and that was how we ended that sort of slide lady Evans is gonna go for the title at some point then we had a backstage or attempt at backstage interview of dad Brian the interviewer asked him a question didn't get chance to answer because of firefighters find how to come back again of husks the pit boy is eating too much over

Thanksgiving only for them to do another remixed version of the muscle man dad's car it was like a rap version with huskers the pig and yeah it was okay I don't think it's as good as the first one that's not as funny as the first one then they went back to Brian Bennett viewed he didn't really say anything that then gets sort of followed up later wrong then we had Sonya Deville with Manny rose versus Nicky cross Nick coughs got the wind rose and Sonya Deville was doing a beat-down of neat cross only for another person to make her in-ring return or so they returned he was it Alexa bisque about to make the save so she's now back as well after a little while then we had another backstage sequence was down at Brian this time with the Miz and he said is it worth it to face the fiend again and the faint the fiend will change you then we had a new day come out that is prime about the open challenge it got answered breasteses ro and Erskine at more with Sami Zayn Sam if Danes us whatever every time he tries to do the same thing tries to interfere this time he got the pancake play referee spotted him ejected for the bail building that then in caused a distraction and then the new day got the win and then we got to the main sequence of

Smackdown down to break the promo but he said that the fans had changed him that he thought that yes movement was dead if the fans had resurrected the yes movement and that he asked the fans should I accept the challenge big massive yes charm Danna Brian think it's involved in a he's then back to yesterday for that only for the firefighters fires to appear on the screen again basically it says that he will remove Daniel Bryan's mask and reveal his true form and that he said he wasn't a liar and he will reveal the new face because there I've been hinted about this new face only for the lights and the shutdown of SmackDown and then the fiend appears from where this time yeah he came straight through the ring dragged Daniel Bryan into the ring and then proceeded to soften ripped his hair out give him an extreme haircut so pulling out his hair so I'm wondering if Daniel Bryan's now gonna be seen with a new haircut I think that's what's gonna happen there he has had short hair before because he cuts hair off for charity I'm wondering if he's now gonna have a new sort of short haircut now also this new face what's that all about does that mean that Daniel Bryan's a new face of

Bray Wyatt and five most fun hires is he now gonna change him I can't see him like changing him to be like one of Braves minions yeah that's it the chest charm I can't see that happening but we'll have to see so there was no new characters or anything like that no new masks or anything like that but I just think it's sort of I don't know I just think it's kind of like what you call it it's sort of just so symbolic thing when they say it's about a new new face a new up smackdown mm-hmm post Survivor Series it wasn't too bad it was okay that sort of Fred of the Brian fiend was quite cool and I thought that's quite good yeah so they've got a lot to build on there with Brian and I look forward to seeing what happens next week with a theme and I think they're doing it a little bit better Brian and the theme this time but we'll see what happens so yeah the next article will be the Rossum review and a double use explosively true they'll have to be on Thursday it's a little bit later this week just the way it's gon do yeah

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