WWE Superstars READY to LEAVE? Ridiculously Expensive WWE Merchandise! Wrestling News

Two WWE Superstars READY to LEAVE Ridiculously Expensive WWE Merchandise! Wrestling News wwe wrestlers age wwe wrestlers names a-z wwe owner wwe senator linda wwe wwe names wwe cast capitol wrestling corporation

Two WWE Superstars READY to LEAVE? Ridiculously Expensive WWE Merchandise! Wrestling News

What is going on guys it is wrestling mia here backwards some more news now there's no such time as an offseason for professional wrestling or the news join us now as wrestlemania brings you the latest and wildest wrestling news stories and rumors you need to know including Matt Hardy leaving WWE as well as another WWE superstar ready to leave smackdowns ratings stumble a possible biggie singles push and what the new day thinks the massive success of Chris Jericho champagne the fene titles selling for big bugs and much more be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for the latest wrestling news but let's waste no further time and get straight into the first story this Malfatti leaving the WWE now recent TargetPo articles by Matt Hardy have some people speculating the 45 year old wrestler could be leaving the WWE in early 2020 P W insiders mike johnson recently commented that p w insider.com is confirmed with multiple sources that Matt Hardy's current

WWE deal is expiring in February of 2020 while the two sides have been in discussions we are told at how Hardy will be used going forward it has been the biggest sticking point in negotiations we aren't told that it's not a situation where Hardy and WWE are far apart on financial considerations but that Hardy realizing that if he signs it could likely be the final deal of his career therefore he wants to be used in a certain way which truth be told is likely not being used as he was on Raw this past week being brought back simply to put someone over sources indicate that while Hardy has been very thankful to have been able to return to WWE and have the run he and his brother Jeff have enjoyed since WrestleMania 33 there is no question that WWE didn't capitalize on the broken Matt Hardy persona as much as they could have the Welkin version didn't click and wasn't pushed as hard as Hardy's previous incarnations of the character in Impact Wrestling the hardy Halloween special which received unanimous positive reviews was never followed up on the

WWE Network Mack could command a good price wherever he decides to work and as noted the biggest factor in him signing could be what type of role he plays he has a lot to offer even at this stage in his career Mack could even jump to a W and become its youngest world champion yet yes that's right we said youngest world champion he's younger than Chris Jericho next up another WWE Superstar pre planning his exit former bludgeon brother Luke Harper has let it be known he wants out of the WWE and a recent trade mark application suggests he's already planning ahead from his exit from the company P W inside is stephen fernandez reports WWE star Luke Harper applied to trademark Brodie Lee for shirts and entertainment services namely wrestling exhibits and performances by professional wrestler and entertainer Luke Harper competed as Brody Lee during his Indy run before entering the WWE with Harper's WWE contract reportedly up early next year it'll be interesting to see where he heads to next next up

WWE releasing superstars in 2020 now please be sure to consider this item of wild rumor as wrestlemania has had conflicting reports about whether the WWE intends on releasing anyone one of the wildest rumors going around is that with the amount of WWE Superstars who have taken to social media to voice their grievances in asking for a release it seems 2020 who've come with personal cuts first reported by Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer radio he was told from a source within WWE that the company was strongly considering a mass release in 2020 no further details have emerged except for a rumor that the cuts could come as early as January the cuts would likely occur before the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season a possibility for this could be to raise morale in the locker rooms before their busy season starts the constant negativity being thrown around and released to the public from disgruntled wrestlers has taken a toll on the overall happiness and morale backstage multiple people from when

WWE have been pushing for these wrestlers to be released the story of a wrestling news also lists the following names as the candidates through 2020 departure Luke Harper Jeff Hardy Matta Maria Kanellis the revival east three Sin Cara the colognes and O'Neal oaken it does bear mentioning that Brian Alvarez noted on a recent episode of wrestling observer live that he never said that there would be releases in 2020 so again take this rumor with a huge pinch of salt next up Smackdown stumbles in the ratings the 29th November episode of Friday Night Smackdown a sword drop with wrestling it reporting Friday's WWE Smackdown episode drew an average of two point three three six million viewers in the overnight ratings according to show buzz daily hour one drew three point five zero million viewers the now a to drop one point two percent to two point three to two million viewers Smackdown also drew an average of 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic which was tied number one for the Friday night with Frosty the Snowman this is down 8.2 percent from last Friday's

Smackdown episode which drew an average of two point five for four million viewers with a zero point eight rating in the 18 to 49 demographic it is the lowest audience for the show since the move to Fox however it was expected to drop as it aired the day after Thanksgiving holiday shows often draw poorly so smackdowns rating shouldn't be taken as a sign of impending doom what will matter or the subsequent weeks and as the show loses the rub from the NXT invasion angle next up who did Eric Bischoff want to work with within WWE when the WWE announced Eric Bischoff's high-res smackdowns executive director for greater fans wondered whether ATM Eric could work his former magic with today's WWE Superstars they're speaking with pancakes and power slams Bischoff discuss wrestlers he would have liked to worked with within Smackdown there was certain talents like check gable I really dug him as a person and professional I love Randy Orton's work I didn't get a chance to work with him but I really admire his work he's flawless as a performer and

I would have liked her worked with him there were others I was hoping to get a chance to work with that I didn't Sheamus was another character that I would like to have gotten my hands on there's a lot of great talent there look good easy you've done with these wrestlers next up Kofi Kingston on a biggie singles push rumours of a biggie singles push have been circulating for two years with the talk of biggie going his own way given Kofi single success as WWE champion could we see biggie going along solo and if so how would the other members of the new day feel Kofi Kingston recently spoke with reporter Ben Flanagan about such a possibility he could bring the world biggie is a phenomenal competitor and just really really funny dude on many different levels easily the funniest one out of all three of us Mia would say all the time it's not fair he can just kind of look at you and have people dying laughter here's a finger on the pulse of what is good in wrestling he knows how to make things unique I agree 100% that he would have an amazing singles run

I think a lot of people think a lot of people that would mean that a new day would have to break up and that's not the case we've always looked at ourselves as a fraction we never looked at ourselves as just a tag team we've never put ourselves in a box as far as being one thing one of the possibilities that we've discussed is having all of us having singles titles and being a group and doing it because we are brothers it's a very real friendship and pawned we push each other and want everyone to achieve the most they can achieve I say it all the time with me being the WWE Champion I was the one wearing the title but it was all three of us that were the champions because without woods in E I would have not been in that situation considering Biggie's amazing in-ring skills many fans are surprised he hasn't been given a singles push what do you guys think be sure to leave your comments down below next up Chris Jericho conquers champagne it looks like a double use World Heavyweight

Champion Chris Jericho's foray into the world of sparkling wine is off to a great start recently led champion tweeted about the success of his new champagne unbelievable to hear that a little bit of the bubbly sold 10,000 bottles in just over two days the demand was so crazy that you crushed 19 servers on the bubbly website thanks to all of you who wanted to be a part of quite a response and if Jericho's champagne is selling out how well do you think a double use regular merchandise is doing maybe aw is right and TV ratings don't matter next up some ridiculously priced merchandise are you looking for something to get for that hard to buy for wrestling fan while the Bray Wyatt custom-made limited edition themed championship belt may be out of your price range at 6400 and $99.99 that being the person whoever buys this needs some sense aw has a t-shirt likeness of Chris Jericho's go Chris Jericho at the much lower price of $24.99 just remember if you buy a fiend belt for one kid the others will be expecting it seriously who in their right mind is gonna drop $6,500 for a belt next up some breaking news

WWE Superstars are also wrestlers no this is in kayfabe news wrestling fans know the often wacky Vince McMahon bans certain traditional wrestling terms like bulk wrestlers with performers in announcers having to refer to them as Superstars or face mr. McMahon's wrath however you may have noticed the term wrestler popping up on WWE television when a fan asks Dave Meltzer whether Vinnie Mac dropped the ban on wrestler smelts who replied yes something which led to the revivals - wilder tweeting you're welcome everyone while there is no stranger to using supposedly banned words it looks to be having some fun with the new ruling and lastly some big matches this week the WWE has announced a handicap match between Charlotte and the kabuki Warriors for this week's raw while aww has pentagons jr. battling Christopher Daniels and Jon Moxley set to battle Joey janella who is also promoting an apology from Seth Rollins to the raw roster whether you rather guys the latest wrestling news and rumors what do you guys think of these stories let us know in the comments down below subscribe if you haven't already follow us on

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